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16 Countdown to Christmas - Mascara Ft Make Up Forever



Now I picked up Make up Forever's Smoky lash when I was in Paris. I promised myself I wouldn't use it until i finished a few other mascaras I was using. I have been using this mascara now on and off for a few weeks. I really like it, it really is a smoky lash. Whilst the mascara say its volumising, lengthening and curling I believe its more about volumising and curling the lashes.



The brush is quite chunky and I like that, because it really helps to create a dramatic look. One thing I found was the more you applied it began to clump the lashes and then started flaking off. I wasn't really impressed with that, but figured maybe less is more with this mascara. It separates the lashes pretty well again adding more drama.This mascara is meant to be extra black, but I don't think it's AS black as the MAC zoom fast black lash mascara is. It still has enough of an impact to it.


If you're after a volumous mascara this one would be perfect for you! I know a lot of people swear by this mascara and at 19 Euros it isn't cheap but one I would suggest giving a go!

Christmas Kisses



  1. I have been dying to try Smoky Lash! I keep saying my next mascara will be it then I go right back to my favorite mascara of all times which is L'oreal Voluminous! From your eyelashes it looks like Smoky Lash does the same thing to you as Voluminous does to me. I wonder if they are really comparable?

  2. I havent tried the loreal one! I really need to give it a go.. I always go back to max factor!

  3. I really want to try this one, is it better than YSL faux cils? You seem to have big lashes to begin with ..mine are tiny :(

  4. I used this mascara a year ago and I really did love it. :) With this I did not apply double coats neither did I experience flaking, but hey! now you know. lol

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. zara- this is one of my fave mascaras right now...started using it about a month ago and love it! I agree that less is more :) it really makes lashes thick and luscious!

  6. OMG, I been wanting to ask you about Make Up Forever foundation, their HD one, vs. MAC. Have you used MUFE founfation, if so, what do you think about it? I just bought their HD one on Monday, so far its okay, but I only used it twice since then, so I am not sure, so I thought I should ask you. Do you like their's better, or MAC? With MAC, for some reason, I don't think I can find the right color. The 1st one I got was NC50, then the girl said to get NW43.

    Ha, I love how your blog is about MUFE mascara, && I am asking about foundation.


  7. Yes Loreal Volminous gives the EXACT effect of MUFE and YSL Faux Cils no joke, Ive compared both at Sephora on each eye.I find Zoom Black is better than MUFE as u said, plus it isnt as black as the zoom too.I went and bought Lash Stiletto (having abt 6 newly bought just opened and used few times mascara with me now) its a total CRAP!
    U shud check out Loreal Voluminous Original, not the the Carbon Black coz for som reason their carbon black formula flakes big time

  8. Lancome Hypnose Drama is the best mascara ever for volumising:) xx

  9. Fantastic blog!
    I hope you pass to mine and follow me.
    Thanks =)

  10. I have this but I haven't really got round to using it yet. I'm scared I'll fall madly in love with it because it's a lil on the pricey side to repurchase x

  11. is this any similar to dior show mascara? Looks fab on you!

  12. hello zara!!
    do you have any suggestion for a good mascara that doesn't smudge throughout the day. because i end up looking like a panda lol.

    also i love your blog , reviews and your are gorgeous wish u all the best for this new year ;-)


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