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[022] Filthy Gorgeous 'FiFi'



I am becoming more and more obsessed with wearing blues, turqoises and teal nail polishes. I don't know why I think it's because of the contrast with my skin tone and I have also been wearing my nans turqoise stone ring which I absolutely love. Now that my hands are tanned I think these colours stand out even more. I was sent a few nail polishes from the Filthy Gorgeous nail collection to try and I was instantly drawn to this teal nail polish. 'Fifi' is gorgeous, it's unlike any turqoise/teal colour I have its such a summery colour I am desperately awaiting sunny days, colours like these make me more hopeful! I have to say I really like the brush on this nail polish it makes such a difference to painting nails, unfortunately my nails have already chipped and I only painted them last night. The Filthy Gorgeous nail collection is available at Debenhams London/Glasgow and online. They retail for £9 which in my opinion is a little pricey!


Would you check out their nail collection? What are you painting your nails this week?

Lots of Love



  1. That is Filthy Gorgeous indeed! :D I love it!

  2. I love turquoise polishes! I'm wearing Barry M's mint green at the mo and I love it. Never thought I could pull off green nail polish xx

  3. Aww its so bright & bootiful! Love it :) I've been bringing out the Barry M Instant Nail Effects again, love wearing it over metallics :)

    Love Aysh xoxo

  4. Oh my goodness that colour is absolutely stunning, and I adore the bottle. Going to check them out for sure.


  5. LOVE the color!
    Totally agree with you, these sort of colors, and tan skin, they look so pretty. Even with neon pinks, and oranges.

    I finally got the OPI black shatter yesteday, gonna try that out today.


  6. I love that colour, also a huge fan of blues/teals but I don't think I'd pay that much for it! x

  7. I love such colours for summer, and it looks great on your skintone.

  8. lovely colour, you always have perfect nails. love the tan too :) x

  9. you´re so cute!!!
    beautiful post!!!
    love it!!!=P

  10. im rocking opi color so hot it berns. i love this turquoise! love your skintone too, its such a rich shade

  11. That colour is awsome :)

  12. Me too.. ive been wearing the models own one too much this week. Its a bit more greenish than this one.. i think I prefer more bluish turquoise like this one!!

  13. First-time commenter, but I've been quietly enjoying this blog for a while. I wasn't much for nail polish but I've been slowly developing an appreciation for it :-)

    If the Tali above is Gloss Goss's Tali, just want to let you know that I really enjoyed and appreciated your blog!

  14. Love that colour, your nails look fab!xx

  15. Tis goorrggeous! My little sister has the same skin colouring as you and I'm always very jealous of the bright colours she can pull off.

    I just wanted to say as well that it was lovely meeting you on Saturday at LFW and look forward to meeting you again :)

    Lou (the big pregnant one haha) xxxx

  16. I too am loving blues all of a sudden and for the same reason it just pops on my nc45 skin love love this


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