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This week I have two products that I have been LOVING. The main reason is because these are products that I have rediscovered as both of these were purchased a while ago. I also figured I'd put two favourites up this week as I'm going to be away for a bit..and would like to make up for that!

MAC Quite natural paintpot


I have no idea why it's called quite natural!? It's quite a deep's dark on me and I am brown! I had put this up in my last make up blog sale and I honestly have no idea why I hadn't used it very much. As you all are fully aware I love and live for a smokey eye, whatever colour - I just love the drama of it. In the most part of my week I tend to wear rich, chocolate browns and this is an amazing base. I haven't used paintpots in ages as my Painterly paint pot dried up. I forgot how they really help intensify and prolong the wear of your e/s. I am really glad I decided to try it out as I've used it as my smokey base everyday in the last week.

Shu Uemura A/o cleansing oil


Now I used to swear by this cleansing oil, till I discovered Eve Lom. I am still very much an Eve Lom lady and you can read my posts on why Here and Here. However the Eve Lom cleanser can be a little more effort and on days when I'm feeling lazy..(which is pretty much all the time lately) this is the quickest, hassle free way of cleansing. It's literally PUMP, RUB IN, WASH OFF. It takes off everything, don't get me wrong if you are wearing heaps of mascara then you need to gently massage it in to the lashes. It really does the job and the anti oxidants in it is an added advanatage to protecting and maintaining youthful skin. I have really loved using this, this week..I have to admit my skin doesn't feel AS clean as it does when I cleanse with Eve Lom, but the Shu Uemura definetley does the job when I can't be bothered to.

There you have it dolls.. Two of my favourites.. Until the next Monday we meet..

Lots of Love



  1. Oooo i've got a bit of an obsession with MAC paint pots at the min although when one of mine started to dry out recently I added a couple of drops of baby oil and left it for a week or so an it's almost as good at new :) xx

  2. Hey i've been following your blog and I thought I'd let you know that I'm having a MAC and Juicy Couture giveaway on my blog...check it out if you like!
    xoxo Aneela

  3. yay i love the shu uemura cleansing oil too!


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