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// In other NON Make-up news..


Meet the new princess in town..


This new kitty is the lovely Tali's new bundle of joy and well I put myself forward to be favourite aunty and she already loves me haha!


She is just the most precious, adorable kitty ever. I can't even begin to tell you how little she is and how worried she has had us all over the few days. Little kitty hasn't been too well.. BUT I am a firm believer that she is a fighter and is doing so well, in the last two days alone she's put on a little over 50g! Which is such a good thing for her, being underweight and so young.. Many of you have probably read about the kitty's traumatising few weeks on Tali's blog. She is now in such good home, with such a caring mummy looking after her. I went to pay kitty a visit and bought her some toys to play with.. me and Tali kept teasing her and got her to play and she actually pounced.. that lasted the whole of 5 minutes.


[Tali your hand looks so brown here! Notice how I went with the kitty theme and wore Hello Kitty socks.. wow I'm so cool!]

She then spent HOURS.. sleeping on me in the weirdest places like on my knee when my legs were crossed! She is so beautiful but still remains unamed so if you have any suggestions for Tali head over to her blog and tell her!


Look at Kitty's haul.. she's already mega spoilt :))


AND is already heading in the right direction..


Such a cutie!

Changes to MouldyFruit

Things are about to get bigger and better on MouldyFruit..


I jumped on the DSLR bandwagon! For ages now I have been wanting a DSLR camera, my uncle got me in to it about a year ago with his camera which he invested thousands on. Let me be realistic.. I was not about to fork out thousands, I have no idea what I'm doing with an DSLR.. I just about know how to take a picture. BUT I am going to teach myself. If you follow me on Twitter I have been non stop tweeting about which DSLR camera I should go for and after many trips to Jessops I decided to go for the Nikon D3000. This is an affordable, introductory level camera into the world of DSLR's. So far it seems easy to use and the built in user guide is amazing. I ordered this online at Jessops and also purchased the 3 year protection plan which in itself is great. It means if I damage the camera in the slightest they will fix it and if they are unable to do so they will replace it. I paid £54 to know that if anything happens I am protected, that gave me a real piece of mind. I also purchased and 8GB Extreme SDHC card, however I am in need of a case for it.. all the ones I have seen are VILE! eugh.. any recomendations?


I look at the D3000 as an investment, I travel a lot and love taking pictures of the great places I visit, I would just like to take these pictures to the next level. I am also dedicated to my blog and see it as a way of giving you guys much more eye candy! I will still be using my beloved Samsung Digi cam, as it is a great camera with HD filming and 14 Mp but, I will probably be using it on nights out etc when I don't want to lug out the Nikon.

I am hoping to have some pics up for you later on in the week, so look out for them!

Just to say

Firstly a big HELLO, to my new followers.. :) drop me a comment!? Tell me something..

It has been another great week of hearing from you lovelys, thank you for all the comments and especially all the e-mails. I have been receiving it really means a lot to hear feedback and I thank you for reading. Things are going pretty well for me at the moment I don't want to say too much on here but just generally, at work.. with friends.. everywhere really, so thank you for all your support. A big shout out to all the people on twitter who constantly chit chat with me.. you guys are great. I am feeling really positive about everything that's going on.. I even got back in contact with my ex best friend at uni. It was amazing seeing her again and it just got me thinking.. life is too short to dwell and live unhappily, or in regret. I am so grateful for everything I have and all the opportunities I have been given and well I am just trying to make the most of it.

Hope you are all well :)

Speak soon, lots of love..



  1. Your am looks super sexy!
    I need I need a new digi cam, I want the Sony iSweep, but it has the same mega-pix has the one I am using, so I am just waiting until they have a upgraded the iSweep.

  2. zara I love you blog Im always so happy to meet fellow london bloggers! its like a little family! btw I swear you could be kim kardashians long lost asian sister ! you so beautiful mashallah I look forward to reading you blog xxxxxxxx btw I tink tali should call the kitten noir lol mayb I shud drop her a comments about it, she cud call her nunu :)

  3. i bought the same dslr, its such a nice camera. cant wait to see how your new pics will turn out!

  4. reuniting with an ex friend is always good and kinda weird too. lol
    But truth is, u guys were indeed friends for a reason.

    Well I'm happy things r going great for u doll!

    Cute kitty even tho I hate cats. lol

    p.s-looking 4wd 2 photos with the DSLR. I am hoping 2 join that fam soon 2.
    Happy weekend!

  5. Awww soo cute!! I love little Kittens!!

    You got the D3K!! You go girl! Looking forward to your flix!! I got the D5K and its my new baby! love it!!

    Glad things are going well for you sweety!


  6. @ Houda, thank you.. I like noir will pass it on to Tali!

    @Dela rose.. ooh how are you liking it!?

    @ Dith.. Yeh it was good.. more surreal than weird.. the fact we were both in a room chatting and laughing like the last 2 years of not talking never happened. Thank you so much hun hope u get yours ;) and hope u have a great weekend too!

    @ Shirley.. she is just such a cutie!! I have a feeling the D3000 will soon be my baby! :D thanks hun.. things look like they are going good for u 2!? dont see u much on twitter..or are we just missing on another! Are you going to Illamasqua next weekend?!

  7. congrats on your new cam! looking forward to your pics!

  8. ahhhhh super cute mitten!!!
    The camera looks AMAZING :) I've been looking at some slr's recently, at the moment I really can't afford it, but I think I may ask for it as a xmas present. Photography really intrests me, and even though I'm not amazing, I think catching memories is important and if they look better I think its worth it

  9. My ex english teacher has a grey cat named Smoke - I think that's a beautiful name. Maybe Tali would like it too! From what I can tell from reading her blog, it might be to her tastes xx

  10. OMG! that kitty is seriously to die for! I wana get a DSLR too but they are soo pricey :S I wana see sum pics now :)

  11. Gorgeous kitty!

    I have been spending all summer with one of my best friends from high school, after a few years of having lost contact. It has been absolutely lovely, and I am so happy to have her back as part of my life! I hope yours will pick up exactly where it left off too. Some people are just too special to let go :)

  12. Tali's kitty is soo adorable <3 Hehe. Will you let us know how the camera performs? Im so clumsy wen it comes to cameras etc.. but i do need a new one! XX

  13. ahh kitty is so cutee n soo tiny! I love reading your blog. great stuff! keep it up. xx

  14. i dont like cats at all.
    but the picture with the lipstick made me AWW.
    it is mega cute x

  15. i am a new follower :) you're so pretty, and i love your blog!

  16. I am so in love with that little kitty mitzy :)
    Thank you so so much for posting pictures!!
    The camera is high performance, the quality of your picture's already great but this will take it to the next level. Bye, Sam!

  17. The kitten is too cute. Looking forward to the new pictures, I've heard good things about that camera! :)


  18. Oh. My. God mitzy and the mac lipstick, I love it!

  19. Gosh this kitten is super cute! I'm extra jealous, I want one so bad, but my little brother is allergic :(
    I think Pixi is a cute name! xXx

  20. that is the cutest little kitten ive ever seen, and the lipstick picture, ahhh i almost cried :) xx

  21. Please let us know how the Nikon turns out! If you love it or hate it! I am really wanting that camera but like you say it is definitely an ivestment :) I love your blog, you are beautiful!!!

  22. JUST saw this! MY god so cut with the lippie!! xx


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