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[025] MeMeMe - Blush Me! in 'Bronze'


I've been eyeing up this super bronzed blusher by MeMeMe Cosmetics for some while now and as I'm pretty tanned from my holiday I figured it would be perfect timing to enhance it! This blush is gorgeous, super shimmery and ideal for giving you that glow. I don't think I could ever use this as a blusher it's just way too shimmery, however as a highlighter its gorgeous golden tones really work well.


I am really impressed with the pay off of this colour, very true to life and long lasting on the skin. I always get confused when buying make up from Boots/Superdrug I just find it's make up overload and I end up picking up whatever and never really being fully satisfied. This product is definitely one of my best drugstore purchases. I know there was a lot of hype of MeMeMe a few months back I kept meaning to check them out and now I finally have I am definitely impressed with what I see. MeMeMe blushers have that Benefit-esque packaging along with the mini brush and at around £8 they are just a fraction of the price.


Here's just a swipe of the colour, super pigmented!

Have any of you tried anything from MeMeMe Cosmetics? What do you think? Lots of Love..



  1. This looks gorgeous, I can imagine it would look stunning used in a smokey eye look too as a highlight..


  2. Is this a blush? It looks like an eyeshadow to me ha! It such an unusual colour, but it must look great on darker skintones.

  3. OMG! It is super pigmented! I want. lol :) Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. I love the colour, although it's odd to see a silvery taupe being sold as a bronzer! I'm curious to see what it's like in person now, as well as the other colours. I heard they have a beautiful coral!

  5. Try the red box! - Gorgeous! x

  6. I love these blushes! Soo super pigmented and really good value for money. If you have a chance, pick up 'rouge' - it is more of a corally pink colour (much like Benefit's Coralista) and looks gorgeous on asian skin tones.

  7. It looks like it would be gorgeous as an eyeshadow too, it's so pigmented! xoxo

  8. It definitely would look gorgeous on the eyes like many of the other girls have said but since you have lovely tanned skin at the minute (no jealousy here, promise) I can see it being lovely as a highlight too. :)

    Sarah x

  9. That is so gorgeous I want it !!!!


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