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05 Countdown to Christmas - Reading Ft AOFM


Hope everyone has had a good weekend today I'm not posting about a beauty product but a beauty related product. This gorgeous book is the 'Make up is art' book by the Academy of Freelance Make up. My mum bought me this as part of my birthday present and I have to say its so creative it really gets me excited. If you have read my previous posts on some of my book collection, particularly my make up books you will know how important the photography and styling is to my reading. I really wish I could photograph every page to share with you - it's that beautiful. Don't get it twisted though this book is full of insightful information wether you be a professional make up artist, a beauty junkie or some one who would like to know more this book is guaranteed to teach you something. Everything in this book from the basic tips to the more in-depth techniques are broken down made easy and illustrated with fantastic photographs. The pictures and the make up is honestly mesmerizing, I flicked through on to random pages and took a selection of photographs. Mine is the second edition which has been published this year, it retails at £25 but think you can get it for £15 on their website HERE. I received this as a gift for my birthday and loved it so maybe someone else will, or if you like me enjoy spending hours looking at creative make up then this is most certainly one for you!








Christmas Kisses



  1. This book has some awesome imagery ! I wanted to buy one from FNAC about chocolate cakes hehe, sometimes chocolate is better than makeup :P

  2. I can imagine this being a really good read! Must check it out :)

    Kaushal xx

  3. Thanks for sharing! :D I was browsing online for a few makeup or makeup artistry books to buy. I'll have to put this on my list as well.

    p.s I just love your blog. <3

  4. I have the 1st edition of this book and its GREAT!!! Especially having learnt make up at AOFM and learning from the creative people featured in the book. I have to get the newest version now the pics look even more creative


  5. I so need this book. And by the way, nice to see you pop up in my dashboard sweety, hope you're okay ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥.



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