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// Chanel - 'Riva'



I love Chanel nail ploshes - Not the quality but the colours, I get so excited for their limited edition shades. Last week when I was in Selfridges I decided to pick 'Riva' from the Côte D’Azur collection, actually my aunty bought it for me! It is such a pretty Jade colour with a gorgeous, subtle blue shimmer.


This colour has been featured on the runway for the Cruise 2010-11 collection. Like most Chanel nail polish the application isn't great, actually this one is pretty BAD! It took 3 coats to achieve an acceptable even colour. I do however, love this shade. It reminds me of Eyeko's 'Rain' polish although Chanel 'Riva' is a lot brighter. I have worn this colour for the last four days and it began to chip on day 3, bear in mind base and top coat were used. It's just not good enough but there's something about limited edition products that get's me going. At £19 this one was a little too sheer and too much effort for my liking.


What colours have you been wearing on your nails? It's been a long time since I've asked..



  1. i love the colour - im wearing brucci's- tj's blue suede. xx

  2. I couldn't justify paying that much money for such a poor quality polish, Illamasqua do the best IMO!

    I'm currently wearing Butter London - Thames. It's OK, not really that unique though =0/


  3. yayyyyyy ur back love the colour !! perfect againts your skin tone xx

  4. Love the colour, not sure if I could pull it off though! I've currently been wearing a few of the Topshop colours, mainly Sketch which is a murky mauve. xo

  5. beautiful colour hun, but am deffo gonna have to look for a dupe! lol! I just couldn't spend that much on a polish & end up disappointed :( I'm still loving Barry M nail effects! ;) applied on gold, looks fab!

    Aysh xoxo

  6. Ive always been head over heels in love with models own but in particular Ive been wearing Beths Blue (LOOKS SOOOOO much like Riva- without that duochrome), Purple Grey and Nude Beige :)

  7. Personaly, i think that every nail polish are the same whatever the brand, i've already had amazing Claire's nail polishes and really bad nail polishes from expensive i just don't waste my time anymore and go to the cheapest nail polishes cause there are weirdly the best lol !


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