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// Sally Hansen - Insta Dry '140 Quick Sand'



Hey dolls.. I'm back with another nail post. This colour is Sally Hansen's Insta Dry in '140 Quick Sand'. I love the colour, it's a gorgeous peachy nude that has a silver shimmer to it, to me it is the nail colour of MAC's 'Shy Girl' lipstick. I like the brush which is quite wide which means you can paint your nails easily and tidily with one application, however it's far from even. I had to apply 3 coats, the colour comes out pretty well but it's just so patchy, Don't you hate that? It's a shame.. because I don't find this dries very quickly at all. Don't even get me started on removing this colour, it's a nightmare! *Sulks* It took me ages and my hands and nails were covered in the remains of the silver glitter. Even though the glitter/shimmer is so fine it stays on like a is just so stubborn to remove, my hands are still sparkling as I'm writing this. So this wasn't a great one for me but I do LOVE the colour. I have a Revlon one which is similar so I'm hoping that one does me proud. My hands are also so swollen at the moment because my arthritis is really bad.. boohoo for me!


What are you rocking right now? Have any of you tried this range from Sally Hansen? What do you think? Was it just me who had a bad experience with this product? RIght now I've gone back to OPI's 'Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do it'.



  1. It's a shame that it's patchy, but love the shade!

    Fee x

  2. I have four colors from this range of Sally Hansen nail polishes. "Pronto Purple" "Uptempo Plum" "Blazing Blue" "Wined Up". Out of those four, I really like "Uptempo Plum" and "Wined Up" these colors work really well, seem to dry at a decent rate and last. But the other two, take awhile to dry, plus the blue one tints your nails so after you take it off you have oxygen-deprived looking nails for a couple days, not fun. And I agree with you that you need atleast 2 coats for any of these colors so they don't look streaky.

  3. The shade is stunning, but boo about it being patchy, && not be totally removed from your hands.


  4. I have a few of the sally hansen polishes as well as the quick sand far i havent had any issues with it...probally bc i have a overlay on my nails...i normally apply 3 coats with any polish for better color pay off...the color looks nice on you!!!

  5. wow ! I loveee :O

  6. Thats so annoying, the colour looks lovely though. I think I might get the Revlon version :)


  7. Right now I'm wearing Borghese Stellar Notte, which I'm totally in love with! The only polish that I've tried from the Sally insta-dry line is Jumpin' Jade. It does dry quickly and wears well, but it's a bitch to get remove! The last time I wore it, my poor manicurist used a huge pile of cotton balls and we both had green fingers before it was all off!

  8. Ahh, I hate patchy nail polishes!! But the colour is gorgeous :) btw, your ring is BLING! I love it :)

    Kaushal xx

  9. Boo patchy nail polishes!! The colour is really lovely though. Right now I've got on a cheapy forever21 polish that's charcoal with multi coloured sparkles and it's gorgeous :)

  10. wearing Nubar "Vino" right now. just had to paint them bc "mink muffs" by essies was all chipped and a trainwreck after like a week. : ) Have you tried the complete salon manicure by sh? its the onlyyyy formula that i find is any good.


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