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// M&S Nail Colour - 'Jewel'



So there I was in Marks and Spencers doing some food shopping and I came across this gorgeous colour. I have bought M&S nail polishes before and I was quite happy with them, especially as they are only £2.50. This blue is beautiful it is so deep, but has more of a purple tone to it. I applied two coats and it has been on my nails since Saturday and so far so good, they haven't chipped. What I like about this colour is that it's dark and perfect for this time of the year, but without being as dark or as flat as black. Don't get me wrong I like black nails but I just think colours like this have more depth to them. I also found with one coat this colour comes out more deep purple and with two (as you can see in the pics) this nail polish comes out more navy. Either way I really like it.. GO M&S!!



I also bought another colour from M&S that I'm sure I'll be sharing some point soon so look out for that! They really have some lovely colours and at £2.50 you can't really go wrong. Have any of you tired the M&S polishes? What do you think? What colours are you wearing this A/W?

Lots of Love



  1. I love M&S polishes! They always have good colours and they are cheap. They tend to chip though which saddens me =( But for £2.50 I'm not complaining. x

  2. Wow, had no idea about M&S polishes! & I also wouldn't expect them to be good quality either! I'm really into nude nails @ da mo, but am loving this colour, thanks sweety! will deffo be popping down to grab a few or more! ;)


  3. LOVE this color.
    xoxo Debby

  4. This Looks Similar To My Elf Nail Polish In Dark Navy. Great Blogs Girl.

  5. nerver tried M&S nailpolish but that one looks gorgeous with your skintone

  6. I love Marks' Polish! This is like the Rimmel one I just fell in love with! Excellent find. Love your blog btw. So inspirational to see someone who tried different make up looks, I've settled one one and hardly ever diversify! Tory

  7. I love it too, ur stunning ring also makes any nail polish u have on look great...

  8. Wow that`s a very good price! Will pop into my local this weekend!

    I have featured you in my recent blog post so do drop by and take a peak!

  9. Stunning colour! I love the M&S polishes too - have you tried Emerald? it's the most beautiful dark green with shimmer - and a near dupe for some more expensive colours (MAC's Jade Dragon) x


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