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// Models Own and WAH Nails Blogger Event



Yesterday I was invited to the Models Own and WAH nails blogger event. It was a great evening, celebrating the launch of Models Own and WAH's Nail Art pen. I have definitely got more into nails recently, as I mentioned in one of my previous posts I used to experiment a lot with nail art but haven't done so in a while. I will definitely be putting this nail pen to use, as a lot of my posts these days are nail related. They are launching the pen on November 15th (My birthday!) and it comes in black and white. I will post more on these nail pens as I put it to use.


The event was held at the WAH nails salon in Dalston, I loved the feel of the place it's so homely, relaxed and retro.







We were lucky enough to get a WAH manicure. I chose blue, gold and black as I'm beginning my birthday celebrations this weekend and I'm wearing a black and navy dress. I let the lady doing my nails decide what she wanted to do, there was too much choice and I'm too indecisive.



What do you think of my WAH nails? We were sent away with the nail pen and this little collection of goodies.


After the event me and the boy went to eat at this Egyptian themed restaurant round the corner from WAH nails, I had been there before for a friends birthday and loved the decor and the food. It's called LMNT, if you are ever in Dalston I urge you to go check it out. I sat next to Tutukhamun, (well I think it was him!) he matched my nails.. It made me laugh, so I had to take a picture.


Just want to thank everyone at WAH nails and Models Own for throwing a great event. What do you dolls think of my WAH nails? Have any of you had a WAH manicure? Will the nail pen be something you want to try? Do you like nail art?



  1. the design you got looks really nice!!!!
    Does it take longer than a normal manicure?

  2. November 15th? Mines the 14th! Love the nails! :) xxx

  3. @ wande it didn't take long at all considering.. maybe about 20 mins?

    @ Parisa.. happy bday for the 14th :))

  4. ooo the nail pen looks fab! Hope you had a lovely meal! x

  5. Absolutely love the designs on you nails! Can't wait to get my hands on the pens! :)

    Kaushal xx

  6. Your nails look awesome :) By the way you crack me up!!! Love your blog!

  7. omg i love your ring, my favourite design it's perfect!! eeek! xx

  8. ooo sooo pretty! love the color combo and the pretty designs!

  9. Nail art is something I've always been interesting but I just don't have the patience to do it myself!!

    The restaurant looks fab btw... was the food any good?! xx

  10. My birthday is November 15, too!! it's so cool to shake b-day with such a creative and beautiful girl like you. :)))

  11. hey, do you know where we could get some of those wah nail art pens?! =o) x

  12. Your nail design look fab, i've been meaning to go to WAH since they opened.

  13. looking forward to getting one of those pens, i will finnaly be able to do leopard print nails :)

  14. Love those nails, dont know what they would come out like if I tried to do it myself, might take a bit of practice!
    Have you tried the pen yet?

  15. I would have loved to have come, they had the Boots iPulse event at the same day/time which was a bit rubbish :( lovely nails xx


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