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This week at work we received the new collection of NARS nail polishes, the colours are intense, gorgeous and super metallic. I am not usually too keen on shimmery/two toned nail polishes but somehow Chanel's Paradoxal changed that.


Today whilst at work I painted my nails this Metallic khaki colour, this is probably my favourite from the collection. 'Mash' comes out exactly how you see it in the bottle (Unlike Paradoxal!!), unfortunately these pictures aren't too great as I took them on my iPhone4. I did find that with all of the colours they needed two coats.



I took this picture when I go home and I have to say after just a few hours this nail polish chipped. I know it's probably my own fault for not applying a top coat but hey! Still not overly impressed with that. I loved this colour at first but now I'm not too sure. The picture above is taken with my Nikon and is probably a more realistic portarayal. The pictures on my iPhone were taken without flash and the lighting at work wasn't too great! I do like it, I guess I'm just not used to metallic nails on myself! Although I LOVE the KHAKI!

Eye Eye


I still feel as if my camera hates me.. I haven't had much time to spend any quality time with Mr.Nikon, so have no idea what I'm doing. I pretty much hate how I look in almost every picture. I have to say though the colours/finishes of my make up are so much more apparent and true to life with this camera..which I think is fantastic, especially when it comes to swatches and reviews. I will really have to get playing over the weekend so I can be as prepared as possible for my travels!


In case people were wondering..


MAC Studio sculpt NC45

MAC Studio sculpt concealer NC42

MAC Prep and Prime translucent powder

NARS 'Lovejoy' blush


MAC Paint pot in 'Quite Natural'

MAC 'Satin Taupe' e/s all over the lid

MAC '100 strokes' e/s in the crease [LE]

Shu Uemura Painting liner in Black

Maxfactor flase lash effect mascara


MAC Warm me up lipstick [LE]

MAC Soar lip liner

The highlight of my day has to be, reuniting with Freddo! Who used to eat these when they were younger? I never knew these still existed.. I picked him up in Sainsburys for 17p I'm sure he used to be 10p! TUT TUT..


What do you ladies think of this NARS Mash polish? Do you like metallic looking nail polishes? What's your favourite chocolate.. I have eaten so much chocolate today.. it's awful!!



  1. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeeooouuussss!! xxx

  2. I am seriously crushing on your eye make up! Teach me howww!

    Also I LOVE Freddo! I haven't eaten any chocolate today... lame! I ate 3 BBQ wings, chicken burger and chips after breaking my fast so I was a full fatty! xx

  3. omgosh you have killer blending skills! you're beyond gorgeous!

  4. I actually really like that colour, I normally don't like green but that is pretty

    Lu xx

  5. Hello!
    Your new cam/pics are great, the show such depth, I really like it...
    && que, what's the difference between MAC Studio sculpt, && MAC Studio fix fluid?


  6. Yummmm I love Freddos! Think I will have to pick some up tonight hehe... and the images came out really well with your Nikon... maybe get a manual and learn how to use it through that?!

  7. I love the new cam pictures Zara! Awesome :)

  8. wow mashallah your skin looks flawless in these pics y dont you like it ? your skin doesnt even look like your wearing foundation dont worry about the chocolate eating lol its eid tomorrow early treat! xxxxx happy eid x

  9. I LOVE your eyemakeup. I want that eyeshadow now...and fast!
    And yeah! Freddo's did used to be 10p...let down!


  10. Not too sure about the new Nars polish..kind of like the shade but also kind of don't. Also for the price it shouldn't really have tip wear after only a day! But it is a different shade.

    As for your new camera you can really tell that the colours are true to life which is great...and as for Freddo! 17p what a rip off! lol

    Fee x

  11. Mother fucker... the only post that popped up as new recently was the chanel khaki. wtf!?!??!?!??!?!?!!
    Omgomgomg i love these pics... i think the nikons a keeper babe!!!!! it does NOT hate you.

    17p? I think thats a bargain... i cant find no fecking chocolate for less than 80p!!!!!

    mother fucker is taking time to respond AGAIN! hence the stalking you!!!! xxxx


  12. Thanks guys!
    @ Sana it's all about practice.. playing around getting it wrong/getting it right! :)

    @ Lu.. I liked it too but now I have the chanel I have gone off this haha!!

    @ Cupcakes and.. Studio sculpt is a gel based foundation which is a lot thicker in consistency it also has more of a dewy finish.. where as studio fix fluid is more liquid like and has more of a matte finish in comparisson. I like both.. but at the moment I am enjoying the Studio Sculpt!

    @ Sami.. I'm on it.. trying to read the manual is a bitch tho lol!

    @ Houda.. These pics arent tooooo bad the other ones were awful.. I just need to get used to it!

    @ Mollyvouge.. the e/s is amazing! And I KNEW IT! Freddo's cheating us lol!

    @ Fee.. I know what u mean about the Nars! And tut tut at freddo! ;)

    @TALLIIIIIII.. Just admit it you just dont like reading my blog haha!! ;) love you xx

  13. I remember Freddos! They used to be 10p at school and we'd buy so many of them.

    I was washing my car the other day and cleaning out the garden and one of their packets was lolling around amongst the leaves, I was shocked at the price increase to 17p, what a rip!


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