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// OPI - Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It


NO.. Tali made me do it!


This is one of the colours my girl Tali gave me.. I love it, I always tend to go for an orangey/red nail polish or a redish/orange nail polish.. either way red and orange always meet. This is definitely the case with this colour. It is so bright and bold and I think its fab for my holiday. I think red nails are just so classic, sexy and timeless.. I think they look great on every complexion - You gotta love red nails!


Please tell me I'm not the only one with the OPI iPhone app, I think it's super fun scrolling through the colours, I've even made myself a little favourites folder on the app.. SAD I know!



What do you ladies think of this? What are you favourite kind of reds? Do any of you have the OPI app? What are your current nail colours?




  1. there is an OPI Iphone app??? omg I'm getting it NOW!!! :)

  2. Colours like this always make me think of Tali! It looks gorgeous. And now I am off to get the OPI i-phone app too!

  3. My favourite red is OPI's Red Hot Gift :)

  4. Yep i have that phone app and i have had grief over it from my male mates, they just dont understand the necessities of life wink wink

  5. LOVE! LOVE the red nail polish. It is definitely a classic :)
    How is the Nikon???

  6. I didn't even know there was an OPI iPhone app, downloading as we speak!
    Im currently wearing Posh Polish by Eyeko the BEST dupe for the Chanel Particuliere :)


  7. Red nail polish is definitely a classic! I love blood reds and fire-truck reds as they're both really nice on. My current shade i'm wearing now is Nantucket Mist by OPI. It's a dusty-ish pink so it's like a perfect transition from summer to autumn I think? It's been my go-to shade along with Panda-monium pink which isn't a transition colour but i'm still loving it nonetheless!

    That colour looks lovely on you :)

  8. that colour is amazing :O need it NOW. i had no idea OPI had an app. what does it do? is it just for showing their range? my iphone comes next week :)

  9. ..there can't be more perfect colour than this ..fabulous ..your hands look chic ..
    ..I love dark cherry red's and bright orangy like yours ..

  10. hehhe i have that app as well ..and i thot i was crazy.. loll
    love this color looks amazing

  11. just downloaded the app after seeing it her..thanks. x

  12. i have this colour in the salon and it is soooo popular! i have other very similar colours to it such as My chihuahua bites....similar sort of shade and also OPI. new follower here! =D


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