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13 Countdown to Christmas - Pigment Ft RBR Fire Drops



My lovely friend Tali gave me this product by Rouge Bunny Roug (RBR) as a gift back in the summer and I never got round to doing a post on it. 'Fire Drops' is a beautiful product by RBR and available in a small selection of colours, the loose glitter pigments are a must have for that seasonal sparkle.

I have used 'Wishing for Wings' a few times and although I don't really have a specific FOTD featuring this product, everything about it just screamed festive fun! This is the first product I have tried by Rouge Bunny Rouge, the attention to detail is amazing - the logo, the packaging, the names and the product itself seriously WOW'd me. I am so impressed and eager to try more from the brand, at £24 they are a lovely treat.



There is something so magical about the packaging and the colour it just gets me in the mood for winter the name as well has such a festive feel to it - 'Wishing for Wings'. This pigment is such a beautiful silver that has a gorgeous, subtle lilac shimmer shot through it. I love the applicator to this loose pigment it really makes applying the product easier which means one thing - Less Mess!


I have used the fire drops dusted over eyeshadow and it looks beautiful. You can really achieve an intense colour by packing it on, alternately by blending the pigment in you can really spread the sparkle.. It's like fairy dust!



Rouge Bunny Rouge products are avialable on Zuneta

Although this picture doesn't really show it I was wearing RBR 'Wishing for Wings' Just in the inner corners of this smokey eye. I took this product on holiday with me (Hence why I look so tanned!) and added just a little bit of depth to my dark eye make up. I will try and use this product in a FOTD soon.


Have you guys tried any of the RBR Collection? What do you think? Thank you to Miss Gloss Goss for introducing me to it :)

Christmas Kisses



  1. Jeesus I didnt realise something so cool toned and grey would make brown eye pop so much. Have to try it out for myself. Its weird But i always stupidly think light gold will somehow make the brown more golden. I guess its more about contrast! xx

  2. I really love the applicator on this, gorgeous shade too. Your makeup is flawless. :) x

  3. ah, so pretty! I love how you drew the little heart on your hand haha :)

  4. The pigment doesn't look at loose as MAC's which makes me think that it wouldn't create as much fallout! May have to give this a try! xo

  5. MAC pigments should totally come out with something like this! LOL

    Kaushal xx


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