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I figured that I would do this post as 2010 draws to an end. I wanted to highlight some of my favouirtes from this year. I am going to try and keep it to one product for each category. These are the beauty bits that I have most enjoyed using and thought it would be a good way to round it all up! On most of the products I mention I have full reviews on so if you want to know more then do have a furtherread.

Face mist : Elemental Herbology Flower Harmonising mist.


I only started using a face mist this year and although this post doesn't really contain skincare products this is one that works well incorporated into your skincare regime and with your beauty products. It works so well at refreshing and reviving your face whilst wearing make up. It is perfect to give your skin a quick spritz and a bit of a wake up!

Primer : Laura Mercier Hydrating primer.


This has been a more recent discovery of mine but I have noticed such a huge difference since using it. I feel especially in the colder months it gives my skin that extra bit of hydration which it sometimes need. My make up also applies much better and stays on for a lot longer with the use of this product.

Foundation : MAC Studio sculpt.


I discovered this foundation in the summer and used it continiously for months. I loved the colour, the finish the texture. I felt it made my skin look healthy and I really liked the consistency of it, It has to be the best one of this year. I am now using NARS sheer matte and I do like it but MAC Studip sculpt is THE ONE for 2010!

Concealer : MAC Prolongwear Concealer.


When I first started using this I wasn't overly impressed, it's now become such an important product to my daily face. A good thing about this concealer is more of a liquid, I think it blends in so much better to my foundation. The most impressive thing about this concealer is that it really lasts and I love the finish of it.

Powder : MAC Prep and Prime Translucent powder.


this has been a firm favourite for about two years or so now and has remained one throughout 2010!

Contour : MAC's Warm/Light difinitive.


The best contour powder I have used. It is such a shame that it's a limited edition shade. I love it has the darker and the light shade of it, if any of you live near a CCO you should try and hunt this baby down because I've seen it numerous times in CCO's both in the UK and US!

Blusher : MAC's Melba.


My go to coral blush. It has been my perfect colour all throughout summer and I still reach for it even in these colder days. I love that it's matte and has a slight pink undertone. It's FAB!


Highlighter : Shu Uemura P Gold 93D.


A beautiful gold shimmer, such an amazing colour and ever so fine texture. I have slowed down using this because someone told me they were discontinuing it, I hope not!

Eyeshadow base : MAC's Paint in Bare canvas.


I started the year using paint pots and half way through I switched to Paints and it has to be the best decision I've made! I know that If I want my e/s to last, look vibrant and not crease then MAC Paints are definitely the one. I think they are so underrated! I have no idea where I'd be if it wasn't for this product, especially during the summer!

Eyeshadow : NARS Nightbreed.


My perfect BLACK so intense it puts MAC's Carbon to shame. You need very little product to actually achieve a black, BLACK! I love the texture of NARS e/s and what I like about this one is that it blends like a dream and has a gorgeous amount of sparkle to it.

Eyeshadow Palette : MAC Tartan Tale 'Play it Cool' Palette.



wasn't going to do a palette in this but I have used this so much since I got this back in November I had to give it a mention. I have worn this palette at LEAST 2-3 times a week since I received this. I love the colours and the mix between matte and shimmery shadows. I am really loving greys, purples and navy lately and this palette is all of that!

Eyeliner : Shu Uemura Painting Liner in Black.


Absolutely hands down the best gel liner I have used. Great texture and super black to. I bought this product in January and I am just running low on it now. I am amazed it hasn't dried out at all! I love that it doesn't drag when you apply it with an eyeliner brush. BEST BUY!

Eyeliner pencil : Avon Supershock gel pencil.


A fairly new purchase but even in the last few weeks of 2010 this has become my favourite. It is just so soft, smooth and doesn't move as much as other kohl/eyeliner pencils. Again it is very black and this is one thing that is really important with me and eyeliners.

Mascara : Chantecaille Faux Cils.


Probably the most I have ever spent on a mascara at £32, however it was so so worth it. This is about 3/4 months old and still going strong, no signs of drying out. It is beautiful with fruit and flower waxes and a rosewater base, which means it's naturally anti bacterial, doesn't clog and lasts for months and months! So in the long wrong, well worth it!


Lip balm : By Terry Baume de Rose.


I talk about this product so much, it really is one of my favourites. Gorgeous texture, feels fabulous on the lips and smells beautiful. It can easily be worn alone or over another lip product, it has such a pretty lilac glaze.

Lip Liner : MAC Soar lip liner.


My favourite lip liner which seems to work well with all my nudes, pinks and brown lipsticks, surely that can only be a good thing! Really defines my lips well and is amazing used all over the lips with gloss over the top. I never realised I'd love this as much as I do!

Lipstick : MAC Faux and Half N Half.


I couldn't possibly chose just ONE lipstick.. that would be near impossible.. My taste in make up is constantly changing and two lipsticks that I think have just been so easy to wear are MAC's 'FAUX' and 'HALF N HALF' both lipsticks I have previously posted on. They are both Nude-ish lipsticks, well on my complexion they are.

Faux is a dusky pink and Half N Half is a gorgeous muted brown lipstick with a slight rosey undertone.

Lip Gloss : NARS Chelsea Girls lip lacquer.


Love everything about Chelsea Girls I quite literally put this over everything, it's quite a sticky gloss but really stays in place and the colour is amazing, especially when you get mixing! 2010 has all been about dramatic eyes and nude lips for me. I have toned down with the bright, bold lips and well products like Chelsea Girls have really stolen my heart!

Body Creme : Laura Mercier Creme de Pistachio body souffle.


Probably not the most moisturising body cream, nor overly hydrating however the smell of this is absolutely divine and has to be the reason why I have loved this so much this year.

Body Shimmer: Nuxe shimmer oil.


I made good use of this whilst holidaying this year, it's such a great product that doubles up. You really get the moisture from the oil which is one of my favourite ways of keeping my body hydrated and you also get such a fantastic glow. There is such a beautiful level of shimmer in this product and the fact that it is in a spritz format just makes life so much easier!

Perfume : Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb La vie en rose.


I bloody LOVE this perfume, it is such a gorgeous gorgeous smell. Everything I look for in a perfume, sweet, floral and sexy! This edition of flowerbomb isn't as overpowering as some of the others but still smells amazing.

Nail Polish : Chanel Khaki Vert.


A very hard one for me as I change my nails so, so often but this one by Chanel deserves my best nail polish of 2010! As we've established Chanel aren't very good at lasting on the nails. However the colour of Khaki Vert totally compensates that! It is such gorgeous colour, which applies non streaky and there's something so sophisticated about it. It's just such a unique, unusual colour and I love khaki right now I also think it compliments my skin colour really well.


So there you have it, a handful of my favourites for 2010. Hope that you have all had a great year. Just wanted to say a big thank you for all of you following over the last year means a lot. Wishing you all the best for 2011!

Lots of love, Happy New Year!


Leave me a comment and tell me what you have loved this year!?


  1. Love this post and love your blog, so much.
    Most loved blog of 2010 - Mouldy Fruit


  2. Really great post!

    So tempted by the MAC paints now, the Chantecaille Faux Cils (amazing eyelashes) and the Avon liner!

    Thanks for this ;)

    Fee x

  3. Great Blog post!!

    I have added you to my post for my favourite bloggers of 2010....:)

  4. Amazing post! I love your favourites, I'm going to try out a few of them. MAC Studio Sculpt is the best!

  5. Great post! I LOVE Mac studio sculpt & Flowerbomb smells AMAZING! I really want to try that contour powder soon! :) xx

  6. Hello!
    Aw, loved this post. I think I want to try out MAC Studio Sculpt now. I have used MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC50, && NW43, I like the NC50 better, but I think I want to try the Studio Sculpt. I remember you saying it was more "dewy", yeah I think I want a dewy face now.

    Since my blog isn't really beauty-ish, I think I want to do best of 2010 clothing purchases. Thanks for the idea.

    Happy New Year!

  7. I love this post, so many great products.
    I've got my eye on Mac Melba for next year.

    PS: happy new year!

  8. This flowerbomb rose scent, smells exactly like roses, i have never come across to a fragrance that doesnt smell like artificial roses. You really make me want to try Melba blush.

  9. Shu Uemura liner and faux lipstick are two of my faves this year as well!! I want to try out the LM primer and Flowerbomb now xx

  10. what an incredible post hun! Some truly lovely products there, I so need that Nuxe Shimmer Oil in my life! :) And I love the look of the MAC Half n Half & lipliner, deffo got my eye on those now! :)

    Aysh xoxo

  11. great post! just want to say that i've really enjoyed your blog over the past year, its def my go-to beauty blog along with tali's! good work and have a brilliant NY! xx

  12. You've given me a few ideas for things to try in 2011 so thanks :) xxx

  13. Thanks for a great post I love findin out all of th fab products from real people other than in magazines! now all I need is that perfume lol x


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