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It's been a while since I've done my little product rave for the week, I almost forgot that today was Monday. It has been so cold here in London, I just can't take it. I am so NOT a winter person.


Anyways I picked up this product in Sephora in Paris, yes it's a little gimmicky and god knows how long it will last but WOW what a perfect product for someone like me who changes their nails almost every other day. C'est Magnifque! It's basically a sponge which has an insert in the middle, you dip your nail in twist it around and wahey POLISH FREE.


It is such a quick and easy was to remove nail polish, it suits me just right. What is also good about this is that it is paraben and acetone free. I have to say it has worked really well even on nail polishes of mine that are usually quite stubborn to remove. I really love it, like I said I am unsure if this will last me very long but we shall see, for now I am making the most of it! I haven't seen these here in the UK, I remember being really young and using these but does anyone know if they are still around?

What have been your favourites from the last couple of weeks? Hope everyone has a fab week, can you believe it's December this week. I can't... Time is FLYING!

All the best



  1. I think Sally Hansen has something really similar to this. I'm sure I've seen it around somewhere.

    I'm not a winter person either. Dreading the forecasted snow tomorrow! x

  2. I love these! When they run out I just add another nail polish remover into them :) Works like a charm Zara! :)

    Kaushal xx

  3. I know Boots do quite a few pots like these by various brands - they're awesome! Nothing beats a quick dip 'n' twist


  4. I saw some sally hansen ones in poundland actually. Not tried it though :)

  5. They have loads of these in Superdrug and Boots! :)

  6. I really need something like this because I am soooo lazy when it comes to taking of my nail polish... I'll just let it chip lol

    Sami xx

  7. This product looks great, i'll definatly try it

  8. I think they have something similar in superdrug.its probably packed with parabens and acetone though =l

  9. Yep they do them here in England as i have the Sally Hensen one but i hate it :o( It is so faffy, the sponge is too small for the big tub & they ruin my falze nails even though it is acetone free so i've had to resort back to my bottle acetone free which doesn't wreck my nails. Such a waste of money since it didn't do what i wanted it to do. I'll be doing a blog post on mine soon though :) Least the one you have the sponge seems to fit perfectly and you won't have to really fight to get the polish off the nails on the sponge as it moves around the tub & if not careful the liquid will come out the tub (Didnt think you were meant to see it)

    I'll be doing a blog post on it as soon as i can if you want to check it out :o)


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