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[004] 1200 Follower Giveaway!

As Promised, I said I'd do a mini giveaway for reaching over 1200 followers! Thank you so much for your constant support and encouragement. I haven't selected a prize yet.. I know bad blogger! I was thinking either a MAC or NARS blusher of your choice. I am so in to my blushers, but like to leave the shades up to you as it's such a personal preference.. or if you'd prefer I'd gladly select a blush for the winner!

001. You must be a follower
002. You must leave me a comment with your name and email.
003. I'd like you to leave me a few lines telling me
a) what the highlight of 2010 was for you and
b) what your favourite make up purchase of the year was!
004. You must do all parts!
005. If you are under 18 please ask permission.
006. Winner will be selected at random
007. I forgot to's open internationally!

I look forward to hearing your comments! Giveaway ends 23:59 on Sunday 9th January

Thanks again lots of love



  1. 1. I'm a follower ;)
    2. Tiffany, tiffany.yelitza at gmail dot com
    3. Highlight of 2010: My highlight was finally moving into our first house. The hub and I were married in November, 2009 but we had been living in the house I grew up in whilst ours was finished being built. It has been this amazing challenge facing these 'grown up years' as I like to call it, together with each other, in our wonderful first home.
    4. I don't have one favourite makeup purchase. I have several, mostly chanel glossimer's in coral love & mac's highland honey blush, & mac's nailpolish called life affair.

    x happy new year doll!

  2. 1. Im a follower
    2. Emma,
    3. Hmm my highlight of 2010 this is hard 2010 was very good to me I developed and grew so much as a person, yes I had my bad times but I'm happy & healthy & smiling :)
    4. Defiantly my favourite make up purchase was the Benefit Confessions of a Concealaholic Kit! Had to get rid of these bags haha.

    Hope you have an amazing 2011 love your blog xx

  3. Hi :)

    my highlight of the year was def my graduation :) and my favourite make up purchase was Mac's Ruby Woo lipstick. I couldn't live without it anymore :) - Tugba

  4. Jody,

    My highlight of the year was finally finding some way to handle rough times & end a relationship which wasn't happy for me :D

    My favourite make-up purchase would have to be MACs by candlelight MSF & sad to see i've hit pan :( I love it!

  5. 001. I'm a follower. (:

    002. Ariana;

    003. The Highlight of 2010:
    The highlight of 2010 for me was baptizing my fiance's nephew. We don't have any children of our own but his brother asked us to baptize his first child. It was such an honor! The best part is getting to spoil my god son! (It's bad, I know, but fun lol).

    Favorite Makeup Purchase: In 2010 my favorite makeup purchase would have to be items from MAC's Liberty of London collection, more specifically Peachstock l/s.

    Thanks for the giveaway and congrats on reaching over 1200 followers Zara!

  6. Emma, emmasydneystein at gmail dot com

    I finally went off to (and got accepted at!) college this year. I'm having a wonderful time, making new friends and meeting new people.

    My favorite makeup purchase was a NARs pallete in Hungry Heart, I believe it was called. Beautiful!

    Thank you for doing this!

  7. 1. follower!
    2. Yvonne;
    3. My fave thing was rescuing my 2 kitty girls from a shelter. They made such a lovely addition to the new apartment I share with my darling bf.
    4) Graftobian HD creme foundation is my fave purchase. It's really amazing to cover my undereye circles and broken caps around my nose.


  8. Congrats on the subbies!

    I'm a follower.

    Name: Jeneille; email:

    The highlight of 2010 was finally doing and completing my law degree (wanted to since I was a kid!)

    Favorite MU purchase(s) of 2010: My NARS sheer Glow foundation and the Sigma F80 brush!

    Have a great 2011!

  9. 1. I'm a follower!
    2. Nazih,
    3. Highlight of 2010: Umm there wasn't anything that stood out specifically since I've had many great I guess one more year closer to graduating? lol sorry if that wasn't exciting enough :-p
    4. Favorite makeup purchase: Urban Decay Naked Palette, hands down

  10. Hello! Loooove your blog, and you are gorgeous :) The highlight of 2010 would be my second wedding anniversary! My husband came to live with me in the US from England, and it's been the best 2 years of my life. Aww sappy :) So hard to pick my favorite makeup purchase, but since you're forcing me to choose....Nars Sheer Glow wins! But props also go to my MUFE waterproof eyebrow corrector. Keep doing your thang girl, and happy 2011 to you!!

  11. Congratulations on hitting 1,200+!

    1. I am a follower via GFC.

    2. Kate Gene, kategeneblog at gmail dot com

    3. My hubby and I decided that we're ready to be parents! That was the highlight of 2010! My favorite make-up product(s) were NYX Eye Shadows!

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway!


  12. 1) I am a follower of your blog! :)
    2) Pearls&Politics
    3) I definitely think a highlight for me was when my family and I went on holiday to Hawaii!!
    4) My favorite make-up purchase was a Chanel powder at the end of the year. I normally don't buy Chanel because it is so expensive but I splurged and am so glad i did :)

    Great giveaway and as always, I love your blog! :)

  13. I'm a follower (Jennifer Leigh)

    The highlight of 2010 for me was finishing college once and for all!
    & My favorite makeup purchase was MAC's Baron's Rose lipstick.


  14. *Name: Cynthia; Email:
    *Highlight of 2010 was going to Vegas 3 times in that year. Had some great and memorable moments at Sin City :)
    *Favorite Makeup Purchase of 2010 has to be my NARS Casino bronzer. Love that thing!


  15. 1. Follower :)
    2. Brittney nochefairy at hotmail dot come
    3. a. highlight: surprise birthday party - i always wanted one... :)
    b. i didn't buy it but my boyfriend did... NARS Luster blush.. LOVE LOVE LOVE

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. The highlight of 2010 for me was my daughter starting kinder garden! My favorite purchase this past year had to be my NARS blushes!!! They are awesome!

  18. Hi Zara!

    1. I am a follower! love your blog. I always look to you for the best blushes. I JUST bought gingerly the other day after finally finishing my smashbox blush lol!

    2. My name is violette. my email is

    3. The highlight of my year would have to be finishing my third year of my pre-med program. Its such a relief to be so close to being done! Just one more year and i'll be in medical school. I cant wait!

    4. My favorite makeup purchase would definitely be the Sephora gloss in #20 Perfect Nude! I usually pass up sephora's brand but i decided to give it a try and IT IS GORGEOUS! It is the prefect nude gloss for olive skin. You should try it since we have similar complexions. I think it would look really pretty on you!

  19. 1) I'm a follower
    2) Ellaprettyblog AT gmail DOT com
    3)a) Highlight of 2010 was our family trip to Orlando - the kids loved Disney, and I loved staying at Waldorf Astoria and going shopping!
    3)b)I'm really bad with picking favourites - I have too many! Currently it is Maybelline's false lash mascara

  20. Great- enter me please:)

    1. I am follower:)
    2. Egle,
    3. I don't use any highlight:)
    4. L'oreal Volume Million Lashes mascara:) I love that mascara! Not expensive and good quality:)

  21. im a follower!

    the highlight in 2010 for me was buying myself a new car, an audi tt, my baby, lol.

    my favourite make-up purchase of the year was the Avon SuperShock Gel Eyeliner in black.the black is VERY black.very pigmented and easily the softest eye pencil I own.

  22. Hi Zara! What a great giveaway and congrats on reaching over 1200 followers :)

    I'm Stephanie and I'm a follower. Email is Highlight of 2010 was probably my trip to Barcelona with my boyfriend back in Spring, or when he came to visit me in Hong Kong! I miss him terribly now because we've been doing long distance since June :(

    My favourite make-up purchase this year... that's such a difficult question! Haha! I'll go with my trust Diorskin Nude foundation. Always a repurchase for me xxx

  23. I'm a follower
    My highlight was my younger school going to school and loving it after me doing lots of worrying.
    Best purchase would have to be Laura Mercier mineral powder.

  24. 001. already a GFC follower (AnNeTtEe)
    002. Annette, email:
    003. a) I would say the highlight of my 2010 was when my youngest son went to preschool & the first time we watched my eldest son's first ever basketball game... those two were the most memorable for me in the past year
    b) I would say my favorite purchase of the year was my MAC Angel lipstick... I dunno why I waited this long before I got it...

    thanks for hosting this giveaway & congrats on hitting 1200+ followers!!

  25. 1/ Follower
    2/ Sarmin,
    3A/ Hightlight of 2010, my parents went to Bangladesh in May for a month, I was home alone by myself, I been on my own before, but not for awhole month. Got to understand myself alil' better, if that makes any senses...I am okay bing alone, but not lonely. I "can cook" for myself.
    3B/ Last year was deff a year of blushes for me. Before I had only two blushes, which were MAC Coopertone, && Sweet As Coco. However, In March/April I have been lusting for barbie pink blush, which made me buy MAC Dollymix, Full Fushia, && That purple shade from Liberty of London, can't remember the name. Totally in love with these blushes, However, only Dollymix gets the most used.


  26. 1. I'm a follower :)
    2. name: Nikolett email:
    3. My highlight was Christmas my family. :)))) lovelove my family
    4.My favourit makeup purches mmm all it!!! lol

    Thank you! :)

  27. I'm a follower!
    Laura, my email is
    My highlight was me and my boyfriend celebrating living together for one year in December, we also had a week off work together the week before Christmas so that was lovely too!
    My favourite makeup purchase of 2010 was MAC's Stereo Rose MSF, with runners up of UD Naked Palette, Shu Uemura Eyelash Curlers and lots of OPI polishes!
    Thank you!

  28. Shari,
    My highlight of 2010 was going to Barbados!
    My fave makeup purchase was the Clinique 'all about eyes' concealer.
    Thanks xoxo

  29. 2- Dee
    4- The absolute highlight of the last year was falling in love, which was completely unexpected. Turns out I didn't have to look very far, it was my best friend and he is so wonderful. My favorite makeup purchase has been, Sunbasque blush from MAC, Madly blush from Nars, Shell cream color base from MAC, and By Candlelight MSF as well! Sorry, I couldn't pick just one. LOVE your blog!

  30. 1. I am a follower :)
    2. Name is Nora, email:
    3 a) My highlight of 2010 was going on a 3 day get away with 3 of my friends after a very stressful year at uni.
    b) My favourite purchase was urban decay's primer potiion.

    Love your blog!!

  31. 001. I'm a follower via Bloglovin'
    002. My name is Tialda en my email is
    a) My highlight this year was that I quit my study, because it was making me so unhappy. Now I'm enrolled in Greek and Latin studies and I love it!
    b) My best purchases are Nars blush in Lovejoy (it's such a lovely colour) and MAC gelliner in blacktrack (I never managed to get a proper eyeliner done but with this baby it's easy peasy!)

    I wish you all the best for 2011!
    Love, Tialda

  32. Hi, thanks for the giveaway!
    Name: Charlene Email: mifsudcharlene[at]hotmail[dot]com
    My highlight during this Christmas was that some of my family from Australia came to visit and we spent a lovely Christmas day all together.
    My favorite purchase for this year was that I bought some shadows from Inglot.

    Charlene xxxx

  33. 001. Follower ;)



    The Highlight of 2010: Getting a new job!

    Favorite Makeup Purchase: Nars Sheer Glow - honestly dont know how I survived without it!!

    Congratulations :)

  34. name: meyrl, email:
    highlight: starting my graduation
    fav product: nars deep throat blush luvvvvv it!!


  35. Hi Zara!

    1) I am a follower.
    3) Highlight of 2010: Going to Paris with my boyfriend for my 21st Birthday + getting to visit a Sephora ;)
    4) Best beauty buy - Guerlain Lingerie De Peau foundation, the most amazing foundation EVER!

    Congrats on getting over a 1000 followers xxx

  36. I follow you via Google Friend Connect (Get Gawjus!)

    Highlight for 2010 was getting in to the Masters degree of my choice :D

    Favourite make-up purchase of the year would have to be Sigma Brushes! They beat MAC anyday!

    Congrats on the followers Zara, you deserve it! ♥


  37. Ok that's a fun idea, i'll play along...


    I'm a follower (& loving ur blog)

    My highlight was my little cousin coming out of her coma (that lasted 6 weeks after a car accident), she's feeling fabulous now (especially after all the christmas present she got that doubled due to what happened) Bless.

    My best purchase's got to be my Mac eyeshadow palette... (but each piece of make up i get is very special to me)

    Well done on your numbers of subscribers, it's well deserved, im new & cant wait for my blog to be there too!

  38. Dear Zara,

    001. I so am following u (since ages)!

    002. My name is Safiyya and e-mail is gianaikoula [at] hotmail [dot] com.

    003. 2010 Was not the most marvelous year of the 24 , but hea, you can't have a rainbow w/out a little rain. And my rainbow is my baby son from May 2010.

    004. The make-up purchase which made me all squeekly of girly joy would be Bobbi Brown foundation 'Moisture rich' in Warm Ivory.


  39. my name is Patricia and my email is patricia84(at)gmail(dot)com

    my highlight of 2010 was finally taking the plunge and moving in with my bf, i love him so much! *soppy moment*
    my fave makeup purchase has to be the naked palette, i use it all the time, i love having all these beautiful neutrals all in one place :)


  40. I'm a follower. Kirsty,

    Highlight would have to be my trip to Alton Towers in September, I would live there if I could!

    My favourite makeup purchase would have to be MAC Pigment in Patina, looks awesome over Pixie Epoxy. Although I didn't purchase it, it was a birthday present! If thats cheating I would say my ELF Studio Powder Brush.

    Thanks xx

  41. 001. i'm a follower
    002. name sarah email
    a) the highlight of 2010 was finally making some big changes which made me a lot happier
    b) favourite make up purchase of the year was mac liberty of london shell pearl beauty powder, just rediscovered this and love it so much

  42. Congrats on the followers! :D
    I follow you via Google Friend Connect.
    The highlight of 2010 was going on a cruise with my family in the summer.
    My favourite make up purchase definitely has to be the Urban Decay Naked Palette or MAC Face and Body foundation. xx

  43. Lovely giveaway! Enter me please!

    I'm Bec and I follow your blog via GFC.


    The highlight of my 2010 was my internship.

    My favorite make up purchase: MAC Stereo Rose MSF

  44. 001. Im a follower
    002. Farah at
    a)Highlight of 2010 for me was going back frm Paris and visiting my fmly in Malaysia for Eid,attending 2 cousin's wedding in India , plus discovering your blog :)

    b) My fav beauty purchase of this year, thanks to u I bought Phylosikos by Diptique,best fig scent ever! My Mikyajy palette from Dubai ( gorgeous mu),Windsor art brush for eyeliner ;)

  45. This comment has been removed by the author.

  46. Hi I follow you using GFC :)
    my emails is
    my highlight of 2010 was mine and my boyfriends first holiday abroad to Turkey, it was so nice and hot and relaxed and didn't want to come home!
    My favourite make up product of 2010 has to be Sleek eye palette in storm, for £5.99 and the quality and pigment of the colours are amazing!!

  47. Hi Zara,

    My names Zahra too but spelt a little bit differently :p

    The highlight of my year was the birth of my sisters son in May and my brothers daughter in July. My family were really blessed with these little munchkins!

    Favourite makeup purchase of the year was my Covergirl Lash Blast mascara.. I managed to find this on a blogsale and I had been dying to try it for ages. Its a great mascara if you manage to get your hands on it and a lot cheaper than the maxfactor false lash effect dupe!

    Love Z xx

  48. Aw so nice of you to do : D <3

    1. Well, I'm a follower :'D *rubs halo*
    2. My name is Line (Nani on Blogger) and my email is
    a) Well, the highlight.. I have two. First is that I got together with my girlfriend. My first real relationship! It's crazy but awesome.. I've had to deal with a lot of crap for this one, but it's been worth the fight. My country claims to be VERY homo-tolerant, but I can prove my own country wrong. lol. How wonderful. Of course I also need to mention that I converted my personal blog into a full-time (sorta) make up/beauty blog. I've met SO many amazing people through this community!
    b) This was actually a 'gift' from a friend overseas, because Philosophy isn't available here. But I got the Philosophy Purity Cleanser - DAMN that stuff is amazing!

    Am excited to see what the prize is - and who wins : D Sorry if my entry is kinda long : /

    HAPPY NEW YEAR - and much love <3

  49. hiya :)

    the highlight of 2010 for me was finally getting some kind of grasp on what i want to do with my life. this is my last year at school and ill be sitting my exams in a couple of months and in 2010 i applied for the courses i want to do and finally got some kind of plan which makes me feel so much better :)

    my favourite makeup purchase was the mac 217 brush it was my first mac brush and i love it.


  50. hi!congratulations!
    1. i'm a follower!
    2. ioanna.
    3. the highlight of the year was the fact that i found a job i like
    4. my favourite purchases of 2010 are the chanel bikini peach glossimer and the sephora no45 brush it's so soft!

  51. Hope you have a wonderful new year :-))


    Highlight of 2010 was winning a make up session with sergej benedetter :-) loved it!

    Favourite Make up purchase of 2010 was the Urban Decay Primer Potion, which I treated myself with for Christmas. It is sooooo hard to come by in Austria..horrible. No Urban Decay, No Nars...Hope that is going to change

    love Hannah

  52. I am a follower of your blog :)
    My name is Libby and my email address is:

    The highlight of my year would have to be passing my a levels and getting into university and then of course all of the celebrations that came with it.

    My fav makeup product would have to be Rimmels Lash Accelerator mascara i absolutely love it. Before trying this i was using Diorshow Iconic for ages and i think the Rimmel one is even better, and it saves me a few pennys with which i can buy even more makeup with :)

    Love your blog and well done on reaching 1200 readers! You deserve every single one!

  53. Hi,

    001. All ready a follower
    002. Suki:
    003. a)My highlight of the year was just enjoying myself at uni, finding out who my real freinds are, and deciding what I wan't to do with my life (finally :)
    b)My favourite make-up purchase was my nars sheer glow foundation.

    Thank you! Lots of love
    Suki x

  54. Hiii !

    001. I am a follower
    002. My name is Ouahiba, I am French and mail email is
    003. a)My highlight of this year was my holiday in Algeria to see my family that I didn't see since 2001. It was so loong fo me. And it take me happier for this new year because the family is important.
    b)My favourite purchase of the year of 2010 was Naked Palette by Urban Decay. Honestly, my sister offer it me for my birthday and I was so so happy !

    Kiss from France (sorry for my english! lol)

  55. HEY :D xx

    My name's Olivia,

    The highlight of my year was completing my D of E Bronze - it dragged on for two years and now it's finally sorted woo woo!

    My favourite make-up purchase of the year was Revlon Peach Petal lipgloss, it's such a easy wearable lipgloss the texture is soo nice and it isn't sticky at all - also it's pretty cheap!!


  56. Shortiee -

    A) Hmm probably seeing my second cousin who is like a big sister to me getting married!
    B) This is hard but... My Inglot blush in 30. It's a gorgeous peach colour, which I've been getting plenty of use out of!

    Congratulations on reaching 1200 followers :)

  57. hi zara,
    1) im a follower
    2) my names mubeen and my email is
    3) My highlight of the year was taking part in a stunt man show in tunisia.
    4) my favouite makeup purchase was dior amber diamond highlighter. It looks amazing on

    lots of love mubeen xxx

  58. Hi Zara,

    Thank you for the giveaway! :)

    1. I'm a follower!
    2. Flutura,
    3. Highlight of 2010 was going to Las Vegas - it was too good! I need to go back :)
    4. Favorite makeup purchase: there's been so many but none as good as Urban Decay Naked Palette, it's ah-mazing.


  59. again! Probs should have left my name and email! I'm Kari at :)

  60. Hey Zara,
    Congratulations on the 1200 + Followers and thank you for doing this giveaway!

    I'm a follower.
    Name: Tanisa
    Email: stealmyheartlovee (at) gmail (dot) com
    a) My highlight of 2010 was starting my beauty blog again! :)
    b) By far my best beauty product I purchased was MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation!!!
    I'm 20

  61. 001. I am a follower :)
    002. Vicky,
    003. My highlight of 2010 was making it through the first year in our house. My favourite makeup purchase was Benefit Erase Paste.

  62. woo congrats on all those followers, deffo very deserved.

    name: jess

    highlight of 2010: my holiday in turkey with my mum back in the summer!

    make up purchase of the year: oh difficult question.. probs st germain lippie by mac as I wear it soo often.


  63. I'm a follower.
    My name is Jasmine my email is jasmine.grimes at
    My favourite part of 2010 was spending all summer at the pool.
    My favourite make-up purchase was Covergirl Falsies mascara.

  64. 1. Im a follower
    2. Mandy
    3. Highlight is def my holidays visiting Tokyo/Dubai and HK twice! Love my holidays!!!
    4. Defiantly my favourite make up purchase was the Laura Mercier smudge brush - AMAZING!!!

  65. Ellie - follower via GFC as missy_ellie_uk, my email is missy_ellie_uk(at)hotmail(dot)com

    The highlights of my year were (this is a very geeky one) winning a national prize for my accountancy exam results, and starting my blog!

    My favourite purchase of 2010 is Vichy Dermablend foundation - the closest to a HG foundation I've found so far.

    Ellie x

  66. Sarah -

    Highlight of 2010 was going to New York - Amazing!!

    Fave make up product was Virgin Vie one step face base!!

    Love ur blog ! xx

  67. 1.Im a follower :)
    2.My email is
    3. My highlight of 2010 was my summer holiday to Italy to see family.
    My favourite makeup purchase last year was the Urban Decay Hearts New York Palette. It's amazing!!!

  68. Hi Zara :)

    Name: Imogen

    Highlight of 2010: Getting to go and see The Pretty Reckless Live! (They're my favourite band!)

    Best Beauty Purchase of 2010: MAC Hue Lipstick!


  69. 1. im a follower :)
    2. my email address it
    3. my highlight of 2010 was an amazing trip to egypt over the summer!
    4. my favourite makeup purchase of the year would have to be a tie between MAC MSF in stereo rose and a hightlighter by Dior called Amber Diamond!

    love your blog! xxx

  70. I am a follower.

    My email is

    The highlight of my year was getting married to my best friend in May. Our honeymoon in Tahiti and Bora Bora comes in at a close second. =)

    My favorite makeup purchase of the year was Smashbox's Halo powder. I use it everyday and it really makes my skin flawless and I love that you get a loose powder but it is packaged as a pressed powder.

  71. i'm a follower as well,


    hmm... the highlight of my year was my baby's 4th birthday... that we've both survived 4 years so far! it's been tough but soooo worth it. :)

    my favorite makeup purchase would have to be Urban Decay's book of shadows II that they had up on their website for a few hours last month, and i was so lucky to snag one! didn't get one the first go around, so that was a fun surprise.

    thanks for the chance to win, i love reading your blog!

  72. What a generous prize :)
    Jade, jadefung03 [at]

    The highlight of 2010 for me was probably going on holiday. I got to visit HK, China, Malaysia and Singapore and it was nice to see my family in China. I really didn't think I'd enjoy the holiday as much as I did!

    My favourite makeup purchase of the year was an eyebrow powder palette from Hong Kong. It's so much better than any pencil I've ever used and because there are different shades, it looks natural (I think, anyway)! x

  73. 1. Hi im tana,Im a follower
    2. Tana,
    3. My highlight of 2010 is easy, it was definately graduating from uni after 4years of blood sweat and tears! :)
    4. Hmm my favourite make up purchase is a bit more difficult so many to choose from, id say benefit bad lash, for big, daramatic, sexy lashes.

  74. I am a folower and relegiously read your blog :D


    My highlight was my family coming together for Xmas and new years...amazing to have everyone aroung together ..even my family from abroad came!

    Favourite make-up purchase would be Mac Fcae and Body foundation...very natural looking and dewy (just how I like it)


  75. Heya hun! Thanks for the fab giveaway! :)
    1.I am a follower
    3.Highlight of the year was deffo getting my brand new car :) Oh my gosh fav makeup purchase? So hard! lol! Hmm I'll say my Coastal Scents 88 colour palette :) Gets alota usage!

    Love Aysh xoxo

  76. Well done and great giveaway!!
    My favourite part of 2010 was my 18th birthday. Dancing around with all my family and friends. <3 Best time ever. My favourite make up purchase was a foundation I brought, Maybelline 24HR stay liquid foundation. Money well spent.

    Tesh -


  77. 1. I'm A Follower Doll.
    3. Cosmetology School & Experiencing My 1st Club Were Probably The Highlight Of 2010.
    4. My Favorite Make-Up Purchase Would Have To Be L'Oreal's True Match Foundation. It's The 1st To Not Break Me Out.

  78. Hi Zara, great giveaway, I love nars blushes!

    Please enter me, I'm a follower (of course!) and my email is

    Highlight of my year was visiting my family in Armenia who I hadn't seen in 5yrs and taking my husband with me to meet them.

    And best make-up purchase was the UD Naked Palette, which I found after visiting many Sephora stores in 3 different countries!


  79. Hi Zara congrats on the 1200 followers! Such a lovely giveaway :)

    Name: Becky
    Email Address:

    The highlight of my year for 2010 was deffos completing my college course! It took me 3 years so is so nice to look back at my certificate and be proud :)

    Favourite make up purchase of the year would have to be MAC's Creme Cup lipstick, I wear it on nights out all the time now and have gotten so many compliments!

    Thanks once again :) love becky xo

  80. 1) I am a follower
    2) Name: Allana Email: empty.stars(at)hotmail(dot)com
    3) Highlight of my year would have to be when I found out I was going to be an Auntie again, eee so excited :)
    4) Fave makeup purchase would have to be Clinique Mascara Extase and eyelash primer. Their awesome!

  81. This comment has been removed by the author.

  82. 001. I am a follower
    002. Maiwenn;
    003. The highlight of my 2010 was meeting my amazing boyfriend and getting done with the hardest class in my degree! My favorite makeup purchases were my pixi gel blushes and stila liquid lip color :).


  83. This comment has been removed by the author.

  84. 1. Im a follower :-)
    2. Steph,
    3. My favourite moment of 2010 was when my boyfriend of 5 years proposed to me outside the Ritz! He let me shop all day, took me to a gorgeous restaurant for dinner, then took me to see The Lion King musical which i've wanted to see for ages... and then proposed to me on the way to our hotel in the pouring rain! It was so romantic :-)
    4. If I had to choose would be Nars Sheer Glow foundation :-)

  85. Already following with Google Friend Connect.

    Name: Thahmina


    The Highlight of 2010: I think in general, I began to embrace myself, my body, my uniqueness (I always felt a bit like the odd one out). I became a professional bellydancer, I entered the fashion industry as a triple threat: stylist/model/journalist (well, I've only written one article for a beauty magazine but who's counting?). I think 2010 was the year that I finally found my feet, so to speak :)

    Favourite makeup purchase of the year: A frient bought me Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in Rose Shimmer. I think it's the prettiest pink/nude gloss ever :)

    And that's it I think! Thanks x

  86. Jo,

    2010 was all so unplanned so no holidays or get aways =(
    So I had to live with what London had to offer and that would be London pride and Nottinghill Carnival, not much but it was with the people that I love =D

    O and my new niece and finally met My One

    My fave make up purchase would be sleek contour kit and (not make up) but evian facial spray (its like mac fix+ but better and cheaper)

  87. Please enter me hun, i'm a follower via google connect.
    The highlight of 2010 was actually new years eve. We had a fab party with friends and kids and it was brilliant. We were dancing around like a load of loonys ha.
    My favourite makeup purchase is Chanel pro lumier foundation, i adore it
    Great competition and congrats on all those followers xx

  88. Congrats on all your followers doll!!!
    my email -

    The highlight of 2010 for me was meeting my marine boyfriend who changed my life and i love it.
    My favorite makeup purchase is the Sally Hansen natural beauty foundation - its my HG foundation and i keep re-purchasing it i love it so much.

    Thanks for the giveaway hun! Your blog is amazing keep doing what your doing! =)

  89. 001. please eneter me hun i follow via GFC as Amelia email is
    003. a) my highlight of 2010 was probably new years eve ":D it was great
    b) favourite makeup purchase was my MAC studio sculpt concealer.. im in love with that stuff!

    thankyou so much. xoxo

  90. Hey!! I'd love to enter this comp... :-)
    Sami aka GlamSam -
    Highlight of 2010: there has been so many - but getting the title of Beauty Editor is probably one that stands out the most :D

    Fav Makeup Purchase: MAC Up the Amp lipstick - don't know how I lived without it!!


  91. Hello pumpkin :)
    Ula -
    My highlight of 2010 is how I have developed as an all round person and learnt more about myself :)
    My favourite makeup purchase of 2010 is deffo my MAC Studio Fix Powder :D I could NEVER live without it!
    Hope you're having an amazing start to 2011 xoxo

  92. 1. I am a follower!
    2. Meriam k,
    3. I liked goin on trips
    and my favorite makeup purchase was a good powder by MAC and a beautiful purple color used as eyeliner!

    thanks, and your blog is an inspiration to read,

  93. 1. Hi I'm a follower
    2. Henrietta. Email:
    3. a) The highlight of my year has to be finding out my cousin was born on Christmas day and she also has the same name as me :)
    b) My favourite makeup purchase of the year has to be the L'Oreal Millions Lashes mascara, it really is great!


  94. 1. I'm a follower :)
    2. My e-mail is
    3. My highlight of 2010 would be spending eid with my whole family.It's a big celebration here in Malaysia..And a surprise birthday party from my parents and boyfriend.
    4. Favourite makeup purchase would be mac blusher in melba,mac lipstick in full fushia(loving the attention i get when i put these on) and sleek storm and bad girl palette.

  95. Best part of 2010 is my nikah , it was totally arranged we saw each other face to face on our nikah day , as he lives in usa so we never spoke on telephone but we exchanged emails before nikah just so we could know each other but after nikah we have fallen in love with each other and i am so Thankful to God for such loving and caring husband, And regarding makeup 2010 was crazyyyyy i bouhgt and got so many products , tried so many new brands like NARS , illasmaqua , sigma brushes, coastal scents , benefit ,MAC , Bobbi brown ,juicy couture ,urban decay,sephora. I have never tried these products before so yeah i am like a child in a candyshop
    my email and ofcourse i follow you , i have been since you started blogging

  96. Hey Zara congrats on the subbies :)
    1.I am following you
    3.The best part of 2010 would have to be passing my driving test after failing 4 times with only one minor LOL! Big relief to pass as i was moving away for uni the week after!!
    4.Favourite makeup purchase would have to be the ELF studio brushes, being a student im still able to fund my makeup habits with such affordable prices!
    Thanks for the giveaway xx

  97. hi! I'm roshni :) I am a follower
    my email is
    my highlight of 2010 was going to Egypt with my family. Egypt is soo amazing.. I loved it so much that im going to go again this year yay!
    My favourite makeup purchase was Elf Warm Bronzer - I am in love with it!

  98. Hello lovie! I am a follower. :)
    My highlight of 2010 was purchasing my own home, getting a new job, and meeting some life-long friends along the way. It was a great year, but I can already tell that 2011 will be just as great maybe even better!
    My favorite make-up purchase of 2010 would have to be my Lancome Hynose Drama mascara! It is amazing and makes me look like I have lush, dark, flirtatious lashes! Cat eye effect! LOOOVE it! I also loved Peachstock l/s from MAC! :)

  99. 1)Hi, I'm a follower.
    3)Highlight of the year is getting a new pet named Link. He has been very sick in the beginning but I've been so happy that he's better now. He's the cutest cat ever!
    4)Favourite makeup purchase is the Chanel Matlumiere foundation. I'm an oily girl and this works great without making you look flat.

    Good luck to everyone in this contest!

  100. 1) I'm a follower via GFC
    2) Sabra,
    3) My highlight of 2010 was probably passing my driving test, I live in the middle of nowhere so being able to drive makes it much easier to get everywhere! :)
    4) My favourite make-up purchase would have to be Ever Hip lipstick by MAC, it's my fav ever and I'm gutted I didn't get a back-up.

  101. 001. I'm a follower.

    002. Stacy :

    003. The Highlight of 2010:
    The highlight of 2010 was that my mom and I are close again. After my sister moved out from the house, a long time ago, my mom and I we would argue a lot and pretty much about everything. I don't know why, but 2010 made us close again. Like when I was a child. Oh and also.. my sister is pregnant! Yay for 2010! :)

    Favorite Makeup Purchase:
    In 2010 my favorite makeup purchase would have to be a few things from MAC. My grandmother and my mom have undereye circles and puffy eyes. Eventhough I sleep 8 to 10 hours a night and I drink a lot of water, I will always have dark circles! I actually bought the Pro long wear concealer and I LOVE IT! C'est vraiment un miracle! :)

  102. My highlight of 2010 is that I was finally getting going with regards to my career. I've been doing tons of internships and getting loads of contacts so that when I graduate from university this spring I will be able to find a job quickly instead of waiting around. I'm a very goal-oriented person.

    My favorite purchase was my Nars Sheer Glow foundation. Its the only foundation I've tried that doesn't look like makeup on my skin. Fantastic!



  103. Hi my name is esha and im a follower:)

    My highlight of 2010 has to be being accepted in to my masters course! i am finally one step closer to getting the job of my dreams:)

    Best make up purchase has to be finally finding a foundation that matches my skin tone! Studio fix fluid NC44.5 all the way baby!!

    Thanks for the giveaway, love your blog keep up the good work xx

  104. hey!

    i'm a follower ^_^

    highlight of the year: nothing specific! But summer time after all my exams and results so I got to relax and enjoy the sunshine (which is a rarity in England :Z!)
    my favourite make-up purchase: it's basic but vaseline - SO versatile, i just can't get enough of the stuff >.<

  105. hey Zara,
    congrats on 1200+!
    Im a follower through GFC
    my highlight was goin to London!didnt go there in ages but went in last feb and loved it, going to go there for longer :)
    my favourite make-up item has to Sleek sahara blush love how it looks on my skintone :) x


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