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Hey dolls.. Happy Monday! I really hope this week is better than last.. I hated my last week and weekend.. UGHH. Let's hope this one is a better one!

MAC Strobe Cream


The product I have been loving this week is MAC's Strobe cream. If you have read my previous post you will know that I haven't been very happy with my skin lately.. I think all the partying and late nights from holiday finally caught up with me. Strobe cream is a product that I have had an ongoing love/hate (well not hate..but you catch my drift) relationship with. It's a product that I use when I remember or when I feel I need a bit of an Omph! I am currently using MAC's studio scupt foundation which is supposedly a more luminous foundation and so I thought if I introduced strobe cream I would end up looking shiny like a disco ball! (HAHA) However I have noticed such a great difference since using this lately. My foundation glides on a lot easier and it looks as if my skin is glowing and wow it has given my skin a bit of life over the last week. Whilst on holiday I used my friends Strobe lotion but I think I prefer the cream, a small bit goes a long way. It instantly takes down the redness on my cheeks and that can only be a good thing. There are many ways to use strobe cream; as a base, mixed in with your foundation or even over your foundation. I used to mix it with my studio fix foundation but now i really like using it as a primer.. it locks in my moisturiser and helps to pro long the wear of my foundation. It is all love this week for MAC's strobe cream!

Do any of you use strobe cream? Or Strobe lotion? What primers do you like enjoying? And what do you do when your skin needs that extra boost?

Hope everyone has a fabulous week.. Bring on the weekend! Lots of Love



  1. I love mixing strobe cream with my foundation but have neglected it quite a bit lately in favour of benefits moon beam - definitely need to break strobe cream out tomorrow! xx

  2. I love using VS illuminator when my skin needs a little pick-me-up. That's one of my favorites to use when I need a glowy/dewy complexion! It's great because in the bottle it looks like an apricot/goldy color, but on the skin it is so natural and pretty.

  3. I mix it with my Studio Sculpt foundation as I think it can be a bit too thick on it's own... and the Strobe Cream thins it out a bit. I will have to try it as a primer though and see how it looks now :)

  4. At the moment I'm trying out fyrinnae's velvet gel primer. I think its pretty good, but the smell, not so good, I have to hold my breath whilst applying :S I am also using a sample of studio sculpt and think I will deffo be buying full size,xxx

  5. I really want the Strobe cream now! I usually don't like primers, but this sounds great to mix in with a foundation!


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