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15 Countdown to Christmas - Lips Ft Burt's Bees



I was sent a few bits by Burt's Bees to try out and there was one product I really took a liking to, I also thought this product was perfect for this sparkly season. These lip shimmers are gorgeous, they are moisturising, nourishing and add a little glitz to the lips. The smell really minty and the natural beeswax tingles on the lips giving them a plumped feeling. This product is packed with Vitamin E, Coconut oils and sunflower oils all perfect for keep the lips soft and supple throughout winter. The sweep of colour also is an added advantage.


The two colours I have here are Rhubarb, almost a rosey tint and Champagne which is more of a sparkly silver. Rhubarb looks gorgeous on its own I really like the colour of it and the texture is amazing.


Champagne doesn't really suit my complexion but would look lovely over another lipstick. These lip shimmers are priced at £5.99. Rhubarb matched my Fifth Avenue nails.. ;) Great to mix and match!


Season Smooches



  1. My best friend who is in Scotland once gave me hers and i adore them! Im so sad we dont have them over here:(

  2. Oh wow, looks gorgeous, love how it matches your nails! So cute :).


  3. I love these, I got one when I was in the US but lost it. =( xx

  4. very like ur blog <3
    amazing !

    if u want follow me and write comment ;*

  5. Thank you for the comments guys.. Hopefully I won't lose them but they are so thin and small I can see it happening lol! x

  6. Looks gorgeous, i love a lot of the burts bees products xx

  7. thinking i might need to buy some the colour..btw cause of you i went into the mac shop and just spent all my money lol..but i love their make up now!


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