[005] MAC Mickey Contractor Collection

As you may know I havent really purchased much make up in a while, theres the odd bit here and there but no collection or new release has actually got me excited. I was pretty late in hearing about the MAC Mickey Contractor collection, when I did however I was really attracted to the promo pictures. I love the fact the women are olive skin, glowing and gorgeous. As you all know I am all for heavy eye makeup and beautifully bronzed skin and this is what this collection screamed out to me. Although my hopes were high not much was purchased, just a blusher and a lipstick. Let down? Slightly although this wasn't particularly a large collection I still thought I'd be wanting to buy more than what I did and well to be honest I didn't..maybe another lipstick but really that's all. Think I will be saving my makeup allowance on the peacocky collection! Eek!!


So I picked up the blush in 'Sur' I love the depth of this colour and don't think I have anything similar to this. It's a berry/plum toned blusher which is predominantly matte but has a tiny amount of a subtle shimmer to it. Swatched it looks more rosey but it is a very pigmented blush. This colour isn't for everyone, I think it is well suited to olive/darker skin tone. Its gorgeous, I can't wait to wear this!


The lipstick I got was Yash your typical nude/beige matte lipstick. Did I need it? Probably not..but yes I wanted it. I have since tried this on my lips and it is one of those lipsticks that I will have to team with a rosey lip liner and a bit of a pinky gloss, as it appears more beige than pink on the lips. This is a matte lipstick and I like that because you can play around with it.



I will feature these two in a face of the day soon! Have you purchased anything in the new collections? I thought 'Champale' was a let down! What new make up bits have you bought?

Lots of Love



  1. Sur looks like it would suit my skintone, I really want to try it out!

  2. I love your style ! I am olive skintone and I think I purchase this lipstick, it's look beautiful ! Can you do a review on how you do your eyebrows ?

  3. Those are going to look lovely on you! I went a bit crazy with Cham Pale as I feel in love with the eye pencils and paint pots, so that's my beauty budget gone for the month - opps! xx

  4. I love what you got. My eye has been on the lipsticks and 1 lipglass. :)

  5. I ordered these two online, plus the lust lipglass. I really wanted the mehr lipstick too but alas it was sold out, I think sur is going to be my favourite item though. I felt the same abiut Cham-pale and totally skipped it!

  6. I really wanted to get the lipstick in Mehr from this collection. Looks so pretty in swatches!

  7. I love yash from the collection, it suits my skintone perfectly as a nude lipstick! I got Yash and Sur initially, but just HAD to go back and get Siahi fluid line after hearing all the raves about it. It really is a stunning colour and I'm so glad I went back to get it! xx

  8. Boo!
    My MAC stores aren't selling this collection, && I really wanted all of nude lipsticks. They are also sold out outline too...



  9. These will look stunning on you. I agree Champale was a bit of a letdown, I loved all the promo pictures but didn't want any of it when I saw it in real life. And the Mickey Contractor products wouldn't really suit my colouring, so I passed on this collection too.....holding out for the Peacocky eyeshadows!

  10. I got quite a bit from this collection... I think it being a Bollywood collection and the pieces being named in Hindi kinda sold me... shallow, I know... lol

    Sur is lovely as a contour too!

    Sami x

  11. I love the lipsticks yash and mehr! I really want both, they're gorgeous!



  12. I ordered Yash and Mehr lipsticks, Flesh lipgalss and siahi fluidline. I get them on Monday... I can't wait!! Do you have Darkly my Dear from VV. I didn't get Sur because I thought it was very similar, now looking at your swatch I'm not so sure and I'm totally bummed because it is sold out!! Do you think Nars has a dupe? Love your blog, keep up the great work!

  13. Not impressed by this collection, but after these swatches i am sold !

  14. I got a lot more than I thought I would.. I was excited for Mickey too, but thought Yash looked very similar to Brave New Bronze (have it) & Sur like Prim & Proper (have it)

    I got Siahi Fluidline though! That's nice. & the double-ended concealer. It looks interesting. Like a liquid version of orange & yellow Pro Studio Finish concealers!
    OH! & Mehr Lipstick.

  15. I'm still waiting for my order to get here. I love your picks!

  16. ooooo i really wish i picked up 'Sur' now!! x

  17. The promo pic looks so lovely, I can definitely see the range being more for olive skinned girls. Even the swatch against skin just looks incredible. I can't imagine this on someone as pale as me, but it looks like it was made for you!

  18. The blush looks lovely! i really like this collection and got two lipsticks (Yash and mehr) and Saffron eyeshadow, I love mehr lippie really wearable x

  19. I got just about everything from the Mickey Contractor collection, but my fave is Sur. I have used it nonstop. I really like Saffron too...I used it in my recent FOTD.


  20. I love the Mickey Contractor collection! I didn't like the Champale one though! The lipstick and blusher you picked out look so pretty! I'm gonna have to buy that blush!

    -Sriya xx



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