// Happy Birthday MouldyFruit!


Today is my blog's one year birthday..

Wow.. I can't believe it's been a year! So much has happened in the last year, in life and in the blog - I just want to say a HUGE thank you to all. Thank you for reading, thank you for following and most importantly thank you for the support. I would never have thought a year later, I'd have so many people interested in what I ramble on about!

I really appreciate all my readers and all the feedback I receive. For this reason am doing a mini give away just to say thank you as I'm really bad at giving back to you guys. [Sorry!]

All you have to do is comment below saying 'Enter Me' and ALSO telling me what the highlight of your summer has been! [You HAVE to do both parts, otherwise your comment will be deleted and not included!]

You must also be a follower and the prize will be a MAC lipstick of your choice, whatever you prefer. It may be a few weeks till the winner recieves their prize as I'm travelling on Wednesday and have no idea if I will be able to make it down to MAC beforehand.. I will try, but won't be back till the end of the month!

I am looking forward to hearing your comments..

OOPS.. I forgot to add.. the giveaway finishes on Tuesday 14th at 7pm (GMT) Sorry it's short.. but I'm travelling the following morning!


Lots of Love.. and THANK YOU..




  1. Enter me please :)

    && The highlight of my summer was my trip to Rhodes. Ahhh I wish I was back on holiday :(.

    Also I LOVE the wallpaper in the top picture.


  2. enter me please :)

    the highlight of my summer (i have two) was finally going to the US, and spending some days at the beach with my bf :)

  3. ENTER ME :)

    Highlight of my summer was that I finally finished UNI :) YEAYYYYYY Have my graduation next week

  4. Enter me please :) Your wallpaper is gorgeous :o!

    My highlight of the summer was going to the Dominican Republic and a trip included seeing the local schools and homes. This was my highlight simply because even though they have nothing I saw bigger smiles on there faces than I do at home. It was also amazing to be able to see how grateful they are when we gave them coloring books and pencils. It was an amazing experience :)


  5. Congratulations on your bloggie birthday :-)

    In theory the highlight of my summer should have been the amazing month I had in Canada with my friends and family but in reality it was the week I got home after Canada where I got to play nurse to my boyfriend who injured himself playing footie. I got to spend 247 with him and I absolutely loved it. :-)

    Have a great trip hun x

  6. congrats! i LOVE that pic! so cute :) my one year blogging anniversary is september 21st! so excited!

  7. awwwwww i LOVE the pic of u its so pretty! =)
    Congrats on your one year blog birthday!


    hmm the highlight of my summer was being able to buy a ton of makeup LOL! i know it sounds silly but it made me happy haha

    Luv u sweety keep doing what ur doing!


  8. oh jesus those melissa lady dragon shoes are ace! -wants-

    enter me please! my summer highlight was getting a lot of relaxation in (uni holidays) and making real progress with driving lessons! not as interesting as some people but it was very good for me haha x

  9. Enter me please :)

    The highlight of my summer was going to my second cousin's hen do weekend! Just went to her wedding yesterday and it was all so beautiful... So happy for her!

    Have a lovely holiday! Can't wait to see the holiday pics when you get back :)

  10. Happy Birthdayyyy! :D

    Please Enter me...
    My highlight of Summer was all my outings with my loved ones.. summer nights in central... picnics in the park.. staying out till sunset & just admiring the view ♥


  11. Enter me :).
    The highlight of my summer was relaxing before I entered a jam packed year at college.

  12. Enter me!!!

    Highlight of my summer was hanging out with my friends/family enjoying the sun :)

    Happy one year birthday to your blog!! Hope I can make it that long :)


  13. Happy birthday to your blog lovely! :)
    Enter me please!
    The highlight of my summer was just spending quality time with all my loved ones and ofcourse shoppinnnngggg and buying lots of makeup (L)
    Hope you have a lovely holiday! xx

  14. Enter me please! (:

    Happy birthday Mouldy Fruit!

    Although I did not do anything that exciting this summer (since I was stuck in summer school), the highlight of my summer was just laying out in the sun and hanging out with my sorority sisters by the pool. Nothing like hanging out with your girls, lemonade, and sunshine!

  15. Happy Blog Birthday, enter me please!
    The highlight of my summer was spending lots of quality time with friends and getting good results in my exams which I was really surprised about!

  16. Enter me please!

    The highlight of my summer only happened recently, as I spent most of it working to save some pennies before starting my PhD at the end of this month. There was one weekend though, where a bunch of friends I rarely get to see got together. We had lots of drinks and went to a free music festival, and it was one of those occasions that leaves your face aching from laughter! xx

  17. Enter me please :)

    the highlight of my summer was actually this ramadan I really felt I did my best to make the most of it and even though it was hard I dont feel like I missed out on it and didnt make the most of it and i think thats probably the best thing I could ask for xxx have fun on holiday!

  18. enter me please :)

    the highlight of my summer was a party i went to.sooo much fun.


    amelia xoxo

    p.s congrats!!!

  19. Enter me please.

    The highlight of my summer was spending a whole month with my dad who lives in another part of the world.

  20. Enter me please !

    The highlight of my summer was my trip to Rio de Janeiro, such a wonderful time with my cousin :)

    Congratulations on your blog's birthday!

  21. Enter me please!

    My highlight of the summer was spending a week in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. It was AMAZING! I already want to go back :D.
    I remember you blogging about visiting Cairo, we did a day return from sharm. It was a long journey, but definitely worth going to see the pyramids! :) x

  22. Enter me please.

    I was so glad to be able to camp a bit more this summer, the weather was perfect

  23. enter me please!

    Congrats on the anniversary! The highlight of my summer was definitely getting to visit my best friend in Berlin, Germany. It was so amazing!

  24. Happy 1st birthday Mouldy Fruit!


  25. Enter me please! :)
    My highlight of the summer, umm... finishing college, passing my exams and plenty of drunken moments I cannot remember with the people I will never forget, so basically love, life and laughter! xxxxx

  26. Enter me please and thanks! My highlight was getting a west highland puppy with my boyfriend.. He is like our baby now!

  27. Hi hun is this international?? If so, enter me :)

    The highlight of my summer has been going to vegas with my family and boy, and finally getting started with volunteering which I've been wanting to do forever!


  28. Enter Me please!
    The highlight of my summer was learning how to drive/ getting nothing lower than a B in a History class for 4 hours long.
    xoxo Debby

  29. Hello!

    Enter Me! :) and

    I think my surprise birthday party... I love surprises but never had a surprise birthday party till now :)

  30. happy birthday to yoooou its my blog b'day this week too 15th me thinks lol

    enter me :)

    my highlight of the summer has to be Marbella sipping champers on a yacht with my bf watching the world go by... loved it x

  31. Enter me please!
    The highlight of my summer was the day trips I took with my dad to our home in the country, going out on the boat and jetski.
    Thanks and love your blog :)

  32. Enter me please!

    The highlight of my summer was a weekend away to Fire Island with a bunch of my girlfriends. It was the first time I'd been away from my son, he's 7, since he was born, but it was worth it to make me feel rejuvenated and more like my old self!

  33. Enter me!

    The highlight of my summer was graduating university! It feels so good to be freeee! :D

  34. Congratulations sweetie! Happy blog birthday :)
    Enter me please! The highlight of my summer was definitely going to this summer festival with all my girlies & seeing a band called Passion Pit, sooo much fun ♥

  35. enter me...highlight=getting engaged!

  36. happy blog birthday, Mouldy! ))))
    enter me!
    the brightest memory of this summer would probably be a trip to the Ocean with my fiancé. This was adorable, funny and filled with lovely little things that bring me smiles every time I remember them

  37. enter me please!
    the most memorable part of my summmer was giving birth!! i just had a baby girl and it was the most exciting, & most craziest thing ever. ive been known as a dare devil and i havent shed a tear in the last 23 yrs of my life. but experiencing such an event and seeing my daughter, who has been living in me for the past 9 mnths, took my breath away.. this summer was amazing! and am looking forward to every summer from now on to celebrate her birthday!

  38. Enter me darling :)

    First, happy blog b-day :)

    The highlight of my summer will begin tomorrow :) because me and my darling are traveling to the beautiful seaside of Croatia for vacation...we have been working all summer long and we deserve these 10 days of joy, just for us two :) lots of good food, discovering new places and just relax :) hope you enjoy your trip as i will mine :)

    kisses from Croatia,

    JustCakeGirl :)))

  39. Enter me please and happy birthday to your blog!

    The highlight of my summer was going to scotland with my family, it is a great place!


  40. This isn't an entry I just want to say:

    Happy blogday tooo youuuuuu! xxx X xxx

  41. enter me please!!

    happy birthday to your blog!

    the highlight of my summer was the trip to EGYPT - truly the most amazing place i've ever been to! xx

  42. Enter me please)

    The highlight of my summer was my moving in with my boyfriend.

  43. Enter me please:)

    The highlight of my summer was the trip to Italy and hollidays in Latvia:)

    And happy birthday to your blog!!!:)

  44. Woo, happy birthday to your blog :) Please enter me too? The highlight of my summer was without a doubt getting engaged in the South of France, it was heavenly :)

  45. Happy Birthday, dear Mouldy Fruit :).

    Please Enter Me!

    My highlight wasn't travelling or anything like that, but I worked with alcoholics this summer and finally realized that that is, what I want to do with the rest of my life!

    Thank you for holding this giveaway, I hope it's international, 'cause I'm from Germany ;).


  46. enter me please! ♥
    the highlight of my summer was spending long days down on the beach, soaking up the sun!



  47. hi! happy birthday to your blog! enter me please! the highlight of the summer for me was that i found a job!

  48. Enter me please

    I can't pinpoint one highlight, sounds cheesy but honestly all of my summer has been a highlight- from my baby, to my eldest starting school, to rediscovering my love for makeup after discovering ur blogs and spending lots of money on these products and even fasting and hving eid in the summer.
    It's all been grt in it's own way.

    Have a grt holiday x

    Hve a grt holiday x

  49. hi! found your blog today. Thanks to Sarah "I heart Cosmetics". i am your new follower! :)

    Im also lucky because you are having a giveaway!. please enter me. the highlight of my summer would be my hubby and I's out of town trip to celebrate our wedding anniversary.



  50. Congrats!! I really love your blog. The pictures in this post are AMAZING. So colourful :)

    Enter Me Please. The highlight of my summer was the birth of my baby niece Scarlett. Shes totally lush :D xxxx

  51. Hi Congratulations Zara :)
    Enter me and Highlight of my summer was my Nikah on july 25 , it was a total arranged affair, i saw and met my hubby after our nikah and i am so happy , he is everything i can ever wish for:)

  52. Enter me!!

    The highlight of Summer 2010 was turning 22, I'm starting to feel a bit more mature now and happier in myself, AND spending two weeks with my family in France. My dad only has three weeks off work a year so those two weeks to see him happy and smiling and relaxed is always a highlight of my Summers!


  53. Enter me please. I love the photos on this post! :)

    The highlight of my summer was buying my first car, a red VW Beetle! I haven't even passed my test yet but it's amazing to know I have my dream car for when I do.


  54. happy blog birthday to you!

    enter me please
    the highlight of my summer has been living with my best friend in a horrible house but having an amazing time and laughing so much

    satan_51@hotmail dot com

  55. Enter me please!

    The highlight of my summer was a trip to London...Liberty's: clearly my heaven! x x x

  56. Enter me please :)

    The highlight was definitely my trip to Berlin ^^


  57. Enter me please!

    My personal highlight was working at a local theatre festival and meeting the most amazing people!

    Happy Blog Birthday!

  58. Please Enter Me :)

    The highlight of my Summer was seeing my Mum and Little Sister for the first time in seven months. I live with my BF 300 miles away from my family, So it always means lots to spend time with them, and my little doggy!

  59. Let me start off by saying, I'm in LOVE with that wallpaper. I don't think I've ever commented on your blog but, it's one of my favorites.

    Enter me & the highlight of my summer was going on vacation with my boyfriend.

  60. Enter Me!!

    Highlight of the summer - my boyf told me he loved me for the first time ever... on my birthday!! Best present I've ever recieved :-)

    Sami xxxxx

    PS - was that picture taken in your room? It looks crazy-amazing!

  61. Enter me please!

    My boyfriend broke up with me a few weeks ago after a very long time, & I'm moving away to uni on Friday. It was a shock & I didn't know how I was going to do it, but I am feeling happy, confident & raring to go! So that is the highlight of my summer, realising I'm going to be okay =)

    Love your blog .. Hannah xo

  62. Happy 1st blog birthday, Zara! And yes, please, enter me :) !!
    I've had a pretty crappy summer to tell you the truth, the highlight of it was whenever my son (3 years old) wasn't ill and I could take him to the beach!!
    Love your blog, btw! xx

  63. Happy Blog birthday gorgeous Zara, I've loved following your blog.
    The pic of your room makes me want to jump into it it's so colourful and full of lots of lovely stuff!

  64. Congratulations! Enter Me Please.

    I Love Your Blog Posts,
    My Highlight Of The Summer Was My Class Trip To Atlanta, Georgia For The Bronner Bros. Hair Show Where I Got To Meet Many Different Hairstylist, See Crazy Hairstyles & Get Out Of Texas Finally! :)

  65. rdhir1305@googlemail.com
    Hi enter me please, highlight of my summer has definitely been my 3 week trip to India.

  66. Hi :)
    Enter me please :)

    The higlight of my summer was U2 concert in Istanbul :)

  67. how exciting!! happy birthday to your blog :) and wowee you've got melissa shoes! jealous. . my highlight of the summer was getting involved in the beauty blogging community, oh and getting AS results :D xxx

  68. Enter Me please :) Your apartment looks really nicely decorated!

    My highlight of the summer was when I went to Malawi and Zambia to visit the poor children in orphanages, but also to go on the amazing safaris!! woo! The best holiday I have been on :')



  69. enter me please

    Our trip to NYC was my summer highlight for sure

  70. Enter me! :)
    The highlight of my Summer was spending a week in London to do work experience with a magazine! Happy blog birthday x


  71. I LOVE YOUR PHOTOS :) & your wallpaper is gorgeous!
    Happy Happy Birthday to your blog, I think you've come so far & you on one of the blogs I read relgiously & just basically love you.

    Please enter me, my highlight was going to Glasto. I'm not a huge camper and so to get through it, I was really chuffed. I loved walking round and thought it was just amazing & got to spend time with the boy

    Thanks for holding a giveaway

  72. Enter me please :)

    The highlight of my summer was definitely my trip to NYC!

    And congrats!! I absolutely love your blog! :)

  73. enter me please :)

    The hilghlight of my summer has to be spending ramadan in egypt. It was the bestt!!

    And congrats. I adore reading your blog!


  74. Enter me pls =) love ur blog!
    My highlight has been going to New York!! x

  75. Enter me please!

    My highlight would be receiving my a-level results!!!

  76. Enter me please :)

    The highlight of my summer has been getting my summer internship that i worked hard for and relaxing with family and friends over Ramadan and Eid xx

  77. Enter me please :)
    Yay congrats!!! Your blog is great and love Hello Kitty also.

    The highlight of my summer would have to be, giving birth to my beautiful baby girl! xx


  78. Ahhh wow! Happy Birthday Mouldy Fruit :) Great blog missy! P.S-Love your Laptop!!! Is it a cover?

    'Enter me' please! :)

    Highlight of my Summer was probaly jetting off to Pairs with my boyfriend and doing a River Cruise at nighttime under the twinkling stars and sparkiling Effile Tower! Magic xxx

  79. I love the picture!
    Enter me please! My favorite part about summer was starting my own blog and meeting such lovely people!

    I am currently having my own giveaway for reaching over 50 followers!

    xx, Mary

  80. hey,
    please enter me!
    my highlight of summer was that i finished school and found a new partner for latin american dancing :)

  81. Enter me

    My highlight of the summer is Mac's petticoat ;) just kidding it was def meetin up with ex boyfriend after not seeing him for 3 years :D

  82. Happy anniversary to your blog!
    Enter me please (^_^)
    The highlight of my summer was when I finally could go to a MAC store! I haven't done anything exciting this summer...

  83. Congrats! The hi light of my summer is going to Dubai and staying at The Atlantis!

    Please enter me!



  84. Loving the pics Zara!!!

    Enter me please :)

    Spending time with family, fasting and celebrating eid was definitely the highlight of my summer!

  85. Happy bloggy birthday:) Enter me please, the highlight of my summer has to be going to sunny lisbon with my best friend!

  86. Enter me please. the highlight of my summer was going away to turkey with my bf for the first time. loved it!

    :) x

  87. Enter me please!

    The highlight of my summer was moving into my new flat with my boy. New life and new start feels fab!
    Love your blog so much!

  88. Enter Me Please! The highlight of my Summer was taking my 2 yr old son to Sea World & letting him see all the amazing animals! We even got to feed the sting rays!

  89. Enter me please! The highlight of my summer was going on a Beach trip with my boyfriend. We went to movie world, sea world and wet n wild on the goal coast in Australia. It was amazing! :)

    Congrats on the 1 year anny!

  90. Congrats! Enter me please! :)
    My highlight of the summer has been getting to know my family better :)

  91. Enter me! Please

    Highlight of the summer for me, is meeting my wonderful boyfriend, who I have moved in with, he has taught me to love my self for who I am and not what people think I should be. (he also really loves my 2 guinea pigs)

  92. Enter Me Please

    Firstly Happy Blogday Zara

    The highlight of my summer has been looking after my Dada (Grandpa), yes it has been difficult at times but an honour to have done so. Its a time i shall never forget as he told me loads of funny stories about my parents falling in love.

  93. Enter me please.

    The highlight of my summer was going along to the Edward Bess launch and meeting lots of lovely beauty bloggers! I had such a great time.

    Happy Blog Birthday Zara! I love following your blog and looking at your gorgeous FOTDs. Have a lovely holiday.
    Jane x

  94. Enter me please!
    The highlight of my summer was going to Egypt and seeing the pyramids!


  95. Enter me please (:

    The highlight of my summer was... Well I don't know if it can be classed as Summer can it but last week I went to the most breathtaking location ever (the weather was super hot!). Tentsmuir beach. I really loved it, it's an empty beach with clean sand, driftwood and lovely water! Looking around, I did not think I was in Scotland at all. It looked like so scenic, and something out of a movie and is a lovely place to go and collect thoughts and just have time out generally. It's my new thinking place and I love it! I also got to see my Mum earlier on in the summer and I really enjoyed it because I don't get to see her much because she lives in Manchester and i'm in Scotland. It's always a pretty good time when I go to see her though :)

    Happy blog-versary! I love your blog and you should definitely never stop. EVER haha :)

    P.S I am in love with those pics. Your wallpaper looks so pretty and the Vivienne Westwood shoes are just aaaah <3

  96. Congrats on the anniversary of your blog - it's truly one of my favourites and it's always a wonderful visit to see what you've come up with next! :)

    I'd love it if you would 'Enter Me' and would have to say that the highlight of my summer was definitely my holiday to Budapest on a girlie holiday - spas, wine and nights out - what more could a girl want? :)

    Have a fab holiday and thanks again for doing this giveaway - it's so kind of you!

  97. Enter me, please please please!
    Hope you're having a fabulous time lounging in Florida, celebrating a long, wonderful year!

    The highlight of my summer was visiting Saint Lucia with my amazing boyfriend. We had the most relaxing time, and I had such a blast!



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