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// MAC's 'A Tartan Tale'



I have not purcahsed anything from MAC in ages and I haven't been excited about any new collections in a very long time. To be honest I didin't even know when the Tartan Tale collection was coming out and that it was actually the holiday collection. I mean to me it's not very christmas/holiday inspired. I had a quick look at the collection online but to be honest nothing really gets me excited online I needed to see it, play it with and get a real feel for it. So before I could even head down to MAC I was given these goodies from the new collection. My ex flat mates bought me this 'MAC Glamorous Mineralize Kit'. I really like this, the colours are really wearable. The box contains a mini Zoom lash mascara which is so ideal for my handbag, 'Blessedly Rich' a golden rust lipgloss, 'Indianwood' paint pot and 'Noble Touch' mineralize eye shadow. I think these boxes make such a perfect gift.




My fiance suprised me with the eye shadow palette in 'Play it cool' and a lipstick in 'Cut a Caper'. He knows what I like when it comes to make up and always choses well. He also knows that I like to collect at least one holiday eye palette each xmas. I love the one he chose, I am sooo into greys/mauves right now it's my favourite way to do a smokey eye so this collection is just so perfect for me.



The other thing he chose was 'Cut A Caper' lipstick this is a gorgeous peachy/coral colour. It is similar to my favourites like Ravishing, Jazzed, Ever Hip and although its Lustre I really like finish, it's not like some of the others I've tried. For those who didn't manage to get 'Ever Hip' or 'Jazzed' I would definitely go for this one. Its very pretty.




There you have it a Tartan Tale, the goodies I didn't personally chose but will definetly be using. Have any of you purchased anything from this collection?



  1. I used to have Indianwood but I never saw the point of it. As a base, it didn't really intensify the colours I put over it and as a primer it didn't really stick around.

    The thing that winds me up about the MAC paint pots is that they all have a different consistency because I also had Rubenesque and that was super dry compared to Indianwood.

  2. That's very sweet of your friends and your fiance! Your fiance did pick up some gorgeous pieces. You're a lucky gal x

  3. argh i so want the play it cool palette!my favourite eyeshadow colours. lucky you!

  4. I love the Indianwood one :O

    by the way what is your ethnicity? you're really pretty!

  5. I didn't get anything from this collection but the only thing that stood out for me was the My Highland Honey blush anyway x

  6. I love the Triumphant face kit. Its awesome. Get so many compliments when I wear it.

  7. i just want to say i think you are really gorgeous and too hard on yourself! you have amazing features and really know how to bring them out! you remind me of a mix between kim kardashian and lea michele... so pretty! :)

  8. I havent really paid attention to this collection but I like what you got. The mauve grey pallette is so gorgeous but I dont think I need anymore eyeshadows. That gift set however, is lush..its now added to my wishlist =D


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