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[014] In case you forgot what I look like..



I haven't done one of these in ages, probably because I've not been in the mood to take photographs and also because my skin and lack of sleep has meant I look pretty rough 99% of the time! Over the weekend me and a friend went out, nothing major but just an excuse to make a bit of an effort. I wore my hair straight as I haven't in absolutely ages I can't believe how long it it, you can't really see in these pics but WOAH! I used a straightening shampoo, conditioner and styling cream from Umberto Giannini considering we were inside a club and it was so so stuffy my hair didn't frizz or anything which was quite impressive. My hair is still super straight this morning which can only be a good thing.

I have also been so pale lately that even my lightest foundations seem a little colourful, however I have settled for MAC studio fix fluid in NC 43.5, it seems to be doing the job! I am also so so still in love with navy blue everything.. especially eye-makeup.

There are two products that I have previously blogged about but really have been such firm favourites and I have been using them daily for what seems like weeks! These are MAC 'Modesty' lipstick and NARS 'Madly' blusher..LOVE LOVE LOVE. Also my eyebrows seem to be pretty thin at the moment, I guess I don't mind because I quite like the shape so many thanks to my girl Dipti at Blink who does my brows when I'm feeling too lazy. Also I get a lot of comments from people about what I use for my brows, well my hair is jet black and my eyebrows are naturally quite dark I do however use MAC's 'Carbon' e/s on an angled brush to fill in the gaps.



MAC Strobe Cream

MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation NC43.5

MAC Prep and Prime Translucent Powder

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer NW35


NARS 'Casino'


NARS 'Madly'


MAC 'Tan' Pigment



MAC Paint in 'Bare Canvas'

MAC 'Femme Fi' in the inner conrners

MAC 'Graphology' All over the lid

NARS 'Nightflight' in the outer corners

Shu Uemura Painting liner in 'Black'

Avon 'Supershock' gel liner pencil

Chantecaille Faux Cils Mascara


NARS lip liner in 'Rosebud'

MAC 'Modesty' lipstick


So there you have it, how has everyones weekend been? What are you current make up favourites that you can't get enough of?

Lots of Love



  1. Love the eye makeup

  2. You look stunning! And your lashes - wow! I need that mascara in my life :) xx

  3. I had no idea what you looked like til now LOL! You look so pretty, gorgeous smokey eyes! I really want to try mac studio fix foundation, looks perfect on you! I'm currently using studio sculpt. x

  4. Have you lost weight recently? Your face looks a little thinner. Either way, you're looking fab.

  5. Hi Zara! You look absolutely gorgeous as always! I've been reading your blog for a while now and really love the way you do your make-up, soooo pretty :)

    One question though - Do you set your eyebrows with anything (other than Carbon e/s)? My eyebrows are the same colour/texture as yours so would love any tips!


  6. You are such a beautiful girl, you jave to show us more FOtD !!!!!!!
    Bisou ma cherie.

  7. Stunning! I always look forward to your posts. :)

  8. love the eye makeup! you are gorgeous! :)

  9. You look so gorgeous Zara, love the make-up, it's immaculate as always! Have you lost weight? your face looks slimmer, not that you need to lose weight or anything!


  10. ...soooo gorgeous your make up ..PERFECT ..

  11. your eyes are like kim k's! u dont need false lashes n ur eyes r stunning! ohh how i wish!

  12. I am in love with your blue blouse! What brand is it? You should do a post about it, its to die for! I love tan pigment as well! Your makeup look is just gorgeous and the lips stunning. I wish i had your gorgeous black hair.

  13. Wow! LOVE everthing your wearing and loving the straight hair ;) xx

  14. hey this has nothing to do with this post but rmr u went away and got a long did it take to go away or do u know any tan removing remedies?

    btw love the blue blouse!

  15. WOW your lashes look STUNNING : D

  16. Zara, you look amazing! and what color do you have on your nails, it's THE red I am looking for

  17. WoW! Can only repeat what others have said. Your FOTD is amazing. The way you have done your eyes is how I attempt to do mine but fail miserably. But now I know what you use that may help...

  18. Madly looks great on you! You always have great FOTD(s)!
    I'm sad the weekend is over, but I saw some pretty great movies: The Rite and The King's Speech. Have you seen any of those yet?
    I've been reaching for my MAC Innocence Beware l/s and my MUFE lip liners. (:


  19. You are so gorgeous! I'm sure you have heard this before, but you look like Kim Kardashian!

  20. Your stunning! I effin' love your eyebrows, you already know this. I am gonna need to buy carbon, I am not used to powder, I use the eyebrow pencil from MAC in stud. I pretty much want your eyebrows, so if its carbon you use, I am gonna be using it too.
    I didn't now MAC had 1/2 shades for foundation. My 1st time trying their foundation, the girl gave me NW43, when I was buying it, it was NC50, after that finished, I got NW43, asked for sample, got NW45. I am like what the hell? Does my face change colors every week?
    Anyways, great FOTD. So pretty much I wanna steal your eyebrows, && your makeup skills. Yeah...


  21. I love your hair and you look lovely as always.

  22. You are looking impeccably well-groomed! Perfect skin, eyebrows, lashes and hair. I am also in love with navy make-up. Like art, the right shade makes brown eyes and tan complexions pop and glow more than black or brown. I am also currently in <3 with Revlon Top Speeds Lily and Stormy, NYX lipglosses, Everyday Minerals and other all natural products.


  23. There's a movie called "India, a love story", Maïa (leadrole) looks just like you, an indian beauty.

  24. You look lovely... We've missed your face lol!

    & your eyebrows always look amazingx

  25. Thank you for all your comments dolls.. xxx

    @ Style frost - You should defo try studio fix.. its been a favourite since I was 15! I love studio sculpt too.. but is more of my summer foundation!

    @Amber - Possibly, been very stressed lately... although it may just be the straight hair! hehe xx

    @ L - No i just use Carbon on an angled brush, nothing else and it stays put all day and night :)

    @ Hollywood - Chloe Mon Amour, I must see you soon!!!

    @ lilit - Thank you lovely, I don't know about the weight although a few people have noticed it.. I'm always up and down though :p

    @ Ellysmakeupbag - It's actually a dress from Primark! Such a fab find!! Great fit and like I said I am loving anything navy!

    @Addictedtofashn - I don't know how long it took, I am always on the look for products that prolong my tan.. I love being brown! haha

    @Rennee - It's Models Own 'Red Alert' I have just posted about it :)

    @ She walks lin beauty - Thank you for the movie recommendations, I haven't been to the cinema in ages!

    @hgwrts4evr - Thanks hun.. Major compliment!

    @Sami thank you my lovely.. Good to know someone misses it :p

  26. You look slimmer! (not that you need to!) I'm loving navy too, especially nail polish.

  27. Stunning! I love your hair! xx

  28. Gorgeous look, the combination of the navy with the pink-toned lipstick is so sophisticated! you are stunning x

  29. You look great ! I never try Mac Graphology, but it's good on you and I think I will purchase it. You are beautiful and I love your skin, you have a great skin ! What is the products you everyday use ?

  30. Gorgeous as always x

    Xisses, Onyxsta



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