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// Hair chit chat and Saturday FOTD



I very rarely have my hair straight, I don't know why I just don't think it suits me. I have always had really curly hair but over the last few years my curls have totally dropped. I don't know if it's because my hair is a lot longer now or wether years of straightening have caught up with me. Yesterday I decided to let it dry naturally which was pretty straight and then I went over it with straighteners. I was so paranoid about my hair all day, it just felt so flat and not big/volumous enough I also think it makes my face look fatter. It was nice for a change but the curls/waves are back. I wanted to actually ask you girls some advice? My hair has been falling out so much.. How do you deal with that (If it's something that happens to you) Is there anything I can take? Or do? HELP.. I actually can't believe how long my hair has got. This time last year I was so dependent on wearing my extensions and it's been almost a year and I haven't YAY!



MAC Studio scuplt foundation NC44

MAC Pro longwear concealer NW35

MAC Prep and Prime Translucent powder

MAC Sculpt and Shape powder 'Warm light definitive'


MAC Margin

MAC Gingerly

MAC Belightful (To highlight)


MAC Paint in Bare Canvas

MAC Femme-Fi e/s

MAC Beauty Marked e/s

Shu Uemura Painting liner in Noir

MAC Zoom fast black lash mascara


Estee Lauder Pure colour gloss stick in 'Nude Almond'

NARS Chelsea girls lip lacquer

Hope everyone has had a good weekend? Mine has been really busy so I apologise for the lack of posts.. I have lots to say but just haven't had the time.. Will try and catch up as much as possible today.. What have you all been up to? What's your hair like right now?



  1. i used to have straight hair then they became curly and now my curls are disappearing slowly... very weired...

    i just take vitamins for hair and nails from a drugstore and they do help .. i find

  2. I can't believe I haven't come across your blog sooner! You are absolutely stunning :) We use a lot of the same products. Love your FOTDs <3

    P.S. Your hair looks beautiful straight

  3. my hair used to fall out a lot, as well. it got to the point where I was really shocked by the amount of hair I would lose each time I literally just touched it. That was approximately two years ago. I went to see doctors, pharmacists and what not and I pretty much tried all products there are on the market. from my experience, the only thing that really made a difference is my current regime which I have been on since the beginning of this year: one pill of centrum a day (I guess any other vitamines complex will do) and 30mg of zinc. like with all dietary supplements, these also take a while to actually work. I started to notice a change after some 2 months and now, after 9-10 months, my hair loss is in a "normal" range.
    xx emma

  4. I think you like kim K when she wears her hair all straight it gives a nice sophitication it looks good on you I love it!

  5. I agree with Houda, straight hair makes you look SO much like Kim k :D you should have it like this more often Zara! and its so not flat! I can still see the volume hehe. I love to use OSIS dust it mattifying powder at the roots for instant volume every day.


  6. i have curly hair too and i feel the same thing everytime they are straight! where did the volume go?! try cutting then in layers it really gives the curls a boost!you look great with straight hair!kisses

  7. your hair is gorgeous! tips: eat a protein rich diet, drink lots of water x

  8. You look nice with straight hair! It's normal to lose up to 100 strands of hair a day...but if you feel like you're losing more than that, I would recommend you take vitamins...particularly pre-natal vitamins. When I was pregnant, the hormones along with the vitamins made my hair so lush! Some people swear by garlic treatments to stop hairloss. I know it sounds nasty putting garlic in your hair but there are shampoos and conditioners that are infused with garlic without the smell. STRESS and some medications are also linked to hair loss in females. Once the stress or trigger is gone, your hair will return to its normal growth rate.

  9. Your hair looks lovely straight!
    I use Indian hair oil.. That really helps to make my hair fall out less!
    Try Amla or Vatika oil! Hope that works for you! x

  10. Maybe get a curl hair serum or moose, just to give it some extra help. I used to have CURLY CURLY hair, but because I have straightened it so much its more of a limp curl now. It being longer probably doesnt help though- maybe putting a few layers in would help, you wont get rid of the length but it will help get some spring in it
    It still looks supper pretty thoough

  11. You look so pretty! Your makeup is gorgeous and your eyebrows are perfect. I can't give you hair advice, but your hair looks gorgeous straight.

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  13. you may have an iron deficiency.. so consider taking iron tablets! I take 'Skin Hair and Nail' tablets from Holland and Barrett - I can definitely see a difference when I consume them. Also try massaging coconut or almond oil?

    Btw you look stunning - you look like Kim K :) xx

  14. Vitamins! I def find a huge amount of fall out if i dont take my daily vitamins. I know diet and stress, over all health has alot to do with it too.

  15. My hair was actually falling out loads because of an iron deficiency!! Crazy I know, you should get a blood test if it's really bad :) Mine was horrible... I had to vacuum my room every other day, it was sooo bad!! But everything is good on the hood now :) I think your hair still looks lovely though :)

    Kaushal xx

  16. I love this lip colour on you, how has your hair grown so long??!

  17. You are so beautiful!
    Straightening my hair so much in the past year has loosened my curls & made my hair fall out so much.. I usually just oiling my hair regularly when that happens. & I've heard fish oil capsules are good for your hair as well but I've never tried them

  18. i actually love ur hair straight, andi m loving that lippy <3

  19. Beautiful beautiful look.
    I love your hair straight! but i also like it curly :D


  20. you are so stunning as always! Biotin and folic acid supplements could help strengthen your hair (also good for skin and nails). I take 5000mcg of biotin and 800mcg of folic acid / day. ( i have a bio background and a degree in public health/nutrition so i'm not just randomly throwing out ideas)

    i know you usually wear your hair curly, so thats good in terms of protecting your hair from the damage of straighteners. Make sure you use a heat protectant spray if you use a hair dryer or straightener. some kind of deep conditioning mask could also help with the fallout.

    if you diet has changed at all, for the worse, that could have an effect on the fallout too.



  21. Just read through all the comments about taking supplements.
    I would actually suggest you switch to a sulfate free shampoo before taking anything diet wise!

    I had the same problem with my hair once it got quite long, use to actually gather in the shower plughole!!
    Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is just really bad for the hair or anything with sulfate on the end of it.
    I either use Naked shampoo from Boots or Tigi Bedhead (the pink one) also Louise Galvin has a cheap range at Tesco or an expensive high end range on her website.

    It's really worth giving it a try and just keep on using the conditioner you use already!

    Fee x

  22. You look gorgeous! I think your hair looks really pretty too :)

  23. wow your hairs gorgeous!! I am trying so hard to get mine boob length... its getting there though! I have stopped using heat on my hair as much as possible and I can go about 5 months or more without going to get it cut now! I have been taking Viviscal tablets to regrow my hair that has fallen out and stopped growing, been using it for 3 weeks and noticed tons of baby hair :) its expensive at £45 for 1 months supply and your meant to take it for 6 months... eesh... but its definitely working!! Remember as well you shed about 50 hairs a day from your head, and if you dont wash you hair for a day or 2 you'll notice more coming out than normal because they are caught up in there :)

    Phew long post :p Hope I said something helpful to you though! xxxx

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  25. Nutrine Garlic Shampoo helped tons when my hair was falling out. I used it regularly at first and now I use it 2x a week. If you decide to try it, make sure you get the unscented version :)

  26. i always feel is my hair hasn't been teased that my face will look rounder! haha. you're looking really gorgeous like always xxx

  27. Stunning, i would say talk garlic it does work google it, you can get some from Holland and barrets, they dont make your breath stink, just in case drink lots of water and have gum handy. But seriously its stops all the shedding also invest in some iron tablets.

  28. You look great with your hair straight! Although I like the curled style more!

    Btw, How do you keep your curls in a rainy weather? My hair looses the curls :(.


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