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Sunday was again a beautiful day in London and I decided to meet to of my frenchies down Brick Lane.. I love these girls we have been through so much together and been friends for ages. We are always all so busy so when we finally catch up we never want to leave there's always so much to talk about!


We grabbed some food and sat on some benches for a serious chit chat session. Brick Lane + Sun = Perfect.. the atmosphere is amazing. The clothes, the music, the food, the sun, the drink, the people, the stalls, the vintage, the handmade, the unique.. AHHHHHH

Here is me munching on my humous and falafel wrap, did I tell you I am obsessed with falafel lately... mmm I love it!!!


I wore a long black Maxi dress, my denim waistcoat and lots of gold blingage, My bag is Prada and by the looks of it.. it's FILTHY!!

After food we walked around, trying not to buy things obviously I failed. I can NOT go to Brick Lane and NOT buy something from Galibardy. It's just not right.. I love Lisa and Blue they are just so cool and their gems definitely rock.

So may I present you with my new bit of sparkle.. THE WORLD!!! It is gorgeous, blingy and BIG! There was a smaller one but hey if your gona do it, might as well do it BIG! Although my girl Nadine ended up buying the smaller one.



I love the PEACE sign that dangles above the globe, I wore it straight away! I even wore it today and got so many comments on it.. Galibardy jewelry is so unusual and unique I love everything I have from them, my Galibardy collection is definitely growing. Check out their website HERE .


My nails in this pic is this gorgeous colour I bought from 17 in Boots its called 'Orange Soda' its meant to last 5 days without chipping.. and uhmm it chipped on day one! oops.. oh well I like the colour..[For now]

As all the stalls were closing and we were all shopped, fooded, and drunken out [Not drunk literally but y'all know what i mean!] we decided to go sit in Victoria Park. This park is honestly such a beautiful park by far the best in East London. I used to come here as a child and pick conkers with my bro and then we used to have a hot chocolate in the pavilion. We sat around and chatted for hours.. look how pretty it is. Can I just add these pics were taken around 7.30/8pm!




How did you dolls enjoy the sunshine??


SUNday and New SPARKLE!

Sunday was again a beautiful day in London and I decided to meet to of my frenchies down Brick Lane.. I love these girls we have been thro...


I don't really buy into products from places like the Sanctuary I just feel that they have very little appeal to me. They lead you to believe that it's possible to have a spa experience at home and well I don't think you can. A few weeks back I noticed this product on my mums dressing table. Usually she tells me of her new beauty/health purchases but seems like she'd forgotten. Anyways I carried on and thought I'd try it out and I have to say I'm impressed! Although it doesn't make me feel like I'm in a spa it does feel amazing. It's basically a spray moisturiser, it's extremely lightweight which I love about it as it doesn't feel heavy on the skin. At this time of the year when it gets pretty warm I hate having to have layers and layer of body creams/body butters on me, this product gives me the benefits of that with an easy to use spray.

This product is perfect you just spray it all over the body and it sinks in really well - At first I was like GREAT it's going leave my skin all greasy, I proceeded to rub it in and wow it really absorbs well. It contains jojoba, sweet almond and vitamin E. These are great ingredients that protect, nourish and condition the skin leaving it feeling hydrated. Vitamin E is a fantastic anti-oxidant so this will protect your body from pollution, the city etc. I love that it gives you a gorgeous glow, I think this product would be fab for taking on holiday with you dolls. After sitting in the sun it will help cool you down and boost radiance.

Sprayed on


Rubbed in


A few things

- This can't be used on your face

- If you dislike perfumed smelling products, this one isn't for you. I find the smell slightly off putting. Its that typical Sanctuary smell.

- If like me you forget to moisturise your body this is a quick fix great for applying as your about to run out of the house!

- A little bit goes a long way!

- It's only £5.49!

What do you ladies think of the Sanctuary products? Have you tried this product? Would you try this product? Are there any other brands that do body moisture sprays that you like? Please share dolls

Lots of Love


Sanctuary Spa - Body Moisture Spray


Face of the day

Wearing all black to work has to be the hardest part of my job, so I like to really play around with my makeup, I never go in with the same make up two days in a row. The other day a customer who I served hadn't recognised me the day later, it was when I got talking she realised it was me, funny how make up changes us.

Yesterday I kept with the straight hair thing.. Although I have to say I'd slept on it so it was a little messy! Just how I like it.



MAC Studio fix foundation in NC44

Laura Mercier secret concealer in number 3

MAC transluscent prep and prime powder

NARS Torrid blush


NARS Belissima duo

NARS Mekong in the outer corners

Shu Uemura gel liner

MAC Smoulder in the waterline

Lancome hypnose drama mascara


MAC Soar lipliner

MAC Faux lipstick

Nails of the moment

Eyeko - Lilac Polish


I have been wearing this gorgeous lilac polish from eyeko on and off for a while I just keep forgetting to take pics. I know quite a few bloggers have this colour and I think it's a great one for the summer the one criticsm I have of eyeko nail polishes is that they smell so strong, I for usually get bothered by things like that but I find the smell really harsh. Anyone else find that? or have I just got a dodgy one?Regardless there is no doubt about this pretty colour..I love how shiny and glossy my nails look and that's without any topcoat. I took these pics 2 days after painting them. [I have to say we had a corporate event at work n I spent the evening massaging about 15 peoples hands!!! so my nails are a little scuffed!]


Eyeko Graffiti liner update

I am still using my graffiti eyeliner pen I love the easyness of it, if I'm running late it really helps speed me up. I am suprised that it stays put for the whole day..very impressed. Lately, however I have been finding that it feels a bit scratchy against my eyelid has anyone else experienced this..just doesn't glide on as good as it initially did

What are your thoughts ladies? How is everyones week going? By the time I post this it will be Friday.. YAY!!!


Face of the day and Eyeko Nails


Sorry lovelies.. I know how lame I have been at posting lately.. honestly every minute seems to be taken.. I have hardly anytime to myself :(.. I hope you are all well.. I have loads to share but seem to be losing track of all new purchases and current faves.. I have been writing blogposts on the train to work you can expect that this week you may be bombarded by me. My no make up ban is still going well.. HI5 to me.. to all those who thought I'd cave and purchase something from the current MAC collections.. I HAVEN'T! :D *pat on the back* my fiance who usually would buy me new products from new collections.. is still supporting me in my decision to have a make up free month haha! GRR.. I have to say though it has really made me hunt through my make up collection and dig out some old favourite products, you can expect to see a post on this later on this week. I feel this may be the beginning of less impulse buying and more chosing wisely!

Nails of the moment


As I do I thought I'd share my current nail polish.. I have been wearing this colour for the last few days. A lot of people are comparing it to the Chanel which I still don't own. I actually painted my nails this colour on my lunch break. It is by Rococo and is called 'Stone Cold Karma' It is such a great colour that looks different on everyone! Its been out of stock for weeks so I haven't been able to purchase it grrr! tried to get hold of Nails inc London nail polish.. but both of the Boots I went to were out of diet coke!


I actually think this nail polish is really similar to Nails inc Jermyn street, the Chanel nail polish is a lot deeper/darker brown than this one.

How have you all been!? Have you guys managed to get on of the Nails inc and diet coke nail polishes? What are you currently loving in your make up bag??

Miss you guys!!


Little Update and Rococo Stone Cold Karma



This is the reason I put myself on a makeup ban and now I'm kicking myself as I sit here drooling over the new MAC collections.. SAD TIMES. Anyways back to my story I found this little baby dashed somewhere along my very overcrowded dressing table. FAUX. I bought this lipstick about 3 weeks ago..maybe even 4 and it had not even been taken out of the box! ARGH. I was annoyed at myself..that I hadn't even given this baby any much deserved love so I decided the no make up ban would begin. I've even lost hope in believing my fiance will bring me back some of the new mac collections (which he usually does) but thanks to my luck just this once he has decided to " SUPPORT " me on this no make up month challenge. Annoying much?


Back to FAUX.. I don't know how this could this lipstick could have been absent from my life for all this time. To say its gorgeous is an understatement. To me it's the colour I get when I mix up a few of my favourites, only that no mixing is required. The finish = Satin, smooth, great pay off and enough of a gloss. It really reminds me of Pink Plaid mixed with the beautiful Half N Half [two of my forever favourites] I actually swatched these two in the store with 'FAUX' in the middle and it seems to me that this might very well be their love child.. not FAUX but indeed VRAI.


Don't ask why I'm talking in this weird way this evening ladies, the lack of make up purchases is getting to my head. Actually not the lack of purchases but the truth in knowing im not " ALLOWED " to purchase makeup is indeed driving me nutty!? How long do you give me? I am tempted to just give it up as a bad job..

I wore this out for the first time on Wednesday and have worn it everyday since.. you know how I do..



MAC Studio fix foundation NC44

NARS Stick concealer in Ginger

MAC Prep and Prime translucent powder

MAC blush in Melba



MAC Femme-Fi e/s all over the eye

MAC Beauty Marked e/s in the outer corners

SHU Uemura gel liner

Lancome Hypnose Drama mascara

MAC Smoulder eye liner in the water line


MAC FAUX lipstick




On a different note I have been loving my assortment of bangles lately, I don't know what it is about this time of the year well when it begins to get warmer and me wearing bangles. I love the jingle and like the look of them. I tend to change my jewellry everyday well my necklaces and sometimes my rings but I have been wearing this mix of silver and gold bangles for the past few weeks. I am getting more and more comfortable with mixing silver and gold I never used to do it before but now I don't mind as much. I feel these bangles go nicely with my engagement ring white is white and yellow gold.


The silver bangles are sterling silver and were around £40 for 5, they are really light and have beautiful patterns carved into them. I love that it makes them have a real antique feel to them. My mum actually bought these from QVC but I obviously ended up keeping them :) hehe..

The gold ones are from French Connection and were around £6 for 5, I love the shape of them. They aren't round more square but quite a soft square. Again these are really light and I love the mix of shapes between the two.

So ladies.. what have you guys been wearing this week? make up wise? jewellry wise? and more importantly WHAT can I do about this NO MAKE UP MALARKY? HELP PLEASE??





I love the Nars multiples. They are so easy to use and there's a colour for everyone. I love that like most NARS products these have such beautiful shimmer and the best thing is that they are so lightweight on the skin. I love that they don't feel sticky or cakey. As a lot of us are updating our sumer makeup wardrobes I think these are perfect. They can be used on the face and body and are ideal for carrying around. These look even better with a tan, just help to create that glowy, healthy, dewy skin which we all know is super sexy!


I have 6 of the multiples and have grouped them together so you can get an idea of different colours.



Luxor and Copacabana


Now in all honesty these colours can often look ashy on darker skin tones, for that reason I pay more attention when applying these. I focus a small amount on the top of cheek bone and just a little through the brow bone. For anyone with a lighter complexion these would look gorgeous on you. Luxor is slightly more pinky whereas Copacabana has a more frosty/silver shimmer.


Orgasm and Portofino


I LOVEE these.. Mainly because I love pink blushers so wearing these multiples really compliments the blush. Orgasm is a lot softer, shot through with gold shimmer and Portofino is more of a rosy red. I have to say Orgasm is one of my favourites.. there is a reason why its so super popular within NARS products the colour is amazing!


Maldives and South Beach


Perfect for anyone, gorgeous over bronzer really creates dimension. Obviously for picture purposes I have applied these quite strongly, however once these are blended through they are just gorgeous! Maldives is a little more subtle and has more of a brown town to it whereas South Beach is super bronze with more of an orange tone.

I love the multiples and they honestly last forever! Have any of you tried them? Which are your favourites?

OK guys I know I've spelt COPACABANA wrong.. I am honestly way too lazy to re edit the pics! haha SORRY DOLLS.. Lots of Love


NARS : The Multiple

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