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// Models Own - 'Utopia' Ft WAH nail pen



After the WAH nails/Models Own blogger event, I felt I needed to give Models Own a little more love and appreciation. I think my absolute favourite colour from them is 'Utopia' I actually think it's my current favourite. There is something magical about Utopia it sort of reminds me of an ice queen, the lilac undertones in this colour give it that cold feel and I love it for this time of the year.. it makes a change from dark nails.


I also for the first time used Models Own's 3-in-1 base coat. I have to say I was pretty impressed to how quickly this dried. On my ring fingers I decided to give my Models Own/WAH nail pen a go. I just did some quick zebra stripes and quite like how it came out. I found the nail pen quite easy to use as the right amount of nail polish came out it also dried very quickly so didn't have to wait too long. I am so clumsy so the fast that it dried fast makes it a lot easier. The pen is great because one side is the pen and the you can unscrew it and have the thin nail polish brush. I think personally I preferred using the brush just because that's what I'm used to.




One thing which I was slightly disappointed by was that when I applied my top coat which happened to be the next morning and my nails were fully dry the lines of my zebra print run. I'm not sure why but it was slight annoying I tried to touch it up for the purpose of these pictures, but you can still sort of see.


I really want to get this pen in the white so I can play around with two colours, I wonder if they will go on to release them in more shades that would be amazing. I loved my WAH nails and although I wanted to wear them forever, I got too curious and had to play with my nail pen. What colours are you loving/wearing right now?



  1. I really need to get that colour and nail art pen! x

  2. You just totally sold me on 'Utopia'. The pen looks interesting, too. I some similar ones but the nozzles all blocked and I couldn't un-block them :/

  3. hey hun, the zebra print look wiked! can't wait to try this out! & am deffo wanting that lovely nail colour :)

    Aysh xoxo

  4. Wow your nails look amazing love the effect looks awesome xoxo

  5. Really want to try this!

    Looks amazing!


  6. Looks great...can't wait to try these!! I'd love to try doing leopard print or tiger stripes! :)

  7. i've wanted utopia for so long, going to have to get it now!:)

  8. I need Utopia in my life!! I hope the pen won't be too expensive!

  9. I love animal print nails! This is gorgggggg xx

  10. I am SO jealous that you got to go to the WAH nails blogger event! WAH nails is absolutely amazing and I want to return to London just so I can get a WAH manicure!!

  11. i've read that Models Own are gradually going to release the pens in every colour they have, yay! xx

  12. I love that polish and I want that pen. The colour looks fab on your skin tone

  13. P.S. is the pen available online? where can I buy it?


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