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[032] Benefit Women of Colour Event





Hey lovelies.. It has been a really busy week for me, especially in regards to attending events! I went to the NBBE on Monday which I briefly mentioned in a post before. Tuesday was a Benefit event held at the Covent Gardens that my girl Yinka was co-hosting.


It was a great night filled with lots of laughs! The event was specifically targeted at women of colour. It was an event that was meant to highlight how universal the products of Benefit were. I have to say I have never been a huge Benefit fan and I can't say from what I saw on the night that I was converted. I still don't think Benefit would be a brand I would associate with women of colour. I believe the primary reason for this is the lack of variety and colour ranges in the majority of their base products eg. foudnations/concealers. In regards to lipsticks, lipglosses, eyeshadows, blushers etc their products are relatively pigmented and likely to suit most skin types.



I just wanted to give Yinka a huge shoutout for organising a great event and allowing us bloggers to mingle with one another. I think that has to be the most exciting part of attending these events. I am such a chatterbox and love to meet the people who's blogs I read and obviously always meeting new people/bloggers is also fun!


Me and Shortiee31


In deep convo with Wande this seems to be a standard pose of mine lol!


Yinka, Myself and the fabulous Stephanie


Amina and myself.

I have a few products that we were given and I'm yet to try out so once I do so you will hear what I have to say. Please be patient with me though as I seem to have accumulated so much stuff lately! Eeek.

I just want to say a big thank you to Stephanie for some of the pictures above. You star!

What do you dolls think of Benefit as a make up brand? How do you think it relates to women of colour? Do you? Also what do you think of the packaging? I am usually such a sucker for pretty things but for some reason Benefits packaging doesn't attract me at all, which I have to say is unusual.



  1. OMG I'm grinning like an effin chimp on crack!!! I look so mash!

    Thanks for coming hon xx

  2. wicked finally to meet at a bloggers event n not work lol

  3. I have to agree with you I don't think Benefit is a brand that women of color can completely benefit from. If that's their ultimate goal,good for them and good for their potential customers. But at this point, with only 3 shades of concealers (and not a single one a person who is NC40+ at MAC could actually use) a brand cannot be categorized as "universal", sorry! I do love their products (especially blushes) because I can always find a product that suits my skin tone/complexion but that surely doesn't make them universal. Hope to see them roll out more shades and variety! ;) Looks like you girls had a great time! :)

  4. I gotta say, I do agree with you in terms of Benefit isn't really a brand for women of colour because of their lack of shade range.
    For example, although I happily use their blushers and highlighters, I would never buy foundation or concealer from there as the shade would never be quite right. Which is a shame because I really do love the brand it self! :(

  5. I am usually not a packaging person, if the product is good. However benefit has cute packaging and good products. I think all brands should have every shade possible, that suit any skintone from the palest to the darkest.

  6. Great pictures and I love your honesty in regards to the Benefit being a brand for WOC. Everyone looks like they had a splendid time! :)

    p.s your links are not directing us to the right location.

  7. it must have been a great event!

  8. Love the post and it was great meeting you that day!!


  9. You look gorgeous as always!

    I've only ever tried 2 items from benefit, high beam (liquid highlight) and the bad gal mascara.. Both really great items. But for some reason I've never tried anything else.. I think maybe because nothing else really appeals to me?

    Malisha x

  10. can i just say you are gorgeous! u remind me soo much of kim kardshian.


  11. I love benefit and I am definately a sucker for their packaging, its so pretty!

    Bad gal lash and hello flawless powder are the best two things that i have from them. The powder lasts me ages and it has a really smooth finish.
    I want to get my hands on Coralista or Bella Bamba now but its just so expensive :(

  12. I like Benefit although I don't think of them in particular to women of colour but more as a brand that tries to bring something everyone (regardless of their skintone) would enjoy using and have fun with. If I was buying base products I wouldn't think to go to them first but I like a lot of their other products.

  13. I stopped using Benefit when I found out that they are involved with animal testing. It's such a shame as I used to love the Bad Gal mascara. However, I find some of the products to be a bit gimmicky.

  14. U are so beautiful. I love ur blog! U take gorgeous photo's.

  15. aww you look so stunning you remind me of bipasha basu hehe I'd love to go to a bloggers event but I dont know how it all works x


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