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09 Countdown to Christmas - Brushes Ft Chanel & MAC



Hey lovelies hope your all well, today when I was doing my make up I thought about key brushes that I would recommend and that I find really make a difference when doing my make up. Lately I have been wearing a really smoked out eye with a smudged eyeliner as opposed to my usual black flicked out liner. Creating this smokey look is honestly SO easy, especially with the help of my two friends here!


I love the MAC 214 brush and the Chanel 14 brush for really smudging out a soft kohl liner or applying shaddow close to the lash lines. The MAC 214 is a lot wider than the Chanel and there is little movement within the bristles of the brush it's really easy to control this brush and smudge out even the thinnest of lines. The Chanel on the other hand is a lot narrower and really great for using in alone the bottom lash line.

I took some pics to show you what I mean. I applied MAC's Satin Taupe all over the lid and a little bit of NARS Nightbreed in the outer corners. Along the lash line I used MAC's Smoulder kohl pencil and using my MAC 214 I just buffed it out. I used the Chanel 14 brush along the lower lash line as it's smaller and really great for getting up-close.



Christmas Kisses



  1. Your eye makeup is absolutely stunning, i want to recreate it :)Satin taupe is just an amazing shade...

  2. Wow what beautiful makeup! I love your eyebrows too! I need to do more smokey eye looks. :) I have MAC 214 but not the Chanel brush, I wonder if MAC has something similar? Thanks for sharing as always. xx

  3. you always have such gorgeous make-up, especially eye looks! love it!

  4. you look so pretty! smokey eyes suit you really well.


  5. this is a really lovely look, long live satin taupe! x

  6. I've tried to smudge out Smoulder to get that look but it never turns out the way I want it. Probably because I'm not using these brushes!

  7. Hey honey, I love this look!! Absolutly stunning! Are u wearing false lashes? If not, lucky you! But if you are can you please let me know which brand/style?

    Thanks in advance!



  8. Another gorgeous post!.. Really like the look of that Chanel brush :)

    Went out and got the MAC Tan pigment today after yesterdays post hehe ;)

    You're a bad influence!


  9. your my new favourite blogger! love your eye make-up so much xx


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