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18 Countdown to Christmas - Lips Ft MOR


MOR lip delight's really are such delight. These mini lip balms are lovely, they come in a variety of smells, the two that I have here are 'Sorbet' and 'Passion Flower'. What I love the most about these has to be the packaging I am such a sucker for pretty packaging and those that are familiar with the Australian brand MOR will know how beautifully the products are packaged. These are colourless lip balms which aren't amazing at moisturising the lips but they do feel lovely on the lips. They are more of balm that gives that glossy look and at the same time they smell divine, so fruity and fun. These are most definitely perfect secret santa gifts or stocking fillers. I know a lot of people have exchanged gifts already but if you are still in need of a little something for someone or even for yourself at £10 these are super cute! MOR is available at Space NK's and I think House of Fraser now stock them. You guys should also check out the soaps they are fabulous!

lots of Xmas loving



  1. The packaging is retro i love it :)

  2. Ooh I love these lipbalms, they smell amazing! There is one in a red dub (i don't know what flavour) but I swear it smells/tastes like cotton candy. Yummm

  3. i didn't know that brand at all ! thanks for sharing
    the packaging is so cute !!!!!!!!!!



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