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It's been a while since I've done my little product rave for the week, I almost forgot that today was Monday. It has been so cold here in London, I just can't take it. I am so NOT a winter person.


Anyways I picked up this product in Sephora in Paris, yes it's a little gimmicky and god knows how long it will last but WOW what a perfect product for someone like me who changes their nails almost every other day. C'est Magnifque! It's basically a sponge which has an insert in the middle, you dip your nail in twist it around and wahey POLISH FREE.


It is such a quick and easy was to remove nail polish, it suits me just right. What is also good about this is that it is paraben and acetone free. I have to say it has worked really well even on nail polishes of mine that are usually quite stubborn to remove. I really love it, like I said I am unsure if this will last me very long but we shall see, for now I am making the most of it! I haven't seen these here in the UK, I remember being really young and using these but does anyone know if they are still around?

What have been your favourites from the last couple of weeks? Hope everyone has a fab week, can you believe it's December this week. I can't... Time is FLYING!

All the best


It's been a while since I've done my little product rave for the week, I almost forgot that today was Monday. It has been so co...


I love Chanel nail ploshes - Not the quality but the colours, I get so excited for their limited edition shades. Last week when I was in Selfridges I decided to pick 'Riva' from the Côte D’Azur collection, actually my aunty bought it for me! It is such a pretty Jade colour with a gorgeous, subtle blue shimmer.


This colour has been featured on the runway for the Cruise 2010-11 collection. Like most Chanel nail polish the application isn't great, actually this one is pretty BAD! It took 3 coats to achieve an acceptable even colour. I do however, love this shade. It reminds me of Eyeko's 'Rain' polish although Chanel 'Riva' is a lot brighter. I have worn this colour for the last four days and it began to chip on day 3, bear in mind base and top coat were used. It's just not good enough but there's something about limited edition products that get's me going. At £19 this one was a little too sheer and too much effort for my liking.


What colours have you been wearing on your nails? It's been a long time since I've asked..


// Chanel - 'Riva'

I am such a HUGE Nicki Minaj fan.. Love everything about her she has to be my ultimate girl crush. The attitude, the voice, the face, the make up.. ahh LOVE her. I have been listening to her material for a while now from her mixtapes to her debut album 'Pink Friday'. I think it so exciting that she has collaborated with MAC for her very own lipstick 'Pink Friday'. It is going to be available online and online ONLY! From MAC and now Selfridges you will only be able to buy Pink Friday on from Friday 26th November and the 3 following Fridays after up until the 17th December. The pink BARBIE lip is so iconic of Nicki and I think this is going to be a GOOD one! Apparently Pink Noveau was her favourite for years, this was my first ever pink lipstick purchase from MAC so if Pink Friday is anything like Pink Noveau, I know it's going to be a hit with me. I used to wear bright pink lips all the time for a long time and although now I'm not as into in them I have to say Nicki is making me want to dig them out. I haven't really been excited about anything from MAC lately but as soon as I heard about this I was sold!

P.S How HOTT is the visual?

lots of love


// Counting down till Friday..


WOAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I have reached 1000 followers this is honestly insane! I am so overwhelmed! Thank you all so much I seriously can not believe it. I seem to write the same thing every time I reach a new milestone, but this is really something else. I thank you for taking your time to read what I have to say and making the effort to leave comments. I read them ALL, even if I don't always reply (Sorry)

Lots of Love





After the WAH nails/Models Own blogger event, I felt I needed to give Models Own a little more love and appreciation. I think my absolute favourite colour from them is 'Utopia' I actually think it's my current favourite. There is something magical about Utopia it sort of reminds me of an ice queen, the lilac undertones in this colour give it that cold feel and I love it for this time of the year.. it makes a change from dark nails.


I also for the first time used Models Own's 3-in-1 base coat. I have to say I was pretty impressed to how quickly this dried. On my ring fingers I decided to give my Models Own/WAH nail pen a go. I just did some quick zebra stripes and quite like how it came out. I found the nail pen quite easy to use as the right amount of nail polish came out it also dried very quickly so didn't have to wait too long. I am so clumsy so the fast that it dried fast makes it a lot easier. The pen is great because one side is the pen and the you can unscrew it and have the thin nail polish brush. I think personally I preferred using the brush just because that's what I'm used to.




One thing which I was slightly disappointed by was that when I applied my top coat which happened to be the next morning and my nails were fully dry the lines of my zebra print run. I'm not sure why but it was slight annoying I tried to touch it up for the purpose of these pictures, but you can still sort of see.


I really want to get this pen in the white so I can play around with two colours, I wonder if they will go on to release them in more shades that would be amazing. I loved my WAH nails and although I wanted to wear them forever, I got too curious and had to play with my nail pen. What colours are you loving/wearing right now?


// Models Own - 'Utopia' Ft WAH nail pen



I have not purcahsed anything from MAC in ages and I haven't been excited about any new collections in a very long time. To be honest I didin't even know when the Tartan Tale collection was coming out and that it was actually the holiday collection. I mean to me it's not very christmas/holiday inspired. I had a quick look at the collection online but to be honest nothing really gets me excited online I needed to see it, play it with and get a real feel for it. So before I could even head down to MAC I was given these goodies from the new collection. My ex flat mates bought me this 'MAC Glamorous Mineralize Kit'. I really like this, the colours are really wearable. The box contains a mini Zoom lash mascara which is so ideal for my handbag, 'Blessedly Rich' a golden rust lipgloss, 'Indianwood' paint pot and 'Noble Touch' mineralize eye shadow. I think these boxes make such a perfect gift.




My fiance suprised me with the eye shadow palette in 'Play it cool' and a lipstick in 'Cut a Caper'. He knows what I like when it comes to make up and always choses well. He also knows that I like to collect at least one holiday eye palette each xmas. I love the one he chose, I am sooo into greys/mauves right now it's my favourite way to do a smokey eye so this collection is just so perfect for me.



The other thing he chose was 'Cut A Caper' lipstick this is a gorgeous peachy/coral colour. It is similar to my favourites like Ravishing, Jazzed, Ever Hip and although its Lustre I really like finish, it's not like some of the others I've tried. For those who didn't manage to get 'Ever Hip' or 'Jazzed' I would definitely go for this one. Its very pretty.




There you have it a Tartan Tale, the goodies I didn't personally chose but will definetly be using. Have any of you purchased anything from this collection?


// MAC's 'A Tartan Tale'


I love jewellery..all kinds. Vintage, Costume, New, Old, Designer, Highstreet, Handmade.. I just have such an appreciation for it, I think it's because from a young age I have been surrounded by my nan, my mum and my aunties who are all MAJOR jewellery Junkies. I honestly wish I could show you my nans jewellery collection it's amazing. I go to hers almost every weekend and come home wearing something new. Most of hers are diamonds, gem stones, in gold or silver.

These days costume jewellery is just as amazing as real jewels if anything I like it more. So when I was asked if I'd like to be sent a copy of Judith Millers book on costume jewellery I was delighted. I am not a big reader but when it comes to big glossy books with gorgeous pictures I'm sold. I was really excited about this book because it really goes into the history of costume jewellery and then goes into detail on specific designers and their inspirations.

This is the perfect book for all your coffee tables, I love flicking through the pages and I find it really interesting reading about jewellery from the late 18th century to the 21st century. I think this would make a great xmas present for any jewellery lover.

This book retails at £25 and I would definitely pay that for it, it's visually beautiful. I think when I have the time over the next few weeks I am going to put together a photo heavy post on some of my jewelry I might even go to my nans and take pics of hers.

I like this quote by Iman..

'I like to collect costume jewellery. It's better designed and has more character than high-end Jewellery'

I couldn't agree more, I love jewellery that is unique and has character it makes it so much more interesting!

Here are some pictures of the pages that caught my eye.









What are your favourite jewellery pieces? Do you guys enjoy reading about a the influences the past has on today? After looking over these pics again I think I will do a post on my favourite pieces of costume jewellery.. What do you think? Yay? Nay?

Lots of Love


// Judith Miller -'Costume Jewellery'


Hey dolls hope everyone is well and keeping warm in this horribly cold weather. I hate winter, I hate being cold and I hate the darker days. It just makes me feel so ugh drained. Last week the weather was amazing it was cold but the skies were blue and the air was fresh, It didn't feel as gloomy. This week the product that has really cheered me up and that I have loved has to be MAC's Margin blush. I bought this a while ago it was a combination of Tali telling me to and one of my readers suggesting it. I am so glad I picked up and have no idea how I hadn't discovered this any earlier.


I have been wearing quite dark smokey eye make up and this blush just ties it all in together. I have to say if I was shopping at MAC I probably wouldn't have ever noticed this colour. On the skin it's gorgeous, warm and has a beautiful shimmer to it. It's quite a muted bronze blusher but has the undertones and the warmth of a soft coral. I believe this blush would suit everyone, I really love it. I have also used it as a highlighter and that's because it gives the skin such a lovely glow.


Do any of you girls own Margin? If not I urge you to check it out.. it's beautiful. What has been your favourite product this week?

Lots of Love




Yesterday I was invited to the Models Own and WAH nails blogger event. It was a great evening, celebrating the launch of Models Own and WAH's Nail Art pen. I have definitely got more into nails recently, as I mentioned in one of my previous posts I used to experiment a lot with nail art but haven't done so in a while. I will definitely be putting this nail pen to use, as a lot of my posts these days are nail related. They are launching the pen on November 15th (My birthday!) and it comes in black and white. I will post more on these nail pens as I put it to use.


The event was held at the WAH nails salon in Dalston, I loved the feel of the place it's so homely, relaxed and retro.







We were lucky enough to get a WAH manicure. I chose blue, gold and black as I'm beginning my birthday celebrations this weekend and I'm wearing a black and navy dress. I let the lady doing my nails decide what she wanted to do, there was too much choice and I'm too indecisive.



What do you think of my WAH nails? We were sent away with the nail pen and this little collection of goodies.


After the event me and the boy went to eat at this Egyptian themed restaurant round the corner from WAH nails, I had been there before for a friends birthday and loved the decor and the food. It's called LMNT, if you are ever in Dalston I urge you to go check it out. I sat next to Tutukhamun, (well I think it was him!) he matched my nails.. It made me laugh, so I had to take a picture.


Just want to thank everyone at WAH nails and Models Own for throwing a great event. What do you dolls think of my WAH nails? Have any of you had a WAH manicure? Will the nail pen be something you want to try? Do you like nail art?


// Models Own and WAH Nails Blogger Event

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