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02 Countdown to Christmas - Red Nails Ft Eyeko


Eyeko - Saucy Polish


A must have for the festive season, a red nail polish! Red is such a classic, timeless colour especially on the nails. There are so many different shades of red that it is guaranteed there will be one for you. I have quite a lot of reds, however the one I seem to go back to and really love is Eyeko's Saucy Polish. I have previously posted on this colour before and at this time of the year there is something so attractive about selecting this colour. I was in a real winter/christmas mood today and although it was absolutely freezing in London the snow made it feel so much more festive, this saucy polish gives me a real christmas red feeling. To me it's the PERFECT red.


I think this would make a perfect gift as part of a secret santa or a stocking filler. I have to say I love the brush and the way in which this polish applies and dries easily and glossy, the best thing has to be the price at £3.50 it's affordable and definitely worth a closer look. You can check out Eyeko's nail polishes at

Christmas Kisses



  1. Deffo agree with everything you just said on 'Saucy' - It's my favourite red & perfect too :)

    Kaushal xx

  2. It seems like an amazing red, i wish i could try it out here ! Right now i am wearing Chanel paradoxal and its chipping so i may wear a red from essie ...

  3. Beautiful red. I need to start getting into nail polishes. :)


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