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Hey lovelies.. I haven't been too well today, I spent the whole day asleep after suffering from a migraine. I am now sitting in bed on my laptop.. which probably isn't the best thing to do.. but HONESTLY I am SOOOO BORED! I think I would have rather been at work. I was looking through my holiday pics..(there are probably 1000 and I always start looking then get distracted halfway through) and I realised that I tend to wear nude lips a lot more these days. This was never the case.. I used to be a lady of MUCH colour, I actually wore bright lipsticks before I even, ever purchased a nude one. I have been wearing RED lips a lot more often these last few weeks, I don't know why but as the days get darker I like the reds to come out. They are so classic and classy, I love them. I don't always like how I look in red lipstick but that honestly never bothers me.. If I like it I'll wear it.


'Russian Red' is one of my favourite MAC red lipsticks, For years it was 'Ruby Woo' and then it was 'MAC Red' but now it's this. I just think its my current favourite red. It's bright, but not too orange and not too blue if you know what I mean. Although I do love all variations of red and yesterday I wore NARS Velvet matte pencil in Red Square.. Right now Russian Red is my go to red lipstick.

What is your current favourite red lipstick? Gloss? Pencil?



  1. Hey hun! Sorry to hear you've not been well, although can I just say you look incredible! If this is what you look like when your unwell...:) Aww it is seriously my dream to be able to carry off a luvly red lip, but sadly I am not the owner of full,luscious lips :( but who knows maybe one day! like ya said, if you like something jut go for it! :) btw hun, have recently become a new blogger myself. if u have a spare mo would be honoured if you would check it out? only if u have the time of course :) thanku!
    Get better soon sweety!

  2. Red does suit you (I'm not going to say - Oh you look gorgeous and etc, - you know you do :) and it has nothing to do with the lipstick), and I always look like a kid with my mom's lipstick on if I try any red color.

  3. I absolutely adore one by L'oreal Studio Secrets called 'Red'- beautiful colour and texture. I love bright lipstick and this one always cheers me up ^^

  4. @ Aysh.. Thank you for your well wishes hun.. am feeling better! I don't look like this right now it was from my holiday a few weeks ago! Lol.. I never really wear make up when im at home!

    @ Renee.. Thanks I still think red takes some getting used to.. I am sure there is a red to suit u :P

    @ Prettyshinything.. I agree colourful lipsticks cheer me up to!

  5. It looks amazing on you, I find it hard to wear lipstick FULL STOP but red just doesn't seem to suit me, but I want it to so bad. Your lips are big and gorgeous though, mine are little hardly there things

  6. LOVE IT!

    I got Makeup For Ever's a bit lighter then me, so try moulin rouge, #43, it's awesome (really bright!)

    (ps. love the blog:D)

  7. Zaraaaa... hello! I think red lipstick really suits you :)
    I'm one of those ppl who LOVES bright lippies but I never have the guts to wear them or think I look nice when I wear it :- (

  8. MAC Ruby Woo is my favourite!
    You look HOT rocking that red lippy! x

  9. Ruby Woo is my favourite ever :) Ordered today DIva :) GORGEOUS! Can't wait to receive it.

  10. You look stunning red is such a hot colour x

  11. you look gorgeous, love the red! I love russian red, I bought it for my mom and she wears it like every day. I typically never wear red lips but I like it when I do :) Sorry about your migraine!! Those are the worst! Glad youre feeling better though!

  12. You are absolutely gorgeous girl!! I hope you feel better, Im getting over the flu myself and know how you feel:( Feel better doll!

  13. wow i love this look ! simply stunning

  14. This look gorge on you! I always feel a bit of a goon with red lips, I think you have to be really confident to pull it off! xxx

  15. just tried tons of REDs today!The best that suits me is NARS Red Lizard, bold red.Too bad Russian Red is bit red orangey on my NC43 skin

  16. this is beautiful and i Heart russian red also xxx

  17. this is beautiful and i Heart russian red also xxx

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