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// M&S 'Silver' and Weekend Chit Chat



It's been a busy weekend and although I'd planned to blog yesterday that went totally out of the window. Anyway I wanted to share this silver metallic nail polish I picked up in M&S the other day. It is so tacky but there is something about it that I really like, I'm not mad about it.. But I do like it. I almost feel like I have spaceship hands. I don't know if any of you remember that music video by Babylon Zoo - Spaceman.. HAHA when I keep looking at my nails this is what I think of and I try so hard not to sing it! I have to say though this has stayed on my nails so well. I painted them on Thursday night and its now Sunday morning and I still have it on, chip free I applied two coats so that it wasn't patchy. For £2.50 I don't mind if this is a nail polish I don't reach for as often! A lot of people have asked me what topcoat I use and the one I'm currently using and love is the Barry M one. It's cheap and does the job!


Art Chat


On Friday night after work I went to the Tate Modern, I love being along the Southbank especially when it's cold and all lit up it has such a christmas feel to it. We had a little walk around and then went to have a look at the Ai Wei Wei exhibition. For those who don't know it's an installation which has taken place in the Turbine Hall of the Tate Modern. 'Sunflower Seeds' is debatable as to wether it could be considered as art. My boy totally didn't get it, however there are over 100 million sunflower seeds that have each been individually hand painted. It's pretty cool you should pop by and have a look if you are passing.


I was on the Tate Modern's website reading more about it and I really liked what the curator Juliet Bingham said. So I thought I'd share..

"Each piece is a part of the whole, a commentary on the relationship between the individual and the masses. The work continues to pose challenging questions: What does it mean to be an individual in today's society? Are we insignificant or powerless unless we act together? What do our increasing desires, materialism and number mean for society, the environment and the future?"

Random Ramble

In other rambles I just want to give a mention to my friend Dan from Orlando, he's a friend of a friend and came with us to Miami. He is such a lovely guy and looked out for me the whole time we were over there, we got on so well.


We used to have the most random chats and one day ended up talking about how expensive it is to buy american cereal like 'Lucky Charms' and 'Fruit Loops' over here. I think there's a sweetshop in Lakeside that sells them for a WHOPPING £6.99 F that! So he said he'd send me some when I was back me thinking he was joking ended up forgetting about it. On Friday now.. I receive this package! Filled will 5 boxes of his favourite cereals. How sweet!



He even printed a photo of himself and my BFF in Orlando and stuck it to a box! I miss you guys too.. :((

BUT I am excited to get my munch on now.. I have already opened the lucky charms.. it had to be done! So Daniel if you are reading this thank you very much :)))


How was everyones weekend? What have you all been up to? What are your favourite cereals? Lots of Love



  1. Haha! thats awesome! I want some of that cereal now. I heard about that exhibition at the Tate, I might go this half term :)


  2. I loooove cereal! I eat it for breakfast, and as desert, and even before I go to bed! My boyfriend always says "are you having any weetabix with that sugar?"
    My friend bought me a full size box of those lucky charms as a bridesmaids gift in September, god knows how much she must have paid for them! They take sugary cereals to a whole new level!

  3. The tate modern is so cool! It was definitely one of my favourite museums I went to while I was in London!

  4. I LOVE cereal too and I love lucky charms even more <3 my dad used to live in Washington and he used to bring them over all the time when he came :D

  5. I really want to go to that exhibition but it's all the way down in London! I tried to make my own lucky charms with mini marshmallows but it just wasn't the same! x

  6. Hes hot he must be gay :((( not fair1
    Lol love the exhibition and my guy would not get it either ;) LOVE the nails mouldy. I myself am rocking baby pink that looks so crap but can not be arsed. I do think that polish would look amazing as tips!! Maybe my new thing silver tips??? xxx

  7. I love your nail colour...I need to try it asap!!
    And wow...I really haven't been to the Tate Modern in a LONG time :/

    Btw, I'm a fellow cereal lover too! Lol I eat it for breakfast/lunch/dinner and as a snack too!
    But I defo need to try these cereals...even though they don't sell it in London :(

    Anyways, make sure to check my blog too! :)

  8. love Cereal!!! Golden Grahams, Fruity Pebbles, Chocolate Cheerios!! Yum!! :)

    There is a beer out here call linenkugel's (sp?) taste justlike fruity pebbles and beer its yummy and such a girl beer! :)

  9. I live in the States, my favorite cereal is Captain Crunch, so good!!!

  10. they sell loadsa American sweets/cereals in Selfridges but it's sooo expensive. I like the cinnamon cereal but I can't remember what it's called x

  11. damn makes our cereals look like death at a funeral!

  12. Just wanted to say that your friend is HOT and that Banana Nut Cheerios are the best!


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