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[016] Frederic Fekkai Advanced 'Essential Shea'



Last week at work I was sent on training for Frederic Fekkais re-release of his main collectoion. It was really informative and I came away with some products to give a go.

If any of you are familiar with Fekkai you will know he's hair stylist to many stars and as a result produced his hair range to allow us all to get that fabulous hair..haha! His motto is that women should

'Wear your Hair'

The products from the 'Glossing', 'Shea', 'Technician Colour', 'Full Volume' and 'Ironless Straight' collections have been reformulated, renamed, re packaged and is now known as the advanced range. I have to say I much prefer this packaging to the older one it's so much sleeker.

Within the training were put into groups and had to diagnose our partners with the correct hair care line in regards to their main concerns and issues.

I felt that my hair was dry, damaged, thick, regularly styled with heat and as a result wasn't very shiny. My partner chose the 'Essential Shea' range which is probably the one I would have chose for myself! I couldn't wait to get home and try it. Being trained on brands and products always excites me.

I have to say this shampoo isn't for those with fine hair it would just be far too rich. It's a really moisturising shampoo with Shea butter as the primary ingredient. Once I used this shampoo I realised that actually you need very little product to wash your hair. My hair has got pretty long and it actually surprised me that a small amount was sufficient.

My hair was left smelling amazing, feeling bouncy and looked really healthy. This is something I have failed to see in my hair in a while. When I got to work the next day a few of the girls noticed the difference. I am looking forward to using these two over the next month or so to see if the changes last.

Have any of you tried the Frederic Fekkai range? I don't know how much they will retail for but its usually around £20 each. It's quite a lot but I know many of us beauty junkies would part with that for makeup products and well hair is important too! I think it's one of the first things we notice about someone.

What hair products have you tried recently?



  1. I always wanted to try FF products! I am just too loyal to Kerastase, hehe! I will for sure purchase a conditionner or a hair mask to give it a go soon.

  2. These sounds good, I use tigi bed head.

  3. Looks amazing! You will have to tell us the results after trying it out for a while! I would be interested to hear about the full volume and technician colour types too! xo

  4. you know a product is great when other people notice! x

  5. Ive same jet black hair just like you, my HG is REDKEN All Soft heavy cream for almost 8 years now.Its an intense mask for hair, i'll use it as conditioner too.Get many compliments for my hair since it really makes it lust and shiny!:)

  6. Ive tried the FF Glossing Shampoo and Conditioner and personally, I didn't like it. I had a bit of a bad experience but I'm still interested in trying some of the other products. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I've tried so my hair products, but my search is now over. Nothing has even come close to working as well as this stuff does. A tiny, tiny bit applied to wet hair will smooth and shine your hair giving it incredible, invisible hold and a luxurious, addictive feel to it. It also smoothes those little hairs that stick straight up. You can't see it or feel it on your hair. I use it on wet hair, and you will not need any other product to style or finish with. $35 is a bit pricey but a little goes a long way. Bet this jar lasts a year or more. The only thing bad is you'll have a hard time keeping your hands out of your hair.

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