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[007] Nails inc. Ft Diet Coke



So it's back! The Nails inc and Diet Coke collaboration. The Catwalk collection is now available from Boots nationwide. I completely forgot about this and had popped in to my Boots and saw it, I fell in love with Denim a gorgeous blue.. As you may know I am really into navy/blue nails. The other colour I got was Caramel a standard nude nail polish but you know me and my nudes! These nail polishes are free when your purchase two bottles of Diet Coke.


Have any of you picked up any of this collection? I was tempted to pick up the purple in this collection, but hey I'm not really a Diet Coke drinker and already have 4 bottles to get through! That's my way of justifying it.. HA!

Lots of Love



  1. I picked up the 2 that you did and the purple one as well - I think I was pulled in by the name, Heather Grey, it just sounds so stunning! I then had to lug 6 bottle of coke around with me for the rest of the day! Not cool! xx

  2. I love these colours, i wish i lived in the UK to pick them up.

  3. I've not picked these up yet, totally forgot about them as well! Will be popping down to Boots today. : ) Not a big fan of diet coke either, nor coke zero, anything with lots of sugar is my thing :P xx

  4. I'm so jealous! I wish I could get down to boots to snap some of these up but I have so many deadlines! The nude colour looks very similar to the nude that they did in the Diet Coke (or was it Company mag) line last time. xo

  5. i picked up plum yesterday, wanted to get Denim too but i and my family cant really stand diet coke so limited myself! x

  6. What other colours are there?! I hate Diet Coke but may consider buying for the nail polishes :P

    PS- nice to see you back... hope everything is okay? DM/Email me if you ever wanna chat... Sami xx

  7. That collab just makes NO sense to me.. O_O

    I'm a diet pepsi lover anyway : P

  8. oooohhh how exciting! i put it on my blog too haha... wat colour did u end up doing?? xx

  9. I've got the Denim colour aswell...I wanted to get more but I felt a bit funny buying 4 bottles of Diet Coke in one go!

  10. I got Caramel! It looks so nice on. I would have felt guilty buying this at its RRP since I have so many nudes already, but who can say no when its a freebie with two bottles of diet coke?


  11. nice colours! love your nails! always shaped really nice, mine alwwwways break, would you know of any good nail strengtheners/hardeners? thanks =) x


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