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Hey dolls hope everyone is well and keeping warm in this horribly cold weather. I hate winter, I hate being cold and I hate the darker days. It just makes me feel so ugh drained. Last week the weather was amazing it was cold but the skies were blue and the air was fresh, It didn't feel as gloomy. This week the product that has really cheered me up and that I have loved has to be MAC's Margin blush. I bought this a while ago it was a combination of Tali telling me to and one of my readers suggesting it. I am so glad I picked up and have no idea how I hadn't discovered this any earlier.


I have been wearing quite dark smokey eye make up and this blush just ties it all in together. I have to say if I was shopping at MAC I probably wouldn't have ever noticed this colour. On the skin it's gorgeous, warm and has a beautiful shimmer to it. It's quite a muted bronze blusher but has the undertones and the warmth of a soft coral. I believe this blush would suit everyone, I really love it. I have also used it as a highlighter and that's because it gives the skin such a lovely glow.


Do any of you girls own Margin? If not I urge you to check it out.. it's beautiful. What has been your favourite product this week?

Lots of Love



  1. I love this blush too. My favourite beauty product of this week would be NARS blush in Torrid. I'm using that blush nearly everyday.

  2. I love torrid too! one of my faves.. Need to dig it out now lol ;) xx

  3. My favourite this week is my MAC Style blush! Love using warm colours when its so bloomin cold!

  4. I want to eat mine. Its wrong but I swear to god every time I see it I hear violins.. true blush love!! xxx

  5. This is one of my all time favourite blushers...I am just in the middle of a post about how much I love it, and you beat me to it! xx

  6. how come i never heard of this blush?! i have to check it out! i recently bought mac's sunbasque blush it's really nice!
    i hate winter too i'm a spring girl...

  7. After seeing this blush appear on soo many blogs ( & I can see gorguz!) I am deffo going to have to check it out! :) oh dear...I can feel another shopping trip coming card?? prepare yourself.. ;)

    Aysh xoxo

  8. Between you and tali....I have to get this!

  9. I love MAC's Format blush.. a dark copper.. seriously check it out. its beautiful and similar to margin

  10. I've never seen this blusher before. I think another one to add to my neverending shopping list!

  11. Margin was my very first MAC blusher! I've loved it for many years and its great not matter what season it is. Xx, Mary


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