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// NARS Pure matte lipstick // Korres Ginger&Vitamin foundation


Hey dolls.. hope you are all having a great weekend. On Thursday I was lucky enough to be invited to Selfridges for the NARS Pure Matte lipstick blogger event/ We selected a time slot and were matched up by the fabulous make up artists at NARS to our perfect shade from the new lipstick line. I had such a fun evening with Mushine from Bubblegarm and Yinka from Vexinthecity. The guys from NARS were also fantastic and I actually knew a few of the make up artists from NARS master classes we've held at work.

I want to share the visual from this campaign. I have a love/hate relationship with NARS' visuals but I have to say I think this one is absolutely stunning and I think the make up is beautiful. It's so doll like, LOVE it!


The consistency of the lipsticks is gorgeous, they feel so lightweight on the lips and they glide on effortlessly. The base of these lipsticks is the same as the NARS Pure sheer SP lip treatment, that were released over the summer. This matte lipstick is highly anti oxidant which is fantastic for a lip product the formula contains, mango butter, vitamin E and acai oil. So the pure matte lipstick is not only intense in colour but also highly conditioning for keeping the lips soft and silky.



There are six lipsticks in this line and they are all beautiful, I could have happily had them all! However there were two lipsticks that I really took a liking to. 'Bangkok', is a beautiful soft pink lipstick.. I was so tempted to chose this lipstick, however I have about a million other lipsticks which are so similar! David the make up artist who was helping me chose, insisted I go with 'Tonkin', which is described as 'Cinnamon Plum' and I am really glad I went with his recommendation.



To me it's like a muted pink/brown, I told David that I love NARS Chelsea girls and so we put a bit of this over the lipstick and it was gorgeous.


As many of you know if you have followed my blog for a while I have a lot of love for a MAC lipliner in the shade 'Soar' and to me NARS 'Tonkin' is so very similar to this, just in a much more moisturising texture.



NARS Pure matte lipsticks are available now. exclusively in Selfridges and hit elsewhere from October, they are priced at £18. I am sure I will end up purchasing more of these, as I love the flexibility with matte lipsticks..throw a bit of gloss over and you have a glossy lipstick!

I also wanted to share the video from the campaign as its visually beautiful.

I am wearing the lipstick today, along with a new foundation. So I thought I'd combine that with this post.


Korres Ginger & Vitamins foundation SPF 10


I have to say when it comes to changing my foundation I hardly EVER venture out, I feel that I'm satisfied with my MAC, that I rarely explore to see if there's anything better.. However is this all about to change!? I have not used any Korres products before and I know how my good friend Tali LOVES their range. So she gave me this foundation to try in the shade LF6.


Honestly at first when I saw the word 'Lightweight' I was like eeek! I suffered from acne growing up and have quite noticable blemishes on my cheeks. So for as long as I've knows I have masked that with full coverage foundations. I started wearing MAC Studio fix fluid at 15. I have over the years, become more comfortable with my skin, but full coverage foundation is still much a necessity to me.

After using this foundation for the first time today, I can see why Tali loves it sooo much. Lightweight is what best describes the texture, it feels BEAUTIFUL on the skin. I wear foundation daily so I am used to the feeling of it on my face, but this honestly feels as if I am not wearing anything. I used a small amount of the foundation and proceeded to blend away with fingers, I was suprised to how far the amount I used went. I was also suprised as to how buildable this foundation is and I continued to apply more to the areas, I felt needed it. The finish of this foundation seems quite luminous and looks extremely natural. I have to say its the first time I have worn foundation that feels as if it's an even, radiant, smoother version of my skin. My mum always thinks I look orange lol [honestly don't mind :p] BUT for the first time today she really liked the coverage of my foundation.

The fact that this foundation is high in vitamins, means that it's benefits are extended to the skin. The base of this foundation and most of their products is natural which is not only great for the skin but also for people who prefer to use organic/natural products. It also has an SPF 10, which is great for living in a city like London. I really liked using this foundation and will definitely be taking it away on holiday with me, so thank you for that Talita!

So here is my face today with the combination of both of these great products that I have newly discovered.



Korres Ginger & Vitamins foundation SPF 10

MAC Studio sculpt concealer in NC42

MAC Prep and Prime translucent powder

MAC Gingerly blush on the cheeks



I was so lazy today, as many of you know I have an issue with cleanning my brushes I HATE doing it. So today after applying my foundation, I used my MAC 217 brush which still had product on it from yesterday and I created this!

I then added

Shu Uemura Painting liner in Black

Max factor false lash effect



NARS Pure Matte lipstick in Tonkin


For the glossy look I added..

NARS Chelsea Girls lip lacquer


WOOOOAH there you have my LONG post which has honestly taken me all day to do, take pictures.. watermark the pics, upload them and write! PHEW.. Hope you all enjoy..


Will any of you be rushing to Selfridges to check out the new NARS lipsticks? Do you like Matte lipsticks? What are your current favourite lipsticks? Have any of you tried any Korres products? What do you think? Have you guys had a good Saturday? HOW ARE YOU ALL!!

Lots of Love...



  1. I am really tempted to try a korres foundation now. I keep hearing such great things about the brand. I have quite heavy yellow undertones to my skin so I wasn't sure if I could be colour matched but I think I will have to check Korres out. Might see if I can get some before Eid!

    BTW you have amazing lashes! X

  2. god you look amaze !
    your skin always looks flawless - and still looks flawless on this pic - that foundation has to be a good thing right ?!!
    i would be tempted to get this - im firmly stuck to my Mac Studio Tech - in NW23 ( does anyone use this - i never hear it mentioned ?? ) with MSF over the top - but i would deffo be checking out the shades on this Korres one !!

    im dying to try Nars - but i literally wouldnt know where to start -do you have any tips ? i have nothing from there !! such a Nars Virgin !

    fab post, as ever, loving your work


  3. @ Gibberish allsorts.. You should deffo give this foundation a go. I have a yellow undertone as well and I'm really happy with it!

    @ Dani.. Thank you hun.. it must be a combination of the foundation and the camera lol! haha.. I am just like you I always stick to what I know. I have used studio tech years ago, haven't used it in a while though. You have to try NARS, if you have nothing I suggest a good place to start is Orgasm blush!


  4. i neeed your camera then !!! haha !
    do you find studio fix better coverage than the tech ?
    i get the feeling sometimes my face is a bit 'fluffy'
    i hope you know what i mean by that - and that i dont sound insane ? hahahaa!

    what Mac blush is Orgasm similar to, just so i know what im dealing with here, and i may pop an online order in !!


  5. you look amazing! love your hair and too xD. I picked up korres ginger&vitamins foundation whilst i was in the states and im yet to try it! I've heard so many great things about it so i hope it works for mee ^__^ X

  6. That lipstick is lovely! I think the foundation looks lovely on you too, it's given a really nice finish to the skin.

    I was hoping to go the the Fashion's Night Out at Selfridges but my middle boy starts nursery that day and my eldest starts school on Monday so it's bad timing. It's a shame as I'd hoped to check out these lipsticks.

    I have the Korres lightweight tinted moisturiser, it's nice and the coverage is more than you'd expect for a tinted moisturiser. I'm quite keen to try one of their other foundations. Even more so after reading your review :)
    Jane x

  7. How loong are your lashes girl!?!?? Jesus I lopve them!! My mum uses the Korres too!! :) xx

  8. Hey i love your brow shape and just wondered do you thread, pluck or wax? Thanks xo

  9. Zaraa you make me want that foundation so bad! :p I love how it looks on you btw, you skin looks totally different really. and yup yup am gona get that lippy for sure!


  10. I love that foundation too, it gives sucha gorgeous finish and smells nice too. It looks flawless on you honey x

  11. If you happen to need a better coverage try their Wild Rose foundation - it's marvelous! so as the Ginger one!

  12. That lipstick looks great, and the name of it is my Mr's surname!

  13. the foundation looks realyl good on you flawless!

  14. this looks so amazing :) i love matte lipsticks...i only wish that Nars wouuld be avaible in my country :p

  15. very pretty - ur face is looking flawless

  16. Have to say you look stunning, and similar to Kim K!

  17. Your face looks SO much better with this one on than with the MAC one on.. Quite frankly, this is so natural and not mask-y at all.
    I swear this opinion has nothing to do with me being Greek :p because I am so not a fan of all their products, some of them are plain bad and need a lot of working on :)
    Anyhow, hold on to it, this really suits you.

    M. xx


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