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06 Countdown to Christmas - Brushes Ft Illamasqua


Illamasqua 'Blusher Brush 2'

I bought this brush almost a year ago, it's often hard to keep track of things when blogging. I always find by the time I really use a product and form my opinion of it, a new one comes along, so forgive me if I forget to re review products. So today's brush is a firm favourite of mine, I haven't done very many posts on tools and accesories. I have to say though this brush is by far my favourite brush for contouring. I have used the MAC 168, the Sigma 168 and a few Sonia Kashuk contouring brushes but Illamasqua's 'Blusher Brush 2' is the winner in my eyes. I just find I'm able to sculpt and shape my face really well with this brush, it's such a good size and fits really well into the hollows of my cheeks. It deposits the product well and evenly without it looking to heavy. The bristles of the brush are super soft which is another reason I love this brush, it has stayed in impeccable condition despite regularly cleaning it which is Impressive. At £23 I think this brush is really worth the money! What do you think of Illamasqua brushes? I love how slick they look?



  1. I havent tried any illamasqua brushes but it sounds like its worth the investment

  2. I am totally going to buy this one online, i hate the MAC contouring one, i want to throw it away hah.I hope this one is way more dense and stiff so i can create a non-messy contour line with my MAC harmony blusher.

  3. what products do you use for contouring/ how do you do your contouring!? I would love to learn-- I really want to start contouring more :)

  4. I didnt know they made brushes! But I love my mac 168 for blush! But I think im convinced to try this one now.


  5. I wish I could do a makeup swap with you. I can't even order Illamasqua off of Sephora because they won't ship it to where I live. So, I'll probably go directly to their website and order a few items. Anyways, thanks for sharing it seems like it would be worth it.


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