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[009] MFM Maintaining a Positive Mindset



Uhmm yeh MouldyFruit Monday on Tuesday, I am so sorry I had got ready to write this yesterday and just caught up in a million and one things and didn't get home till 2am so it was already Tuesday! But hey it's here..


I was wondering wether I should blog about these cards and I figured. My blog is for sharing and if this helps me then the chances are it may help someone else. I have had these cards for ages now and seem to always turn to them when things aren't going great or I'm feeling particularly low. They really help in trying to understand issues that affect your thoughts and more importantly really help in understanding your mindset. I feel a whole lot more positive since I've been using them as it allows me to channel my thoughts on the goals these cards set for yourself.


Yesterday I took a picture of my card and it was to 'Live in the Moment' and that it exactly what I did, I spent a day with my good friend Janine, we were spontaneous, positive and just enjoyed going with the flow. Every time I felt myself thinking about something negative I would just remember where I am, what I'm doing, smiled and got on with it! I really feel a whole lot better by them.


I have even been making my friends select one when they come over and they are all enjoying using them too! I don't know where they are from as they were a gift. In case anyone was interested they are by Caroline Myss, it is called 'Wisdom for healing cards' 50 lessons in self empowerment and they retail at £11.99.

As it's now Tuesday I have a different lesson.

Reflect on Price and Ego.

Acknowledge that negative pride causes more harm and suffering to relationships and to your overall life than can be measured. Notice where you're losing power because of "False Pride", and recognize that it's poison to your spirit and thus to your healing.

Your Goal: To reflect on matters of pride and ego.

You know what I'll be doing today!

What have you been enjoying this week?!



  1. Looks interesting:)
    This week I am enjoying shopping:)Spending time with friends and good time at work:)

  2. Oh I love them! Where are they from?

    Amy x

  3. lovely entry. i must try and find these cards! thanks for the rec! x

  4. I have to pick these cards up they seem quite positive & empowering, just what I need x

  5. Fab post hun as it's an important topic. I was just saying on twitter how I have always been a natural worrier and I stress and get anxious over daily things-some I have control over, most I haven't. :(
    These cards seem to be very insiteful and have taught you a lot...maybe I should actually put their advice into pratice?xxx

  6. This is such a lovey thing to share, I love the idea of the cards and if they help you stay focussed and positive then keep using it.


  7. I have nominated you!!
    please ck for more info:

  8. love everysingle drawing !
    Cool blog! I love it! come to mine please :D!

  9. This is a great entry. I too have a stack of cards similar to these; however I have them packed away in one of my many boxes that I have stored on my balcony! LOL.. but when times get tough for me I just tell myself this affirmation: "You are stronger than this, you will get through this because everything negative is temporary". Hope all is well :)

  10. Thank you for your comments lovelies.. I really recommend them I have been using them for almost 3 weeks now and I feel a lot calmer and more focused.. Sounds odd but amazing what reading a bit of text in the mornings can teach you about yourself! xxx


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