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21 Countdown to Christmas - Face Cream Ft Dr.Hauschka


It's a day late apologies again but honestly I can feel the Christmas rush! It's madness.. I am so so looking forward to Christmas day, I am working right up until Christmas Eve so will only be able to fully relax and enjoy this time of the year on the weekend. Hope all of your Christmas shopping done and you are all making the most of the festive fun!


It seems that rose is a bit of a trending topic for me well, I thought I'd blog about a face cream today. One that I have only recently been introduced to but already love is the Rose day cream by Dr.Hauschka. My mum first started using this Rose day cream last winter and has been a firm follower since. I thought I'd give it a go to see what all the fuss was about. Now I have to say this cream is only really for those who like myself have normal to dry skin, it is a rich formula but one that I adore. Although the cream is pretty rich it absorbs really well into the skin and keeps my face hydrated throughout the day a small goes a long way with this cream. Obviously the great thing about this cream is the rose base which is ideal for those who have senstive skin or like me generally prefer using natural products. To me the smell is beautiful, as I've mentioned on previous rose product posts not everyone likes the smell of rose, I do.

At £16 this cream is pretty reasonable, I'd love to try the By Terrt Creme de Rose but at £60+ I think I'll stick with Dr Hauschka for now! This is defientley one for winter and I am really loving it right now!

If you like the sound of this cream but don't have a particularly dry skin type, they also have the rose day cream in a light weight formula.

Christmas Kisses


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  1. I've tried it but too bad it broke me out, what cleanser r u using currently hun?


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