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[028] In those Jeans..



Last night me and my girlfriend randomly ended up out. I say random but its inevitable that when we are together we very rarely sit still. I had a weird Saturday the kind where you laze about and it eventually gets to a certain time of the day where you think DAMN I've done nothing all day! I had the urge to wear jeans, which is odd because I don't actually own a pair of jeans that fit me. So I ran to Topshop and picked up these jeans which I have to say I love. It's so important to me that skinny jeans actually stay skinny/tight. I always find they go baggy at the knees and that really annoys me. These jeans are the Jamie Ultimate skinny jeans I am even thinking of going back and getting them in a different colour. It's so rare that I wear jeans but hey these may very well be the ones! Sorry for the poor pic it was taken on my iPhone and believe it or not the quality is meant to be HD. I also changed out of my bow shirt and opted for a plain black vest.


I mentioned in my post before that I cut my hair recently, it was getting so shapeless before. I now have lots of shorter layers and it means I don't mind wearing my hair straight now and then. It definitely has a lot more volume to it and it generally feels a lot healthier.


Another thing I realised is how much Chantecaille's faux cils mascara has become a holy grail to me, I couldn't find my mascara when doing my make up so I settled for MUFE Smoky lash and I hate it! I feel like it did absolutley nothing for my lashes, I have become so used to using the Chantecaille mascara and really achieving fully fluttering eyelashes.

The last thing I wanted to add is that I am still so crazy in love with MAC's 'Modesty' lipstick it is all I wear and I have never got through a lipstick so quick. It's almost 3/4 way down. Did any of you pick it up?


MAC Studio Sculpt NC45

Laura Mercier secret concealer in number '5'

MAC Prep and Prime Transluscent powder


MAC 'Refined Deeper Bronze'


MAC 'Gingerly'


MeMeMe blush in 'Bronze'


MAC 'Magnetic Fields' e/s All over the lid

MAC 'Black Tied' e/s in the outer corners

NARS 'Night breed' in the crease

GOSH Artliner in 'No.7' Black

MUFE Aqua Smoky lash mascara


NARS 'Rosebud' lipliner

MAC 'Modesty'

Hope everyone has had a fab weekend? I have been pretty lazy.. tut tut and have not stopped eating.. someone help me! Have a really busy week this week will try and stay on top of posting. If not have a good one. Hoping to meet some of you at the events going on this week? NBBE? Benefit? Illamasqua?

Lots of Love



  1. Wow your outfit looks gorgeous <3 and soo true about skinny jeans, I hate wearing them and then they start to get baggy at the knees!

  2. This post was so cute. The skinny jeans look good on you, I love your makeup and your hair! I must try Chantecaille's faux cils mascara and no, I haven't picked up the MAC lipstick in Modesty, but it looks gorgeous on you. Have an awesome upcoming week. xx

  3. Modesty looks awesome on you. I am not a fan of jeans either...oh and the hair looks great:-)

  4. Why do you always look so stunning!? Not fair!
    Cute outfit :)

  5. Your outfit and makeup is gorgeous and I love the blazer!

    And your so right about the skinny jeans. I hate when they get baggy around the knees I no longer want to wear them anymore.

  6. Those jeans just look fabulous! As do you, as always!


  7. loving the outfit, great jeans x

  8. I was just thinking of buying a new mascara as mine are all used up and here you go, a perfect recommendation for Chantecaille, will have to pick up this week. You look gorgeous as usual doll x

  9. Totally stunning, as I said when you Twitpic'd this! The Topshop Jamie jeans are really great at keeping their shape, i've got a couple of pairs.. I also have some Nudie & G Star skinnies that stay really true to their original shape :)

    Loving Modesty on you, might be my next purchase! You're always soo good at tempting me with products! hehe x

  10. fab outfit I have the same problem with jeans and im getting bored of leggings so might have to check these out x

  11. I'll definitely have a lookout for these jeans. Love your blazer! If you don't mind me asking, where's it from? x

  12. you have such a stunning face! love those brows :)


  13. I love modesty lipstick...I am almost done myself...I love how it goes with alot of makeup looks..the jeans look good on you!!!

  14. Love the blazer!
    Also, I will be going Benefit.. Looking forward to finally meeting you in person :) x

  15. I have Modesty. We're the same colouring, but i can't rock it like you ):


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