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20 Countdown to Christmas - Hands Ft Jurlique



Yesterday I talked about Party Feet, today it's Happy Hands. How important is a good hand cream in this weather!? I am totally in love with the Jurlique hand creams, I have really liked them for a while now and I find everything about them amazing. Not only is this an organic brand of skin care it is totally free from parabens, mineral oils and other nasties.


The texture of these hand creams is gorgeous, very creamy and quite thick in consistency. For those you of that have tried Body Shop's Hemp hand cream this is very similar although comes in a selection of nicer smells! I've actually bought this gift set for my mum as part of her Christmas present. I think it is amazing value the large size hand cream usually retails at £33 and this Loveable rose duo is £29.


For that you get the full size luxurious hand cream and a mini love balm. Rose is one of those smells you either love or hate. I have grown to love it, I think it must be from using By Terry's Baume de Rose. I love the rose scent in this hand cream as it's delicate and understated but really lasts on the hands. The mini love balm is like an eight hour cream in a little pot, it's a rich moisturising balm that is perfect for really dry skin. I love using it on my cuticles, helps to keep those hands moisturised and soft.

I will definitely be making the most of this..(Once my mum opens it ;) )



  1. Here's a brand I used to love but had completely forgotten about! I wonder if the love balm is sold on its own, looks like a handy size to throw in a handbag for little emergencies.


  2. Looks lovely! Need to get this once I run out of my Liz Earle one.


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