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// The return of Formspring..

I deleted Formspring a while ago because of the hater comments.. BUT I receive so many emails from you guys asking me questions and well Formspring is just an easier way for me to answer them.. So I have re-activated my account.. I shall look forward to hearing from you again :).. I will be doing a few posts later on in the week but until then you can hit me up below..

.. lots of love


and just in advance to the minority I thought I'd say


  1. boo to the haters! ppl have so much spare time I tell you

  2. i have one and i haven't used in like forever haha

  3. According to my 14 year old brother having haters is a good thing...his quote "if you have haters, you must be doing something right!" lol

  4. You have made it when you get haters :)

  5. Lol @ d picture...very befitting for d event.
    Deactivated my formsprings too. found it irrelavant after a few weeks. D questions were becoming annoying. lol

    May re-open it for my blog takes off. It's def an easier way 2 answer questions.


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