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// Eye Eye Ft RBR Fire Drops



Yesterday when I posted about Rouge Bunny Rouge's Fire Drops in 'WIshing for Wings' I said I'd include it in a face of the day when I next used it. So this morning as I sat there to do my make up I felt inspired and wanted to go all sparkly and snow queen-esque on my eyes, so here it is.


I used NARS' e/s duo in Habanera and in the inner corners and along the bottom lash line I used RBR's Fire drops. See how pretty it is, I really noticed the glitter as it hit the light. Perfect!

NARS Habenera


RBR Fire Drops - Wishing for Wings


See how great they look together..


Lots of Love



  1. Gorgeous eyes!! I love your brows as well!

  2. I love habanera but it's been neglected in my make up drawer for a long time. This has inspired me to get it out! Loving it! Xxx

  3. i looove it! you look like Kim K! :)


  4. oh my gosh. that is sooo pretty! i know you've posted something similar before, but what brush do you use to to smoke out the outer corners so perfectly?


  5. this is such a gorgeous look!! I love how pretty & so neatly groomed your eyebrows look... simply gorgeous! were you wearing falsies here?? it looks really natural!

  6. Gorgeous as always!
    xoxo Debby

  7. Gorgeous. Not many people can pull this off! xx

  8. Pretty, pretty!
    I personal can't pull of white/silver shadow, boo me!


  9. I've wanted to try the Firedrops from RBR for ages...those colours look great together!

  10. What do you do your eyebrows ? What is your skin products ? love you !!!

  11. Absolutely stunning, the colours looks so good together. And I love your brows, what products do you use on it? Not sure if you've done a post on it, but it would be great to read how you do your brows.


  12. How do u like the Nars sheer matte foundation so far?

  13. Hey lovelies.. thank you for the comments..

    @ Vonzi.. I use a MAC 224 to blend!

    @ Anette.. No I'm not wearing flasies, I tend not to wear them because I am so bad at applying them to myself I always mess up my eye makeup!

    @ Ouahiba.. I thread my eyebrows! Skin products? I use Darphin Hydraskin moisturiser, LM Hydrating primer and at the moment Nars sheer matte foundation!

    @ Make up and Macaroons.. I get my eyebrows threaded and fill in the gaps with MAC Carbon e/s on an angled brush.

    @ Farah.. I really like it.. my skin seems to hate ALL foundation right now, but this one seems to be the best for me at the moment!

    Sorry for the late responses to your questions, I tend to check my comments when I'm on the go on my phone so it's not often easily to reply. If you want a more direct reply then please do email me :) xxx

  14. Gorgeous eyes! We don't have RBR in the US that I'm aware of. I've ordered from Zuneta and I love what I've tried so far. Great job with the countdown - it must be hard to post everyday. xx Julie


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