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[015] MFM Ft Models Own 'Red Alert'



I've had the urge to paint my nails red for ages now, but everytime I went to do it I had something new to try. When I finally painted my nails Red last Friday I had so many compliments and I myself fell totally in LOVE with it, that I knew it had to be my favourite product from the week. I think finding your favourite red nail polish is tricky, there are so many variations but by far Models Own 'Red Alert' is the one for me. I love everything about it it just has the right balance of colour for me, if that makes any sense at all, Not too orange and not too deep. I also love the consistency of this nail polish, I've had various other Models Own colours that have been a let down but this one is perfect.


There is something so sexy and sophisticated about red nails and I will definetley be wearing this for a few more days!


What has been your favourite product this week? Hope everyone had a great weekend and here's to a good week..

Lots of Love..


  1. mmm lovely! i think i will give this a try :) do you have gel tips?

  2. Kay eh tea el. - No I don't have gels, I used to have acrylic YEARS ago.. best thing I did was take them off and let my nails grow naturally! I think this polish is so glossy it gives that illusion! :) x

  3. OMG why have I not tried this red yet, its gorgeous!!!

  4. Eek that's such a gorgeous red! I think I need it in my life! xx

  5. That would be lovely as a pedicure.

  6. Such a lovely colour, its like Coca Cola red! Also, was looking on WAH's site the other day for inspiration for my latest blog post and saw you pop up in one of the pictures! Your WAH mani looked great!xo

  7. Heya hun, I'm also wearing red at the mo! This is a truly gorguz red as well. I also love Models Own's Raspberry Fool? Its a gorguz pinky toned red. By the way hun, I've given you an award on my bloggy :)

    Love Aysh xoxo


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