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03 Countdown to Christmas - Lips Ft By Terry



If you have been following my blog for a while you may have already read about this and if you are re reading sorry if your finding me to be repetitive. It's just that as the year draws to an end I am really re-evaluating things I have enjoyed over the last year. This is most definetley a product I have LOVED, I think it is such a beautiful product and even though it is a little bit of a splurge it really is a great treat or a perfect present for a loved one. The By Terry Baume de Rose is one of my favourite lip products I apply it daily to my lips and have noticed such a difference since using it. The texture is smooth, non sticky and feels amazing on the lips. Whats perfect about By Terry's Baume de Rose is that it can be worn under other lip products, or over lipstick and it looks gorgeous as it has a subtle lilac glaze to it. If you hadn't figured from the name the baume is scented of rose which people tend to have a love/hate relationship with, personally rose has only grown on me over the last 9 months or so, I now can't get enough of it. If you are a rose lover like myself (now) then you should check out the rest of the By Terry make up range, as it's become the base to a lot of her products. This baume has an SPF of 15 which can only be a good thing another great thing about this products is that it can be used on your cuticles. As my hands have been so DRY since the weather became so much colder I have began using it on my cuticles and it really has helped. I have had mine for about 8 months now and it is not even near half empty, it seems to last very well, you'd hope so at £32!


Christmas Kisses



  1. This is on my Christmas wish list, LOVE!

    X x

  2. Since Lollipop26 raved about it i really have wanting to try this out hehe. But i have my cheap alternative here which is the Korres lip butter.

  3. your nail colour is gorgeous x

  4. i really want to try this but cant justify the £32! which nail polish are you using? x

  5. I have this and it's lasted a year and still going strong! It's an incredible lip it! x

  6. Wow, seems like an amazing products. I should try it, I love roses. <3 Thanks for sharing.

  7. I really want to try this! I've heard some great reviews about it, shame it's so expensive
    By the way, I love your nail colour!

  8. I keep wondering whether to try this but now you've said it lasts forever (give or take a year) then I am seriously tempted...might have to put it on my Christmas list.

    Amy x

  9. Hi :)

    Amazing blog you got there! I love it :D
    So that's why I'm a new follower :)

    Maybe you can follow me back and visit my blog and leave some comments? I would like that :)


    Thanks and keep up the good work :)

  10. Gorgeous nail color! What shade is it?


  11. I keep seeing this and the more I see this on blogs the more I want one lol! I LOVE anything rose scented so I know I would love this! :) x
    ps- What colour is your nail polish in the pic it looks lovely! And works very well with the Baume!

  12. To everyone that asked the nail polish is OPI - Mod About You x

  13. I am hearing so many great things about this all the time! I so need it in my life :)

    Aysh xoxo

  14. I would love to try this! It looks amazing! :D


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