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[001] ObsessiveCompulsiveCosmetics LipTar in 'Pageant'



I haven't worn a bold lip in ages, today I went out with a few girlfriends for lunch and a mooch around Spitafields. I decided to wear this oversized, Aztec print snood and Hot pink is one the colours that stand out in it. I instantly pulled out my OCC lip tar in 'Pageant' I love it! I am sure many of you have seen blog posts/YT on these babies and well it really is a MUST try product!


The consistency of this lip product is gorgeous and blends like a dream! it goes on like a gloss and dries to a matte lipstick finish. They really don't budge and I love that about them. I haven't worn my lip tars as much as I thought I would but who knows I may make the most of them this year. I have been wearing nude lips a lot more, but part of me is enjoying simple eye make up teamed with a bold lip.


The rest of my make up was pretty plain, which is odd for ME!


NARS Sheer Matte foundation in Syracuse

MAC Pro longwear concealer NW 35

MAC Prep and Prime translucent powder


NARS Casino bronzer


NARS Madly blusher


MAC Paintpot Indianwood

Shu Uemura Painting liner

Chantecaille Faux Cils


MAC Lipliner in Magenta

OCC Lip tar in Pageant


Just wanted to say thank you for all your messages! I have really been enjoying your end of 2010/begining of 2011 posts! If you have done one leave me the link in the comments.

What make up will you be rocking this year? I feel 2011 will see the comeback of lipgloss for me, I wasn't too hot on it during 2010 but maybe this year! On a different note today was the first time I straightened my hair in a while and it's become sooo long! I need some hair inspiration, I think I'm bored of it!?

Lots of Love and Pink Kisses



  1. Vibrant and lush! It really brings out the colours in your scarf :) x

  2. You definitely pull off the bright lips so perfectly.. so pretty love it <3

  3. I'm thinking of getting some of those babies! Heard so much good stuff about them.
    You look gorgeous

  4. I've totally tried this colour - it's a toned down version of Anime! It's gorgeous still :)

    Kaushal xx

  5. That looks soooo good, I love a bright lip at the moment and that's a fantastic colour on yu. I'm so jealous, I can't get these lip tars in AU so i'm going to have to find an online store that actually delivers here.


  6. I was looking to buy one of these the other day but wasn't set on which colour to get think I'll have to go for this one. Looks gorgeous on you doll xx

  7. damn the colour is just amazing, i am debating on getting this or NARS Schiaps.

  8. Pretty!
    As of now, I have a huge crush on pink lips, && this is no different.
    Oh, did you get Pink Friday for MAC? How is that?

    Your eyebrows look fucking AMAZING! OMG! The 1st photo, perfect.
    I want your eyebrows...Yeah.


  9. Oooh, pretty! This colour is yummy!!!
    This year for me is....the return of eyeliner in the waterline!
    Happy belated new year! xx

  10. Bright colours really suit you 'cause of your complexion and hair colour.
    I really want to get some Lip Tars after seeing all the lovely FOTDS of people wearing them but my new years resolution is to stop spending money on makeup!
    Check out my beauty resolutions here >>>
    Let's see if I can keep them eh?! xx

  11. Love how it brings out the hot pink in your scarf! Stunning colour!

  12. beautiful colour and hair!

  13. That colour looks so pretty on you! love the scarf :) x

  14. loving the bright lips on you x

  15. WOOOOW absolutly gorgeous i'm in love with your make up

  16. I love!!! I wanna get a lip tar! you look stunning I always get excited to see if you've done a FOTD I love them !

  17. where did you get your scarf! it is gorgeous, just as everything else :)

  18. Love this colour on you, looks very pigmented which would suit my lips as are uneven in colour!

  19. Love your scarf, and I love your hair! If you're bored, why don't you try some balayage highlights?

  20. I've got Anime but I do like this one too and will definitely be placing an order. I bought a bunch of new shades from OCC recently, mostly reds. I don't use them often enough sadly and sometimes don't know which ones to mix together, particularly when I am not sure I'll get the same shade twice!

    It's really good to see you wearing a vibrant shade like this and it looks amazing on you too. Sometimes a lip colour can really alter your appearance.

  21. the clour really suits your skin tone! here's my New Years post xx

  22. Beautiful FOTD hun as always :) I've heard so much about these lip tars, must look into them :) Are they very drying though hun? I deffo wanna go for more bold lips this year as I've always been to safe when it comes to lips! :)

    Aysh xoxo

  23. You are so stunning! Bright lips really suit you.. I think I need to buy me some lip tars :)

    - Sriya xx

  24. I love that colour , i just got my first ooc lip tar in Grandma, i really like them !!

  25. Love knuckle/joint rings! I had a craving about a month ago, but that seems to have gone now. Thank goodness, I was so close to buying the most expensive one at BCBG. I still really want it, actually . . . (T_T)

  26. OMG! You look a doll :o
    such lush bright, you pop out like wow!!

    Xisses, Onyxsta


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