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19 Countdown to Christmas - Perfect Party Feet



It is party feet season, is it me or is December such a socially busy month? I feel like I've been out partying way more than I usually do! I find it particularly odd as it's one of the coldest months. Although your pretty feet might not be out and about, it is still important to keep those toes in top form. Cracked heels, dry feet.. really aren't the one!

My Party Feet Combo


Ped Egg


Ok so I don't have the pretty pink one which is rare for me, but this is a must have. I don't know about giving this as a gift but for yourself and your at home pedicures it's ideal. For those who haven't seen the adverts or have no idea what I'm about it's basically a cheese grater for your feet. HAHA.. as funny as it sounds that is what it looks like. It is used to remove any hard/dead skin on the feet. It doesn't hurt at all although for me it tickles! I think it's the perfect way to keep your footsies soft and smooth. This product is available from boots and is prices £9.99, which is definitely cheaper than a pedicure.

Soap & Glory Heel Genius


After using the Ped Egg I use a foot cream my favourite has to be the Soap and Glory heel genius, I think I may have mentioned this in one of my holiday posts. This is the one foot cream I have consistently re purchased. I love everything about it, the smell, the texture and the way it keeps my feet super soft. I love that it doesn't smell like peppermint, I don't know why but I find most foot creams are minty and I don't like that I'm a sucker for sweet things. I apply this in the evenings and then sleep with cotton socks, it really helps to lock in the moisture and hydration! I love the packaging of Soap & Glory products, how cute are the messages on the back!


Seasonal Smooches!



  1. Pedegg never worked for me, i much prefer a scrub:( Maybe the one i bought from ebay was fake ...I found out the best thing for my feet to get them soft is a body shop body butter hehe !I love the heels btw, are they Prada ?:)

  2. Ditto I love the heels, where are they from? I want! x

  3. I absolutely love S&G! One of my favourite brands! :) & I love how almost everything of theirs smells sweet LOL

    Kaushal xx

  4. Great post. You look so pretty in that picture. :)

  5. i have the revlon ped-egg version. it makes me nervous though i feel like i'm going to grate off my feet. lol

    your calves looks great btw!


  6. I love the Pedegg! I just have to close my eyes when I do it because I become faint knowing I'm watching something scrape off my skin lol

  7. ah I LOVE your shoes! Also, I have the pink pedegg and LOVE it!! I actually JUST used it hahahaha what a coincedence!! Great post!

  8. Ah, I love Pedegg! Haven't tried the foot cream, might need to pick it up when I see it.


  9. Heel Genius is great for transforming your feet for a party and I also have a Pedegg, they are really effective too. It's hard to keep your feet in tip top condition when I wear heels all the time!lol x

  10. I've heard lots of good things about this foot cream... tempted to check it out xx

  11. Pedeggs just totally gross me out, I really don't want to use a cheesegrater on my heels! And I love cheese so I don't want anything to put me off, lol! I think I'll stick to my crystal file - the normal sandpapery type ones don't do it for me either...

    But I like the look of the S&G cream - I don't really go for minty feet either! I'm a sucker for anything sweet.

  12. Oh and I love your shoes - where are they from?

  13. love your outfit Zara! I always forget to invest for good products for the feet. Thanks for the recommendation :)

  14. where is your skirt from? is sooo nice!!! xxxx


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