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14 Countdown to Christmas - Nails Ft China Glaze



Today I wanted to do my Christmas Countdown post on China Glaze nail polishes. I picked up 3 for the price of 2 at Sallys beauty supply and have been so pleasantly suprised. Believe it or not I don't actually own any China Glaze polishes, I've had manicures with them but never got round to buying any. The first colour I am sharing with you is 'Fifth Avenue' its a gorgeous dusky rose colour, I think there is something so sophisticated about this colour and feel it's a change from the bold colours I have been wearing lately.


I painted my nails last night right before going to bed, god knows why I always chose the worst times! I have to say I applied two coats, it dried quickly and when I woke up in the morning I was AMAZED that there was NO bed imprints wahey! I also think the polish is so glossy considering I never applied a top coat.


I ended up paying £12 for 3 nail polishes, how great.. Fifth Avenue also makes me think of New York and I associate NYC with this time of the year, as I often visit in the winter/Xmas It's so magical and covered in snow! Here's two random pics from my last visit.

View from Top of the Roc


View from the hotel Lexington Ave


Season Smooches

Lots of Love



  1. You have such lovely hands, I know that sounds weird but you do haha and the shape of your nails! Love the colour! xx

  2. That's a gorgeous color! I'm definitely gonna keep my eye out for it next time I go to Sally's!

  3. what an awesome shade to wear all year round !

  4. What a lovely color! I love, love, love, love it! How often do you paint your nails!? I feel like you are always doing a NOTD- haha :) I like it though, I'm definitely not complaining!

  5. That's a beautiful shade. I love your nails!

  6. WoW , the color looks great *_*

  7. Hello!
    I never used China Glaze, but I totally want this color. && right now, Ulta has buy 2 get one free deal on most polishes, perfecting timing. I totally bought that OPI's YKJ suede polish after seeing it on here.

    PS: I love NYC in winter time too, so pretty. Can't wait to go back in few weeks.


  8. Hey Zara! I love your blog, I've been reading now for a few months and really enjoy it! Just wondereing im going to New York next week for the New Years celebration( my birthday!!!) just wondering... any places/clubs i need to be hitting, as ive never been before? Thanks Hun
    Kim x

  9. Thank you darls..

    @ Pearls and Politics.. I guess I paint them every few days, when I get bored of a colour or it chips!

    @ Cupcakes and Cosmopolitans.. I know I LOVE Ulta, I have to really restrain myself when I'm in the states! That suede polish remains one of my faves becuase its so QUICK DRYING! perfect when I get the urge to paint my nails just before bed lol! Have a fab time in NYC!

    @ Kimberly.. happy birthday in adavance! Drop me an email at and I'll try and get a list toegther for you!



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