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[L-R, Utopia, Red Alert, Pastel Pink & Nude Beige]

Obviously when lots of my tweethearts kept tweeting about the Models Own sale last week, I figured it was only right if I joined in. I own quite a lot of nail polishes and well I am trying to cut down because so many are unloved and unused. HOWEVER at 50% could I say NO!

I already knew I wanted 'Utopia' [A gorgeous creamy, icy colour] and 'Nude Beige' [Which is very similar to Rimmel's Beige style]..these two had been on my list for a while and I just never got round to placing an order. Minimum spend was £20 so technically I needed to purchase two more colours in order to make the most of the offer.

I was being so indecisive as I really don't know what colours I want to add to my collection and wear through the upcoming autumn/winter months.

So if in doubt..what do bloggers do?

Take to the nail blogs..

Straight away I headed to Helen and Sheenies, Just nice things - because let's face it! They have swatches on just about every nail polish colour that ever existed. It was then I decided on 'Pastel Pink'. I am still on the look out for that perfect baby pink. I was watching Kourtney and Khloe take Miami on E! The other day and Kris Jenner was wearing my PERFECT pink!! Grr, if only I knew what it was.. anyways I'm hoping this Models Own pink can be my own version of Kris's nails if not then hopefully it will be one that will satisfy me whilst I continue my hunt.

The last colour I chose was 'Red Alert', I googled this colour and the first result that came up was my lovely Tali's blog. This colour looked lovely on her and as we have such similar taste, I decided to go with it. Plus it has to be said that a girl can never have enough red nail polish it's just too classic!

Here's quick fingers..but stay tuned for my usual nail of the day posts featuring my latest buys.


[L-R, Nude Beige, Pastel Pink, Red Alert, Utopia]

Did any of you take advantage of the models own sale? What are your favourite colours of theirs? What have been your latest nail polish purchases?



  1. Pretty colours! I got nude beige too and absolutely love it :)

  2. I havent tried models own ever but you've got some uber cute colors there! I loove how utopia looks

  3. pretty colours. i really wanna try purple grey that dupe for paradoxal.

    xoxo stay fabulous

  4. Ooooh Utopia is calling me!
    And yup I took advantage of the code.. I just posted a blog post on it yesterday and coincidently mentioned you in it! :)
    Hope you like Pastel Pink.. One of my favs!

  5. You chose some great colours - love the Nude Beige and Pastel Pink the most.

    I've been hearing a lot about Model's Own recently, apparently they have a dupe for Chanel's Paradoxal (without the shimmer)

  6. Wow the Nude Beige is lovely! I always turned away from Models Own because I didnt like the packaging (shallow, but true). But now I'm hearing a lot of good stuff so I might just have to buy some!


  7. I love that beige one!!! :)

  8. I love models own polishes... I love the range of colours they provide, its sucks I missed out on the sale. great post hun!

    ps. ive tagged you.. check it out.

  9. I love these colours! I may just get pastel pink and red alert for myself :) xxx

  10. Hi Zara...just saw your blog, its so nice and you are so pretty too.


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