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11 Countdown to Christmas - Eyeliner Ft Avon



Hey lovelies sorry I didn't blog my Christmas Countdown yesterday I had such a busy day. Anyways the product that I really wanted to rave about was the 'Supershock' gel eyeliner pencil by Avon. I first heard the girls from Pixiwoo mention this product, then read about it on a few other blogs so I decided to purchase it to see what all the hype was about. For years I have used MAC's 'Smoulder' pencil and I find it rare to find eyeliner pencils that are as BLACK as Smoulder. Supershock eyeliner by Avon is amazing, It is such an intense black and the pencil itself is so soft and glides on so easily. I very rarely use an eyeliner pencil on my upper lid but I think with this pencil and the consistency of it I'd be able to do so effortlessly. The most important thing about this eyeliner has to be that it does not budge and I mean it. I swatched it and just tried to rub it off and you can see from the pics how long lasting it is.



Rubbed Off


I have been using this all week and I am so impressed with it. I bought this on the Avon website and it's actually on offer for £3.50 which is incredible for such a fantastic product. I bought a few of them to give out as part of xmas presents. You dolls should definitely take a closer look!

Christmas Kisses



  1. I have this Zara & did a review on it & I'm converted too!! LOL I need to stock up on them hardcore :)

    Kaushal xx

  2. Great timing, just as I was about to start looking for a new pencil. I usually use a UD black pencil but those are hard to find in Australia, so I’ll give this Avon one a go.

  3. only £3.50?! That's incredible for such a good quality eye pencil! I was soo close to getting the Urban Decay 24/7 pencils after hearing & seeing them on so many blogs but am glad I didn't now, especially seeing how much they retail for!! Gotta love Avon :) Thanks hun.

    Aysh xoxo

  4. i want to buy one from estee lauder, i love eyeliner :)

  5. This is a super product but i wish they would do it in brown as black is too harsh for me.

  6. Thanks for sharing, if I can get my hands on this I will try it.

  7. I have this too and it's crazy-black, the best black pencil I've found (and I've been looking!) So good for really dark eyes when lots of blacks look grey!


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